Simple Dreamy Feather Trees

Cute Feather Trees, right!  Simple, too!
I started with an empty Braum’s paper bag, definitely not fancy yet!
I cut along the paper bags edges until I had a super long strip of paper still intact (with exception to the removed handles).
I decided I wanted my cones to be 9 1/2 inches tall so I drew on the paper bag, then cut a rectangle shape with the top half rounded.  The tip to bottom length 9 1/2 inches and my width 15 inches.  I overlapped the ends when pulling it into cone shape until I reached the thickness I was hoping for.
Attach with tape.  Black tape may not be the best option, but it was what I had on hand and it worked!
I threw on my jacket and spread out my paint tablecloth on the grass and sprayed all three of my cones white with my favorite spray paint, Rustoleum Spray Paint, Special THANKS to my photographer (hubby) for introducing me to the best covering spray paint EVER and the nozzle is thicker then standard size which keeps your fingers clean!  I love it and I’m not endorsed by it!  It’s that good.  The picture below was me taking two seconds to cover it.  One true coat would have covered the trees perfectly!
Next, I grabbed my glue gun and while it was heating, I opened my bag of feathers that were 40% off (thanks Hobby Lobby for your almost always available online coupon) of $1.99 bought at Michaels and began cutting feathers into thirds.  You can see below that the bottom and middle are great for coverage and the tip is best for covering the stem.
Starting at the bottom I worked in a circle around each cone and covered with one solid layer and then went back over the tree to cover the stems or empty spaces.
It’s all about making it look pretty, there’s not a true formula for the order.  Do make sure you hang the feathers below the bottom ridge so you won’t see the paper bag when the trees are on display.  The bag of feathers will definitely stretch far.  I still have leftovers after decorating three trees.  What to do with the rest?!?  Hmm.
Here are my feather trees waiting for their new home….want to see where they ended up!?!?

Don’t candle holders totally make it all come together!?!?  Now they’re sure to get noticed at our Christmas parties this month!!!

The candleholders are from ZGallerie.  It’s on my Christmas Wish List Under $30  Favorite Things Under $30 List – click for the link.

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