Family Room {Mantel}

√ Recycle – Recycled Fence Art
√ Anthropologie-ish SUPER SWEET vase.
√ Oliver Accessorized.
√  10×14 Moroccan Area Rug.
√ Mantel Complete


 Here’s what I showed you last night.

And after my initial little freak out moment {which tends to be my first reaction on big purchases, because truly I’m not much of a spender in personality}, I have fallen completely head over heels in love with my rug!  Not only does Oliver love looking at the ocean of beauty, my sweet copper horses that I found at my favorite thrift store recently are super impressed!  These sweet horses were a total of  $3 and although I tend to like white, and I’m not promising that isn’t their future, I’m loving how the patina process shows how long these precious animals have been loving life.  I think the touch of green is just beautiful!

Packing up Christmas, I wasn’t ready to ditch my fence art quite yet!  To me it has a very wintery feeling with it’s barren, dull coloring.  I love how it pops against our white fireplace and warms the area up real well!

My flower vase makes me smile with a touch of brightness!!!  And my sweet perched bird takes the place of my birds outside that have migrated for the season.

At our two story house, I displayed each of our annual family pictures, all in 11×14 frames, running up one side of the staircase.  Ten years worth of living there made for a lot of frames {eleven to be exact because I included our engagement pictures in that series}.  At this house, there’s not a spot really for those collections, but I was sorta over that anyways.  My ranch-style house has a new collection, I’m going for an 11×14 frame in every single color!!!  LOL!  {So far RED √   YELLOW√   BLUE √}.

I’ve decided that I absolutely LOVE fall leaves, but am totally not a fan of winter leaves!  I swept the back porch again today and I just have to say, sweet brown dead leaves has no thrill!  Thankfully Stud loaded 15 bags worth of leaves a month ago so there’s not too much left to sweep.

In the backyard we have a endless branches that break off as the squirrels jump through our tree and when the winter wind blows during storms.  With a spray of my white paint, they brighten up the fence panels well.

I’ve had my topiaries for a while.  They were from Michael’s for a great price with a couple coupons.

Isn’t Oliver SUPER CUTE!  {Yes, you can spray paint a silk flower!}
Two of our favorite books: Making Fine Furniture and The most Scenic Rides in America.  A porcelain antler and a yummy candle that I picked up at TJ Maxx yesterday.   I also bought those yummy smelling oil reeds, they smell GREAT!
So nice to be able to enjoy a comfy family room after lots of time spent with dust flying every which way!!!  Next up…I NEED to make or find some pillows.  I found some cute blue and white ticking pillows made by Ralph Lauren at HomeGood store the other day and I have some yellow pillows I made out of place-mats a while back, but it’s just not popping.  I may have to snoop through Potterybarn, West Elm and ZGallerie and see if I can’t find something on sale or something that inspires me!!!  Any ideas friends!?!?  No promises on when they’ll be found, but I’ll definitely share my progress with you!  It’s so fun being friends with you!!!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Trying to find the drapes you used. I need them to finish off my room and cannot find them. Can you help?

  2. What a wonderful room. I love the accents, and the mantel is great. I love the rough wood texture and color with all of the other textures and colors in the room.


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