Vintage Chic Tablescape {Tons of Pics}

December 6, 2011 by 49 Comments

There is perhaps no better season to set a pretty table, then Christmas!!!  As usual, SIMPLICITY was my inspiration!  I used the pretties I’ve collected over the years from various garage, thrift, antique sales, and the DIY decor I’ve made this Christmas season to create a Vintage Chic Tablescape – Brunch style.  The table is set with snowy white features, fresh green elements and a bit of rustic flare to keep my guys comfortable!
To begin with, I played around with different tablecloths until I was ready to run with one.  My freshly ironed linen cloth seemed fitting for a formal Christmas Brunch.  My table is over 100 inches long so it needs a very long piece of fabric.  I was so fortunate to stumble upon this tablecloth at an estate sale.  It has two dime sized cream stains, but they’re covered up and my guests will never know.
Remember the Before/After pictures of my Dreamy White Chandelier!?!  Here it is all Christmas-ish with a bit of garland AND my new Winter White Wreath {I flipped over my Thanksgiving wreath and used the same form and boa for my Winter Wreath} and my inspiration came from Crate and Barrel’s ‘White Wreath.’
I reused my ivory lace napkins from my Thanksgiving Tablescape and wrapped them with a basic white cloth napkin.  A table can never have too many linens.  I rolled each napkin set and then twisted a 4 inch piece of garland around it.  I found a large ornament shaped container of bitty ornaments at Target.  There were a LOT for $6.  I looped the string through the garland and then pulled the ornament through the loop. Cute little silver touch.  They’re an assorted arrangement of muted, glittering, and shiny ornaments!

My Noritake Parchment china tea cup and saucer!  If you ever have wondered about the durability of china, trust me, use it and don’t worry!  For seven years now I’ve been hosting an annual Mother-Daughter Tea Party for our friends and we’ve used it every time.  The girls are now nine so that tells you how much these pretties have been exposed to.  They’re in perfect shape!  I use them often and it makes me smile every time I pull them out!  I do hand wash them, {well, actually my mother in law does because she’s just that sweet} but seriously China is meant to be used!

All the crystal candleholders and at least half of my crystal dishes are from garage sales or were thrifted {can thrift be used as a verb?} from my two favorite thrift stores.  My Stud surprised me with my Wilton Armetale Tea Set for my 30th birthday {yes, I’m old, haha}!  I think perhaps it will forever be my favorite gift!

 I HEART William Armetale!

My mom picked this candelabra up a long while back at a garage sale {I think}, if she reads this, maybe she’ll comment {maybe}!?!?  My family and I drove out and checked on her after a surgery and she sent me home with this super adorable piece that she had stashed in her guest closet, not sure what she was going to do with it.  It’s so pretty I make a place for it every season!  LOVE it!

I put a little clipped four inch piece of thin boa from the Dollar Store and wrapped it around the candelabra and topped it with garland pieces.  The boa had to be glued so I used my glue of choice, my hot glue gun.  My hot glue gun and I are now in a really BIG fight!  I have a blister on each of my index fingers and one on the middle finger of my right hand.  What was I thinking holding feathers while I glue them!?!?  DUMB!  Does anyone have the “cool” hot glue gun?!  I’ve always been tempted.  Don’t tell anyone, but this isn’t the first fight that the hot glue gun and I have been in!

It’s funny when you’re 22 and getting wedding presents, a crystal bowl seems nice, but not necessarily exciting!?!  Can I just say, my crystal has now become some of my favorite pieces and for a sentimental fool like myself, it’s become a total treasure!

I didn’t have a silver cake stand {add that to my Christmas list sweet photographer}.  Along while back I found a bunch of bathroom tumblers in silver in clearance {90% off or something}.  I picked up 8 and have used the life out of them!  They were like a dollar and change and are so GREAT!  I used them to hold silverware, party favor candies, etc.  This time it was flipped upside down and I placed one of my silver chargers on it!  Perfect makeshift cake stand!
A little peek at my tree.  Phew, glad it’s blurry because I can’t wait to surprise you with it soon!  I mean, it can’t be too much of a wait, we’re already in December, right!  I can’t wait to see your tree!
I haven’t seen many posted yet, but I’m excited to go exploring soon!

There are my AnthropologieKnockoff Snow Globes!  They make me smile and are perfect gifts, too.

I LOVE using a bit of rustic like these pretty pine cones that we picked up when we visited Tyler a month ago.  I am totally envious of all of you who have ample supple of beautiful pine cones.
My Wilton Armetale pattern is William and Mary.  It never ever has to be shine and it’s absolutely GORGEOUS!
These beautiful goblets look so much like Potterybarns, I mean seriously Garden Ridge did GOOD!  Back in the day when I stocked up, they were $1 each.  They may have gone up since then, everything has lately, right!  Don’t even get me started on groceries!
I took a few more of those Target mini ornaments, cut the string and wrapped it around the stem of my goblets with a little knot.  So simple, but so pretty!  On the day of our {Winter White Brunch}, I’m going to write the names of each guest on the little ornaments so we can keep it straight!  It’s a take on a wine charm I suppose!
Close your eyes, right now!  Don’t peek at the Kitchen Christmas tree, I mean it!
 A little fun angel shot!
My Noritake Parchment China.  I bought two sets lots of Christmases ago off of Amazon for a ridiculous price.  I’m going to look it up and post the price tomorrow at the bottom of this link.  The fun thing is, my china is sold at large department stores for a much higher price so definitely check around and find a color theme that you love!  You don’t have to pay high dollar.  I would ask how long your set has been around so you don’t end up with a partial collection and get sad that the retire it and you never had a chance to buy the gravy boat or something.
My apothecary jar usually is a candy jar, but for Christmas it’s transformed {we’re eating mainly cookies anyways this time of year} into decoration.  I added the rest of my mini Target ornaments inside.
A few years back I bought those darling little dessert bowls at a garage sale along with a BUNCH of other pretties.  I mean seriously it was the best score of my life.  I felt like a long lost relative had passed away and left it all to me {but there was no sadness involved}.  I’ll show you more of those pretties on other tablescapes.  It’s amazing what $25 can buy you at a garage sale!  But, it does take a lot of busts to land a major score!
And that’s it…hahaha.  As if that were just a few pictures, I’m pretty sure I set a record of sorts.  I wish all of you could join us for our {Winter White Brunch}!  I’ll post later and let you now how it was.  What special parties do you host this time of year!?!?  I’m hosting a party on December 13th.  It’s going to be Christmas-Scapes themed and I totally want you to mark your calendar and plan on posting AND there’s even more…


49 Responses to “Vintage Chic Tablescape {Tons of Pics}”
  1. @AnonymousAmanda, thanks so much for asking! I have one set that I received when I got married. I’m so glad that I chose these because as we’ve lost a couple to the disposal and a few have been left at my hubby’s office, it’s been so simple to reorder because it’s a never-expiring set. They’re made my Oneida and the pattern is called Marquette. They’re pretty for fancy, but definitely great for everyday! Here’s a link to check them out.

    Oneida Marquette

    Hope that helps! XO, Aimee

  2. @Jennifer L. GriffinThanks Jennifer! You are so sweet!!! I totally have been wondering if those work as well. Now that you mention it, most of my projects are seasonal…being able to take them apart without as much effort may not be a bad thing…and saving myself from those AWFUL burns would totally be great! I totally hear you on the scars! If you look at my fondue pics, one of them shows a hot glue gun scar on my index finger. How it got me at the knuckle, I have no idea! I need to see if Hobby Lobby has one of their usual 40% coupons running again this week and treat myself!

  3. Miss Charming says:

    Such beautiful tableware and I love your little snow globes.

  4. Love the white and silver! I just picked up my first set of silver serving dishes and I am loving how it looks with all the sparkle of Christmas! Visiting via Rhoda’s!

  5. Shenita says:

    Gosh, Aimee, this is such a gorgeous setting! Everything is so sparkly and shimmery! I love it! I had to smile when you mentioned the Garden Ridge goblets. We used to have a Christmas brunch every year; and the Garden Ridge clear double old fashioned glasses (which we used for juice) and the clear dinner plates were my big score! I have about 40 of them; and I haven’t used paper plates/cups in years…lol! At $1, they were a steal; and they go with everything!

  6. Very beautiful! I love the Parchment pattern! Very clever idea for the cake plate!

  7. Rachel says:

    Oh that is so beautiful! I love how you flow with simplicity – there’s such beauty to it. And absolutely everything on there flows so beautifully! I love it.

  8. Lisa W. says:

    Everything is beautiful! I love your stories of where all the different pieces came from.

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