Most Perfect Trunk EVER

A couple weeks ago I had a garage sale and sold some of my old ratty shoes (which was just about my entire shoe closet).  My boots had large scratches all over the toes so they were some of the first to go.  I’ve been meaning to replace them ever since, but this time of year is busy (don’t you think).  So, last Sunday I threw on my tall black heels for church.  About a block away from chuch I spotted a tree trunk on the curb waiting for bulk trash pickup!  As we flew passed it, I did my usual “beg for my photographer to turn around and pick up  my new little treasure.”   He is all so familiar with my spontaneous crazy ideas so he rolled his eyes, turned the car around and asked me what we were picking up this time!?!?

As we drove 10 houses back down the road and he spotted the tree trunk, he said, “NO way, that trunk is at least 200 pounds.  You are absolutely crazy if I thought we could pick it up!”  I smiled convincingly and as cars passed by on their way to church, my photographer and I bent over the perfect tree stump.  We lifted it off the ground, took three large steps and then CRASH!  I couldn’t see under the large trunk and missed the step down from the curb completely.  My heels lost their balance, then my knees and I bit it so hard you can’t even imagine.  Just call me Grace!  A large scratch was bleeding underneath my chin, bruises up and down my legs, and my wrist had a large gash and was bruised very badly.
I’m a determined little soul, but all my begging this time had no merit.  We drove away with the tree stump being left to a sad fate.  We’re heading to church in a bit.  Most of the scab on my chin has peeled away and my bruises are more yellowish rather then dark purple now.  Do you think there’s a chance the most perfect trunk ever is still there!?!?  Any chance the it will get to take a ride home in our trunk!?!?
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  1. Hope your body’s recovered! The trunk has to be in a certain type of house in a certain type of neighborhood. Around here, I’m afraid it would just look like another piece of firewood. 🙁

  2. I can relate to your clutziness…and I feel for you! Find another tree trunk or maybe go back, knock on the door and see if they have more?…I’ve been thinking of an idea for a tree trunk for about 2 years now…haven’t found the perfect one!

  3. I can relate to your clutziness…and I feel for you! Find another tree trunk or maybe go back, knock on the door and see if they have more?…I’ve been thinking of an idea for a tree trunk for about 2 years now…haven’t found the perfect one!

  4. I hope you didn’t scare those little first graders with your scars! hee hee!! You are so cute, but I love the idea. May be able to pick up a trunk for you (and maybe me) at the Ranch next weekend!

  5. Awwww, I hope you’re ok! The things we do in the name of decorating! LOL! The images are just great…I am sure YOU would have created something wonderful!!

  6. Ouch!! I hope you’re okay.

    I can totally relate, though!! I’ve been determined to find a stump for my house, but my hubby isn’t as nice as yours– he never stops for stumps. Boo!! 🙂

  7. Space 46 says:

    I have three trunks sitting in my yard for about a year now. Havent been able to work on them because the top and bottom are not flat. Need a ton of sawing and shaving, but I have no tools. Sny ideas?

  8. Snowmanlover says:

    Oh dear you poor thing! Amy, I didn’t know you are in Forth Worth! I am about 30 minutes from you!
    Love the tree stump idea.
    My friend’s brother adopted from Ethiopia recently!
    We adopted internationally twice.
    Take care and hope those bruises and and scabs heal up!
    Hugs, Barb

  9. Snowmanlover says:

    Ooops Aimee! Dontcha hate when people spell your name wrong!

  10. Ouch! What a girl won’t do for home decor?!? I hope you can find your perfect trunk someday, without sacrificing anymore skin! ~Jen

  11. Ouch! i’m on the hunt for the perfect trunk too so I can completely understand. 🙂

  12. Jill W. says:

    Hope you are doing well. What a bummer trying to retrive a great find! (You are too cute!).
    I want you to know I just made the Perfectly Pumpkin Cupcakes and they are beyond awesome…..THANK YOU for sharing such goodness!

  13. sarah says:

    we have on in our yard that allan picked up about 8 months ago. it was definitely heavy.

  14. Sarah…How have I missed it!? Do you use if for extra seating!??!

  15. Sweet friends!!! I’m going to have to have my hubby read your precious comments so he doesn’t think his wifey has alone fallen off of the rocker!!! Stumps are cool, right!!!

    Love each of you so much!!! Thanks for all your sweet support and care!!!

    Hugs, Aimee

  16. You are SO SWEET Anne! I’m glad we’re friends!!! I hadn’t thought about the weight on the floor. Hmm…I’ll have to put some thought into that!!! 🙂

  17. oh man those scratches and bruises hope you heal fast! but with those photos of stumps as inspiration go collect that lovely stump! your home will thank you

  18. Oh my what an adventure! I have had two stumps in my garage since Spring! I was at a friend’s party and noticed them on the side of his house. When I asked if I could have them for a project it was a go! I had my husband load those heavy suckers in the truck and I have yet to work on them. Thank you for posting this tree stump inspiration and I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  19. Janel@hatingmartha says:

    You have determination! So sad that you didn’t come away with the tree trunk. Thank you for stopping by Hating Martha…so glad I could return the favor!

  20. You had me at “tall black heels”! LOL. I love me a determined home decorator. Your blog looks like fun. Thanks for inviting me over. I signed on to FOLLOW so I’ll be baaack!! Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  21. Oh no! My chin hurts for you! I’m glad you’re ok. Is it wrong that the image made me laugh? Only bc I can totally see myself and my husband in that situation! I hope you can find a tree trunk! We have a log bed and I would love to find some tree trunks to use for end tables or even turn them in to lamps. My husband rolls his eyes and tells me we have perfectly good end tables. He doesn’t understand. But I have a feeling you would! 🙂

  22. You make me feel so much better!!! It’s all for the love of home style, right!!! Hugs to each of you!!! What would I do without my friends that totally understand??!

  23. Donna, I can’t wait to see what you end up doing with those trunks!!! You’ll be my next trunk inspiration!

    Brittany, I know the eye roll, too! We have such great ideas though…they’re missing the vision, aren’t they!!!

    Sweet Tea, Hahaha – yes, tall black heels they were!

    Jess, Thanks!!! Me, too…now that the bruises have faded. I’m not one to get embarrassed easily, but cars passing by on the way to church must have thought we were crazy!!!

    Pam, You’re sitting on a furniture goldmine!!! 🙂

  24. shopannies says:

    love this look bringing nature indoors come see me at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  25. I’m sorry for your fall. I had to click over and read this b/c I’m obsessed with trunks, too. DH won’t even entertain stopping. I’m bound and determined to get one in my home some way somehow. Glad to know I’m not alone!

  26. Pam - diy Design Fanatic says:

    You poor thing! I have several big oak logs like that in my backyard. They are from an 85 ft oak tree that we had to take down last April.This past weekend we split all the cut up logs, but I saved about 6 of them and put them along our path to the creek. I never thought of putting in our house.

  27. Oh what a shame to have gone thought all that and did not score the trunk. Maybe next time……

    Have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

  28. Tres French Hens says:

    Bless your heart! I’m glad you’re okay.

    I laughed and laughed when I read this because I totally get it! I, too, am on the hunt for the perfect tree stump. And I, too, am less than graceful (and I have plenty of scrapes and bruises to prove it). Why does something so wonderful have to be so heavy?

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  29. You are definitely not nuts for wanting that stump! I was too chicken to try and take a stump that was on my neighbor’s lawn for at least two weeks. Well, I really couldn’t have lifted it, but it would have been so cute! What about hollowing out some of the bottom to address the weight issue another commenter mentioned? Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day and have a great Thanksgiving!

  30. Smucoed says:

    I was in a very high end boutique in our city and saw tree trunks that had been holed out in the middle and filled with candle wax and multiple wicks. Anywhere from 10 – 18 inches wide and about 18 inches high. Sold for hundreds of dollars and absolutely nature inspired

  31. I know how you feel, I’m always on the lookout for a ‘perfect trunk’. My husband said the same thing when we spotted one recently. “Are you crazy that weighs 150 lbs we can carry that!” So I had to leave my trunk behind also. I still think about it.
    Hope yours is still there. And you get to bring it home.

  32. Leslie, Great idea to shallow it out. Hmm, I be that’s the answer!!! Thanks LOTS!

    Smucoed, Seriously!?! I wouldn’t have to beg the hubby if we were netting that kind of profit!!! Obviously they’re valuable!!!

  33. Oh my gosh…i recently made off with 4 very similar pieces from my neighbors newly chopped tree. I looked like a kook! But i love them. My hubs messed one up trying to level it off for me to use as an end table. Love this idea. I have also seen them whitewashed. Sorry about your spill.
    Saw you on shabby nest.

  34. Catherine, I would have been clapping and cheering you the entire way!!! I’d love to see a pic of your results!!! Do you blog Catherine!?!? 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement and well wishes!!!

  35. Hoping you heal quickly! I saw a stump recently to, but it wouldn’t budge. I understand why you wanted it!

    Thanks for sharing your story at Potpourri Friday!

  36. Hoping you heal quickly! I saw a stump recently to, but it wouldn’t budge. I understand why you wanted it!

    Thanks for sharing your story at Potpourri Friday!

  37. Hoping you heal quickly! I saw a stump recently to, but it wouldn’t budge. I understand why you wanted it!

    Thanks for sharing your story at Potpourri Friday!

  38. Coley says:

    That is so sad! Glad to hear you’re ok!

  39. OMG! That is crazy. I’m sad that you got hurt and you weren’t able to get the tree trunk. I’m sure you will find one again…

  40. Celia Oh My goodness, {obsessed} you and me both!!! I’m doing great, just heartbroken over me loss {wink wink}. Give your coworker a hug for me what a sweetie!

    aimee from itso

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