Curbside Table Turns Kitchen Cart

About six months ago, we were on the way to church wearing our Sunday Best, when I spotted this table on a curb about a block down the street we just passed.  I begged and pleaded and we turned around and threw the table in the trunk of my Photographer’s (hubby) sedan where it stayed for the next two weeks until something triggered my memory and I ran out to the garage and brought it into our home.
The weathered table must have spent many a nights facing sun, wind and snow!  In it’s new spot, the kids brushed by it as they ran their favorite loop around the house.  Endless pieces of paint began to chip and spread all over my beautiful wood floors and drive me absolutely crazy! So I grabbed some polyurethane and gave it a thick coat.  I liked the look much more with the cream paint staying put, but still wondered what it would eventually become.
As I was perusing Pinterest, it totally came to me!!!  I saw this beautiful kitchen cart and I totally new this sweet things destiny in life!!!
Kitchen Cart
I tightened the screws.
I Cut Slats into the Legs and my Photographer (aka, my hubby) Cut a Board Out of Plywood — the little table needed added storage and stability!

I Primed the Table and the Shelf.

Then I ran to Home Depot and picked up a cheap $4 towel bar and a $2.94 sample tub of Behr Paint, color: Spiced Butternut (fitting for this time of year, right), and 4 caster wheels ($5.90/2).
Source: Home Depot
Last night, I finally got ambitious and put some action behind all my ideas!!!

Here she is in all white wearing her snazzy “new shoes” ~ and me LOVING her!  There was already a hole drilled through the bottom of each leg so I grabbed some toothpicks and super glue.  Dropped the toothpick in the hole and place a few drops of glue on the screw of the wheel.  This helped lots! With some pressure I was able to twist the casters snuggly into place!
Starting to Look Like a Fabulous Kitchen Cart!
I totally love this Kitchen Cart Remodel!  (Althought the pic isn’t quite showing the authentic color and my photographer’s (hubby) at work so he can’t help me, bummer — the pic above is the true color.  It’s yellow with a bit of spice).  From trash to treasure in less than $20 Total!  Do you love it too!??!  Are you going to “Pin it”?!?!  Ha Ha!  I’m off to get more inspiration while I wait for the paint to dry so I can accessorize!!!  Now if I can get busy and write some more posts about how I made my kitchen look all dazzling!
Side by Side: Here’s the Before and After!


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  1. what a great transformation, I would never think of turning a table into a trolley!

  2. Wow, what a great idea and it turned out so lovely!! Let’s hope the kids don’t realize they can push each other around on it!! I know mine would…lol…absolutely beautiful!

  3. SO cute…I love the color and the castors (or is it casters?). Like another commenter said..I could totally see my kids using it to push themselves, toys, the dog, etc around the house…hopefully there are breaks! Beautifully done!

  4. Ha Ha Ha. It glides perfectly, too so I’ll have to let y’all know how that goes!!! No brakes!!!

  5. I love it! Although the weathered look was beautiful, I can understand the annoyance of saying, “stop touching the table! stop touching the table!” overruled!! 🙂 And the pop of color will add some drama in your kitchen!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree–I thought it was beautiful as a distressed table!!! I was bummed to see it painted. But that’s just my preference.

  6. Love, love, love the color! And what a great idea. I’ve given you (another) award over at my blog. What can I say, I love your blog and think you have some great, ok fantastic, ideas! This one is a tad bit easier than the Versatile Blogger Award, so please head on over and check it out!

  7. This is brilliant! Now I will be on the lookout for a similar table because I would love a cart in my kitchen! I love that you painted it bright yellow 🙂

  8. That is really great! I love that shade of yellow too!

  9. Marcia says:

    LOVE it. It’s so pretty and cheerful. I love yellow though. I’m also glad you shared that picture from Uncommon Slice of Suburbia. I took our cart out of the kitchen last week and it’s sitting in our garage staring at me. I want to paint it but I really don’t want it back in the kitchen (took up too much room), and I was driving myself crazy about it because my husband bought it for me a few years ago. There’s hope for our cart after all. 😉
    Love your page.
    Much love!

  10. Jenny @ Simcoe Street says:

    Fun colour!! Look great 🙂

    Thanks for your comment. If you wind up making an invitation ornament, let me know so I can check it out! (Though I’m sure I’ll catch it on here anyway)


  11. Although I really, really liked the before, I can see that it is more functional and fun now. Great job!!

  12. I love the bright yellow color! Thank you for stopping by and following me. I am now following you as well.

  13. This is totally amazing. What a great transformation Aimee! I love the color you chose too.

    Very clever use of space 🙂

  14. Amy says:

    great job girl!!! love it!!!

  15. Jodi says:

    such a great job! such a lovely color 🙂

  16. A-mazing! Yes, I totally pinned it! I’m so impressed, Aimee. And, totally jealous of your curbside find!

  17. It looks amazing! So very cheery!

  18. Great idea. I love it in both of it’s forms – before and after! 🙂

  19. Great transformation, it looks fabulous with the casters and the new coat of paint. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Super FUN!

    I would love for you to share it on my link party! I hope to see you there!


  21. Oh My Goodness Y’all are TOO SWEET!!! So far no rides on the cart thankfully!!! And for those that were partial to the previous color, I totally get that. It took me a few months to be totally certain that this was the way to go!!! I’m usually a super neutral toned decorator so the splash of color is a total fun surprise! In fact, the kids gasped in the morning because they were so surprised that I didn’t paint it white!!!

  22. You did such an awesome job! I love the bright yellow! Love the casters too!! I featured you today!!


  23. That is so wonderful! Saw it at Craptastic and I had to come over and give you a high 5!

  24. This is such a wonderful transformation! The colour is gorgeous, I’m off to find a table I can make into a kitchen cart!

  25. Oh Aimee, you did a fabulous job! I love the warm buttery colour too. You are so clever! God bless x

  26. Jessica @ My World - Made By Hand says:

    Um…I want one!

  27. What a neat job and a great color!

    Thanks for linking your project to Potpourri Friday!

  28. What a neat job and a great color!

    Thanks for linking your project to Potpourri Friday!

  29. What a neat job and a great color!

    Thanks for linking your project to Potpourri Friday!

  30. Aimee – you are one creative gal! I never would’ave thought of making a cart out of that sweet table! Love it, girlie! Great job! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  31. I am featuring you tomorrow. Please feel free to stop by and button-up!

  32. Great rescue! It’s gorgeous!

  33. Wow that turned out gorgeous! I really love that sunny yellow color. You did a fantastic job! Thanks for linking up to Sunday’s Best =)

  34. Wow that looks so awesome! I love the colour you chose too! It’s great to see a new lease of life being given to old furniture! 🙂

  35. Wow! How impressive…you did a marvelous job! Thank you for sharing your inspiration and creative process! Great Job!

  36. How cool is this? The shelf is a given. But the handle? I never would have thought to use “that” handle?! Love this! Great job and thanks for sharing.

  37. Love this table…following you now. It’s such a pop! 🙂

  38. Fantastic!! Love the color. I have wanted a cute little table on rollers like yours for my laundry room for some time. Thank you for inspiring.

  39. Wow what a great transformation, I love the color you picked.

  40. Sharon, aka Bootersmom03 says:

    Great transformation! Love the color!

  41. So cute! I am dying for an island but don’t have much room. This would be perfect! Great Job 🙂

  42. Kim@todayismysome-day says:

    Beautiful, wonderful transformation!! Good thing you turned your car around that morning!

  43. safety jackets and vests says:

    A great transformation, I would never think of turning a table into a trolley. It will be best to give a new look to my old furnitures, which I stored in garage.

  44. Funkytime says:

    it turned out fabulous, I once ‘pimped’ up my Ikea kitchen cart;-)http://bit.ly/qb0RLm

  45. This looks amazing. I just love that it’s moveable and yellow!! I am new to your blog. I will definitely have to come back!

  46. Fabulous Transformation

  47. Great job! You have inspired me to think outside the box!!

  48. I found you at Tip Junkie tonight… I love your blog!!! I am your newest follower and can’t wait to look around a bit more once the kiddos are in bed 🙂 This cart transformation is amazing! I would love to feature you on my blog sometime!

  49. Looks lovely–what a great idea!

  50. great job! love the colour choice!

  51. What a great idea! And I LOVE the color!

  52. Rosemary@villabarnes says:

    Great job of repurposing.

  53. It looks gorgeous!

  54. You did a great job! I would love for you to share over at “DUMPSTER DIVA” You are my kinda gal! I am hosting my 2nd linky party and it closes in 8 hours, please feel free to join the fun!

  55. Jessica @ My World - Made By Hand says:

    You already know I love this!

    Thanks for linking it to Totally Tutorial Tuesdays 🙂


  56. It looks so super cute!!!

  57. Oh WOW!!! I cant believe the way it’s been transformed. I completely love it!! New follower! Would love it if you would stop by and share this at my linky party 🙂 http://everything-underthemoon.blogspot.com/2011/11/bedazzle-me-monday-7_6572.html

    Also, PRETTY PLEASE stop by and check out Random Act of Kindness Week going on all next week!! Would love to see you participate!!

    Have a great week!!

  58. I’m loving that sunny yellow. The outside of my house is yellow, and it always feel like “sunshine on my shoulders”. Hmmm where have I heard that before? It turned out lov.er.ly. You really did it justice. I would make it a “bar” cart, that way you could take it room to room with you. I love the weather look, but sometimes it’s just not practical. Good job! Thanks so much for posting at Sunday’s Best. It’s what we need, creativity.

  59. Fabulous makeover and what a gorgeous shade of yellow you chose.

  60. You did a great job! Very inspiring. I love the color too!

  61. WOW! The finished product looks amazing!!!!

  62. The cutest!

  63. This is really cute! I love yellow, so you had me at yellow!

  64. This is fabulous! I would love to feature it on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Thanks!

  65. Small Holdings Farm says:

    Hi, I am your newest follower. You’re a girl after my own heart…Love the cart. Stop by my blog for a Driftwood Sailboat Give-a-way. I also made some great whale cut-outs out of old barn wood. Would love to have you as a follower. Sherron

  66. cute, I love the bright yellow too!

  67. I already told you how great this project is so it should come as no surprise that I will be featuring you on this weeks Amaze Me Monday 😀

  68. Aimee…this is adorable! You did a fantastic job. Thanks for your continued support of What’s In The Gunny Sack!

  69. I featured your kitchen cart as one my favorite linkies from last week’s Bedazzle Me Monday!! Feel free to stop by and grab a feature button!! Thanks for linking. Hope to see you again this week 🙂

    Hope to see you at Random Act of Kindness Week this week!!

  70. Featuring this on Thrifty Thursday this week! 🙂

  71. You absolutely nailed this! Great job! You’re being featured this week at Taking A Timeout Thursday! Thanks SO much for sharing!

  72. Thanks so much for the sweet notes!!! I’m loving the splash of bright yellow in the house!

  73. Anonymous says:

    How do you attach the wheels?

  74. How could anyone through this out! You did a beautiful makeover…glad I found it…it is pinned, Lori

  75. Hi! I pinned this on Pinterest, posted on fb, and featured at Creative DIYers Club. Please feel free to grab the feature button 🙂

  76. Jackie says:

    Thanks for the follow today. You Made My Day!! Yes, it’s that serious. hahaha

    I did the same with an old sewing table. Absolutley NO SHAME stopping in the alley and removing it from a neighbor’s trash pile. haha. I love your paint job and the bar. I need to to do that to my Pastry table. I replaced the sewing table with an old Pastry table I found in a Thrift Store. Thanks for the inspiration!

  77. Super cute yellow color! Love it and pinned it (of course)


  78. I'm Busy Procrastinating says:

    Love this project. I’m a sucker for anything on casters. Pinning!

  79. How very clever!
    I thought when I clicked the link, this was going to be one of those I just found it and painted it…like I did when I first tried DIY chalkpaint on my curb-shopped demi lune!
    BUT NO.
    You cleverly RE-designed your little table. I love it!
    Great job.


  80. This was one of my favorite elements of your kitchen redo! so glad you linked it up! Remember to link back or grab a button. 🙂

  81. I love this Aimee – the color – the makeover – love that you snatched it from the garbage! You go girl!
    Featuring this later in my favorites post!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  82. Cindy says:

    Hi Aimee, love this transformation!! How did you notch the legs for the shelf?? And how did you attach the shelf? Is it simply resting in the notches, or drilled from underneath somehow? Can’t quite figure it out, lol.

    • Hi Cindy! I just used a little hand saw to cut out the notches…the shelf is tight and screws weren’t necessary. 🙂 Send me a pic if you give it a try, I’d love to see it! XO, Aimee

  83. I did pin it….because I love it!

  84. Just came across this re-do on another blog. I usually love chippy furniture, but you did an awesome job making that table come to life. LOVE the yellow and transformation. Great work!

  85. Linda says:

    Aimee – I’m not understanding how you got the shelf in the notches without removing a leg?

    • Hi Linda! No need for a leg to be removed. If the notches are wide enough to fit the board, slip two in and then the other should be able to be pushed into place. XO, Aimee

  86. Nadine says:

    GENIUS! I am going to try this, if I can find a suitable cart or table to salvage.

  87. Fabulous!

  88. What a great idea!!!


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