Our Front Room

When you move into a home it takes time for everything to gel, right!!!  I told you about my Kitchen Nook and Dining Room tables needing a few twists.  Same story in my Front Room!  The room is a huge rectangle with two huge windows.  Initially, I thought it would be best to have my large armoire (which was in our HUGE Master Bedroom in our two story home) on the end wall opposite the dining room table and hutch.  I thought a heavy piece of wood on either end would establish balance and continuity, make it a little Feng Shui-ish (although who am I to talk about Feng Shui, under the bed storage is one of my favorite storage solutions!  The layout worked until I realized one couch in a living room just doesn’t work!  I decided to order a chair for the spot across from the armoire.  A slipper chair because I’ve always loved Young House Love‘s Dolce Lounge, featured in their first house!  

Our  Slipper Chair arrived in about a week and seemed incredibly simple to put together.  But, within a few minutes of opening the box, we realized one of the chair’s legs had a large slit in it.  You’ll never believe the customer service!  Normally, when you’re dealing with the dentist office, or the City of Fort Worth’s water and sanitation department (dealt with both this week) you end up with a bad headache and no solution, right.  Here’s my conversation with Target…

“We ordered the Dolce Lounge Chair and it arrived with one of the legs splitting.”
“I’m sorry.  Let me look up your account.”
—Gave her our account information.—
“Our records show that this arrived today.”
“Yes, it did.”
“Alright, I’m sorry you’ll have to wait for another week, but we’ll try to rush you a new Dolce Lounge Chair.”
“Thanks!  What should we do with our broken chair.”
“Keep it or throw it away.  If that wouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience for you.”
“Um, okay, are you sure!?!?”
“Absolutely, there will be no additional charge.  Is there anything else I can do to assist you?”
“No, that will be all, thanks so much.”
—Click.  High Five to all Five in the Fam!—

I was seriously shocked!  Out came the wood glue, clamps, staple gun and stain pen (I get so much use out of that thing).  Within an hour, besides a little cosmetic flaw, it was totally usable again!  We had no idea they would remify the situation by giving us another chair!  I seriously thought they’d ask if I wanted 10% refunded and that seemed totally fair to me, especially since I’m married to one of the handiest men EVER!  What a dream ~ time to do a little rearranging!!!

Don’t mind the -pre-stained wood floors in this room.  This room was the landing spot for all of our “stuff” when we moved and then we stained them once the rest of the house was in some sort of order.  If we were to do it all over again, we’d definitely have the floors stained all at once because I (probably not anyone else) can see the difference between this room and the rest of the house.  Seriously not a big deal, but if you were to ask, that’s my answer!  Here’s a link for more hardwood floor questions.

The armoire found a new home between the two large windows and it’s absolutely perfect there!!  The armoire holds all of our blankets and all of my sewing stuff, in case you’re nosey like me!  The white couch took a little turn and left me a huge canvas to display pictures with my simple to make ledges designed by Ana White.  And my two new lovely Dolce Lounge Chairs facing the couch sets the stage for perfect conversation, don’t you think!  And they’re so comfortable, too!  Eventually I’d like to make two electric sources on either side of the shelf and mount two sconces on either side.  There’s not an overhead light in this room so definitely more light sources are necessary!

The piano is on the wall across from the living room window and the leather ottoman smack in the middle of the couch and chairs is the perfect place for propping legs and getting comfy.  The ottoman also opens up and is a huge storage solution for my little obsession ~ magazines.  I keep thinking that maybe pinterest will help me get over that obsession, but I’m still not sure?!?  If you want to see my pinterest boards I just added a link to the sidebar.

As for the pillows and pretty touches, the white pillows are from Ikea, the gold pillows were on major clearance at Pier 1 and they don’t have them online anymore (maybe in your store ~ they’re real basic and will go with everything) and the splurge was my pop of color was the Embroidered Pillow with Trim, also from Pier 1.  I always go for the 12Wx26L sized pillows because they’re so comfortable and stay in place better when the kids throw themselves onto the couch (take a seat has totally different meaning at this house).  And the pillow has a removable lining always a plus for a wannabe seamstress!  The throw is one of those fuzzy soft faux animal styles in a goldish tone from Target.  My Little B and I are all about wrapping in throws when it gets cold.  We’ve still never tried Snuggies…any opinions on them!?!?

I was tempted to get this gold feather pillow, too.  But as I was moving pillows around staging a couch in Pier 1 (yes, they love me there), feathers were shedding all over the place.  Keeping my floors clean during the Autumn months is enough of a challenge with the boys trekking in leaves constantly, I definitely don’t want an accessory that adds to my work load no matter how stinking cute it is!

And for a little Thanksgiving flair, my Pilgrims and Indians were found a few years back at Hobby Lobby.  They’re the type that you’re suppose to paint yourself…well, I did, kinda!  I took a can of high gloss spray paint and painted the guts out of them!  That works, right!    And I bet the antlers and peacock feathers don’t surprise you a bit!  If you haven’t seen my other Autumn posts, find the label Thanksgiving below and click on it to see all of those posts.  Afterall, it isn’t Christmas quite yet, despite what I see when I leave the four walls of my little house!

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Hi, I came across your blog site via Pinterest. I really like your curtains and was wondering where you got them from.
    Thank you! And beautiful room!!

    • Thanks so much!!! Glad you stopped by for a visit. The curtains are from IKEA. They’re lined and a great deal! Happy decorating!!! XO, Aimee

  2. Mrs Kathy Birt says:

    Love your slipcovered sofa. Did you purchase it like this or is the slipcovers an addition? Would love to have one like it!

    • Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a sweet note! The slipcovered sofa is an Ektorp Ikea. The slip cover stays perfectly in place and just yesterday I took the cover off and ran it through the washing machine. It’s back on now and as clean as new! Slipcovers totally ROCK! The cool thing about the Ektorp is to buy a replacement slipcover only costs $60ish! I hope that helps…if you have any other questions about it, feel free to ask! XO, Aimee

  3. Kathie says:

    I LOVE your white sofa. Is it a slipcovered one (like Ballards sells?) or did you make a slipcover or have one made? I’m a senior citizen whose grandchildren live too far away to visit — soooo — I can have a white sofa like I’ve wanted for years. But I love the slipcover idea — because I have snacks while I’m reading. (Grandmas spill and make messes, too.) LOL Just point me to the direction in finding your sofa and/or slipcover, PLEASE.

    I just found your site tonight, but will be back, and back, and back. You have great ideas and execution. Love it!

    • Thank you so much Kathie!! My sofa is the IKEA Ektorp It’s been the perfect thing for my little family. Your message made me laugh because I’ve found when I’m at a store with breakables, I’m more prone to bump something then my little sweeties. LOL. I’m glad you had a great visit and I look forward to many more!

      XO, Aimee

  4. Natalie Meester says:

    i have those same chairs too!

    Love your blog and all your posts…very talented!@


  5. Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano says:

    It looks so great and that was awesome that Target gave you a chair. Luck!

  6. Katie says:

    Your living room looks amazing!!!

  7. Good morning Aimee, I came over from Coastal Charm to see your eye tutorial. Very nice.

    Since I grew up in a 1950’s ranch I decided to take more of a look. Your room looks beautiful and the two chairs rock. Good decision on the feather pillow. I had two feather pillows that I adored. The feathers were inside the pillow. However, feathers like to come out and fly around for exercise. My exercise. HA! I finally removed the zippered covers and put them on a pillow form. A good decision.

    Nice to meet you and your beautiful eyes.

    xo, Jeanne

  8. Delightful Order says:

    Great Post! You’ve been featured today!


    Hope to see you this next Thursday at my Delightfully Inspiring Thursday Party!


  9. becauseithinkican says:

    This is beautiful! What a great home you have!

    Leanne @ Because ( I think) I Can

  10. Busy as a Bee in Paris says:

    wow! very pretty!

  11. angelo h says:

    Beautiful! Looking at the photo, a great idea I’ve got another slew of great ideas for decorating my condo. Thanks for the post. 🙂

    condo Philippines

  12. Mindie Hilton says:

    Featuring on thursday!!! Thanks for sharing at bacon time.

  13. South Bay Studio says:

    Hi Aimee, what a transformation, I love rearranging too. I like the curtains too. Kathi

  14. Tammy @BeatriceBanks says:

    So beautiful! Love the colors in this room. You did a great job!

  15. Heidi @ Decor & More says:

    Love what you did here– pillows, chairs, furniture arrangement, all spot on! Total score on the extra Target chair. 🙂

  16. Heidi @ Decor & More says:

    Love what you did here– pillows, chairs, furniture arrangement, all spot on! Total score on the extra Target chair. 🙂

  17. Heidi @ Decor & More says:

    Love what you did here– pillows, chairs, furniture arrangement, all spot on! Total score on the extra Target chair. 🙂

  18. Sherika says:

    Beautiful space!! Great job!

  19. A Lived in Home says:

    Beautiful space! Great use of white! I have the IKEA curtains as well and love them!

  20. Tiaras & Bow Ties - Think Smink says:

    How wonderful! Your room looks so comfy cozy… bonus on being able to fix the chair!

  21. Tiaras & Bow Ties - Think Smink says:

    How wonderful! Your room looks so comfy cozy… bonus on being able to fix the chair!

  22. Tiaras & Bow Ties - Think Smink says:

    How wonderful! Your room looks so comfy cozy… bonus on being able to fix the chair!

  23. Candice says:

    Looks great! Here from Sugar bee crafts.

  24. Erin {Lavender and Lemon Drops} says:

    Love that ottoman and the blues in the room! Looks great!

  25. Sarah @ Hallway Happenings says:

    Wow, that room looks far better with the two chairs. You have lovely taste. I’m now following you, I would love it if you would join me too. http://hall-wayhappenings.blogspot.com/

  26. aimee says:

    i just found my way back here twice i love your lounge its gorgeous, im following you now xxx

  27. Kristine at The Painted Hive says:

    It is adorable. The space flows so seamlessly and I love the details and texture. Beautiful job.

  28. Sherry says:

    Your living room looks great, like how you position the tray on your ottoman; love the pillows as well!

  29. Janel@hatingmartha says:

    This is beautiful! What luck that you ended up with 2 slipper chairs!! Your living room looks great. And that little peacock feather…so sweet!

  30. Aimee says:

    Jamie, Oh my goodness! Thanks so much!! I’ll be over to check your place out in just a bit!

    Sandy, Thanks for confirming my choice on the feather!!

    Toni, I bet that would be SUPER comfortable!!!

  31. Shabby chic Sandy says:

    My daughter had a feather pillow like that and the feathers were always everywhere. I think she finally threw it away. I love feathers though! Great texture. Everything looks great!

  32. Jenny@daysofchalkandchocolate says:

    That. is. awesome. And two look fantastic! Your curtains rock as well.

  33. Cranberry Morning says:

    Way to go!! You should have asked the Customer Service lady if they could do training seminars for your dentist office and water and sanitation department! 🙂