Front Door Wreath: Framed Ornaments

After a few traditional Front Door Wreath in style and shape I was ready for a little change!!!  I had a large frame lying around that I wanted to do something with, it was collecting too much dust!  I gave it some Christmas Spirit a covering of bright red spray paint!
Front Door Wreath: Framed Ornaments

Can you believe it’s already this time of year again!?!

I searched every row in Hobby Lobby for the right ornaments (several times).  But I have to say my store is pretty picked over, maybe because they started selling Christmas in July, ya think!?!
I knew I needed unbreakable ornaments too so that added to the dilemma!  I checked a few places and then Target came through!!!  Eight (I only used five) ornaments all in a box: the perfect color, size and non-shatter!!!
I grabbed some ribbon I had on hand and used the hook that was already on the frame to hang the ornaments from the frame.  I used the same hook to hang the frame from my favorite door jewelry with the same ribbon I’ve been using for the last two months!

Total price: $5.00 (cost of ornaments).  Total Time: 5 minutes.  Have I mentioned before that I totally love it when things are simple!?!  Especially during such a busy season!!!  Do you love it!?!?  At this point in our remodel, we’re thinking we should enter in the HGTV show, Curb Appeal, so to have a fun bright focal point is totally necessary!!!

And do me a favor, don’t look behind this door!  I have all the goodies from Christmas that I’ve decided need to find another family tucked behind there until I can make a run to my favorite charity dropoff: our local Safe Haven.

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  1. Laurie says:

    Please forgive the stupid question but I don’t understand how you attached the white ribbon to the frame so you could hang it from the door hook. The frame is held up by the ribbon which is tied in a bow and hung on a knob or some sort of hanger….I’m just not getting the step where the ribbon is attached to the frame so it can be tied to the hanger. Would you please help?

  2. I’ve had this pinned for a long time and would love to have your permission to use one of your photos of this project with a credit to your blog for an article I’m writing at http://homeaccessories.about.com. Is that OK?


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