A Very Merry Christmas 2011

This was perhaps the most Merry Christmas EVER!  After weeks of Christmas hustle and bustle, we traveled to Stud’s parents house to spend almost a week relaxing and enjoying the true reason for the season.  As you can see my mother-in-law could publish a book on tablescapes!  She takes a bit of this and a touch of that and ends up with a work of art!  UPDATE:  My mother-in-law started a blog – ZuHaus at Home!

I love how she added white lights and hung a beautiful swag that she accessorized perfectly to a shutter that her sweet niece brought her from Missouri years ago!
Oops, I should have included the 3-tier cakestand overflowing with Christmas candies, cookies and pies!!!  Everything was way too good…I think January will have to be dedicated to becoming friends with the scale once again!
I absolutely ADORE her tiny Potterybarn tree!  She filled the tiny framed ornaments with pictures of her most special Christmas trees over the years.  My favorite was her last Christmas tree in Germany.  She was so adventurous and married a man in the US Navy when she was 18 and moved to the states shortly after.
That was in 1970 — 41 years and 5 grandkids later they’re still married!  She’d be the first to tell you it hasn’t always been easy, but their love has carried them through.  I admire them more than perhaps anyone else in this world and am so blessed to have married into their family!
If you’ve ever wondered who is stalking your blog, but never dares leave a comment, let me introduce you to my sweet mother-in-law!  We love our ‘Mac’ time together!!  Sharing our favorite online finds and admiring all the pretties in Bloggy World is the best past time!

Little B calls Gigi’s kitchen, ‘Monies Mucho Munchies!’  She LOVES being head cook and wait staff at this sweet cafe!  Right here they are making Gigi’s Famous Mac and Cheese!  It is Little B’s favorite!

Here’s the happiest, most generous man you’ll EVER meet!  Also know as, Santa Pa!

We left earlier to Gigi and Pa’s house than I had planned.  {Gigi & Pa’s Baby Boy couldn’t hardly wait another second to go home for Christmas.  LOL.  Seriously!  I hope my babies feel the same way about me someday!}  The only thing I hadn’t checked off was a visit with Santa!  So we headed to the mall in their little city where they charge $20 for one picture and you can’t even use your camera for other pictures.  Seriously!  I’ve never paid more than $5 and this includes use your camera in addition to the supplied picture.  I had to swallow hard and let it go, but really, $20!?!  Is that the going rate in other places!?  I’ll DEFINITELY plan ahead next year!

Baby B told Santa he’d like a Machine Gun and Karate Belt!  {Yikes?  Really?!?  Thankfully on Christmas Eve we found a Dojo open and purchased a White Belt for only $5 and Academy had a really cool machine gun with a flashlight on the end for just $10.  Santa came through.}

Little B told Santa she’d like Fairy Dust and Wings so she can fly.  {Pretty sure she’s in that stage where she doesn’t totally believe, but she wants to believe so she decided to put Santa to the test.}  Thankfully, Santa found darling earrings and a little LaLa Loopsy doll – big smiles from Little B!

Big B told Santa he’d like a lego set and a YoYo ball, never stopping to think he could ask for something different from what he’s told us prior.  Until as we were about to leave, he had a thought and asked Santa if he could please have one of the reindeer’s bells.  I thought Santa would scurry him on so he could make another $20 with the next kid, but instead he reached inside his bag and dug around a bit.  He pulled out a large leather strap with bells and told Big B that he needed to hold onto these so he could fly, but if he’d have mommy bring him back the next day he’d make sure to put one in his pocket for him.  The next day I was worried about the letdown, but we headed back to Santa and as soon as Santa saw Big B, he stepped over to him, reached in his pocket and gave him the bell he’d promised.  The bell was even tied to a leather string.  Sweetest Santa EVER!  Big B has carried that bell with such pride you can’t even imagine!

Here’s a picture Stud sneaked when the elves weren’t looking.  I think he ended up on the ‘Naughty List!’

Mommy’s Silly B’s!
Heading to the 4:30pm ~ Family Friendly ~ Christmas Eve Service

When we got home we finished some last minute food preps and then threw two plates on Gigi’s antique end table for the girls to share.  Within 10 minutes, Little B and her cousin had scurried through the house and set up a beautiful tablescape of their own.  Isn’t that so unbelievably precious!?  A proud moment for Mommy!

Silly Face Pictures are Their Favorite!
 I did end up finding some Christmas PJs,  Sunday before they had all the sizes I needed at Target!  Another thing that I can’t put off next year!
Santa did GOOD!
{Boxie and Desde had stockings filled with bones}.
 Machine Gun & Karate Belt
Dangling Earrings
My Sweet B’s are spending the rest of the week with Gigi and Pa and having the time of their life!  We’re missing them like crazy, but enjoying a little time together, just the two of us!

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  1. Sharon B. says:

    Saw you over at Southern Hospitality blog. What a pretty vignette, and I love how you write about your family. I am also lucky with my mother-in-law and I so relate to that special bond! No MIL jokes around here. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  2. Crafty Mischief says:

    They are darling! Happy holidays!

  3. Grace @ Sense and Simplicity says:

    What a lovely relationship you have with your mother-in-law. I’m now a mother-in-law (although new grandchildren yet) and am really trying to be the type of mother-in-law you have – the kind who is encouraging, thoughtful, and loving. Sounds like a great Christmas.

  4. Kristen @ Titus 2 Work in Progress says:

    What a sweet family! I am on a lookout for an old shutter that I can use for a decorating piece 🙂

  5. ✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life says:

    Hi Aimee,

    Sweet pictures of your family.

    Merry Christmas!


  6. Shabby chic Sandy says:

    Love the family pictures. I hate it when you can’t take Santa pictures with your own camera–there’s are always such poor quality! Looks like you had a lovely Christmas:)

  7. Aimee from ItsOverflowing.com says:

    TrinaThanks Trina!!! She now clicks “like” on all my FB posts and that’s her sweet “out of her comfy box” love note to me!! Always makes me smile!!! I loved seeing your precious boys on FB earlier! Every time I see them I am reminded how GREAT God is to hear and answer our prayers!!! XO!!!

  8. Trina says:

    Merry Christmas, friend! I loved this post! Love your B’s! And your sweet in laws! I think that is hilarious that your MIL never posts comments, and just lurks! That is too funny! Doesn’t she know you love “sweet notes”!?!
    Tight hugs to you, sweet thing!