My Ranch Home Tour {Progress}

January 17, 2012 by 59 Comments

Ready for another Dreamy Dwelling Home Tour!?!   I’m excited for you to join me on My Ranch Home Tour.  A little over a year ago, we left our comfy, settled two story home ready for a new challenge in an older neighborhood with tons of trees and homes with character!  After eight months of waiting to finally have an offer on our two story house.  On the very same day, Stud stumbled upon this home as the owner was hammering the for sale by owner sign into the lawn.  Stud walked through the home and a bit later, I checked it out, too.  Despite the economy, homes in this neighborhood don’t stay on the market for long.  All the details came together and about a month later, this was our new super old and super ugly home, what we prefer to call a home full of character!

Curb Appeal

Or lack there of, hopefully this Spring we can make some major progress.


We switched out the front door, door knobs throughout, the light fixture and painted the hallway doors to brighten and update this entry.  We have plans to put a coat rack of some sort behind the door and get an entry table and mirror somewhere also, to try to utilize this little space better.


Replacing the Front Door

Formal Rooms

Underneath the carpet throughout the house was original hardwood floors that had never been used before.  We thought this was the biggest treat EVER then we had a huge scare because of humidity issues, thankfully it was an easy fix and after the floors were sanded and stained, we fell in love with our house all over again!  It was our dream to have a one story home with dark stained hardwood floors throughout!  We also painted the chandelier in the dining room which helped to update the look.

Family Room

Both of us totally agreed as soon as we walked through this home that the wall separating the living room and kitchen needed to be torn down!  Removing this wall  and rebuilding this wall opened up this space and brightened the family room MAJORLY!!!  We painted the paneling and fireplace in this room and stud replaced all of the lighting, added recessed lights and moved electrical outlets in this room.  It looks like a totally different house with these awesome updates!  Most recently I added a new rug that I like LOTS!



Painting the kitchen cabinets, building new cabinets, changing hardware, lighting, countertops, window treatments, appliances, flooring, sink and faucet has made a HUGE difference in this room!  I still need to share all the scoop and I will as soon as I have all the finishing touches complete!!  I have tons of tips to share with you sweet friends!!!


Laundry Room

I have huge hopes for this little space.  If only I could find a few more hours each day we would have put those ideas to work by now, but we’ll get here and I’ll be THRILLED to share it when we do!!!

Master Bedroom

I know you are drooling over my closet right there!  LOL!  We’re definitely making some progress in here with paint, window treatments and lighting updates!   I’ll give you all the scoop on this room soon.  There’s a SUPER funny story to go along with it!  Oh my, I’ll just precursor it by admitting I’m a total mess…not in the literal sense, more figuratively.  Promise I’ll explain!

Master Bathroom

This bathroom is definitely the thing dreams are made of…let me tell you!  NOT!  Removing the wallpaper helped {maybe, it’ still so ugly}.  I’m continuously checking pinterest and design magazines for inspiration in here!

Little B’s Room

I totally loved the previous owner’s chairs!  I was crossing my fingers that they’d leave them behind, but no such luck!  As for the room color, you may not be able to tell from this picture, but it glowed!  The rest of the house had peach and pink walls, but this room was a glowing green – even the trim and entire closet!  YUCK!  Paint, lighting and curtain updates helped tremendously, but I still have some ideas…and Little B does too!  We’re still negotiating our ideas!  Hmm…nine year old girls like BRIGHT decor!!!  Any advice for this mom!?!?


The Boys’ Room

The boy’s room came with the perfect spot for Little B to practice her ballet, but this room is twice the size of hers so sadly, she didn’t get a choice here!  The curtains, lighting and paint have been updated.  I’m still trying to figure out what to do with their closets.  I’m not a big fan of sliding doors, but their closets are ummm, well, not super picked up so I definitely need a way to close them!  They’re so rough, it’s okay that they are, right!  I think it’s inevidable when you have two boys eighteen months apart!  I worry about the durability factor were I to put curtains in place of the doors!!?  Hmm, still thinking on this one, too!

Hall Bathroom

I wish I could have a tremendously impressive after to show you for this bathroom, but the extent of  the makeover is I found a shower curtain that had a bit of green in it after Valentine’s Day last year for just over $1 at Target.  Adding touches of green in the shower curtain and a bathroom rug made the boys a tiny bit more okay with having a LOUD PINK bathroom!  Our boys are definitely rooting us on about improving this room!


We sit on almost a half an acre and have huge dreams on how to use this space!  Definitely we’ll need to work on landscaping and perhaps brick and/or trim paint!  Still thinking through what we are wanting to do.  The first week I moved in though, I had someone from Craigslist come over and pull the bushes out from around our back patio.  They were excited to replant the shrubs at their home!!!  Hopefully this spring and summer we can make some progress here!  We have a fence to work on and overgrown jasmine in a huge bed under our huge tree.  The bed is wrapped with a metal border that concerns me everytime the kids run around in the backyard {which is all day everyday}!  No worries, yes, we do homeschool and I do keep to a rigorous schedule, but homeschooling does afford us quite a bit of time for outdoor play, aka, time for mommy to regain her thoughts and sometimes find her sanity!


The garage doors had to be replaced before we could close on the house…the bank insisted.  Sort of risky, but we did this update out of pocket before signing on the line.  The price we were offered was great, we didn’t want to change anything up and have the sellers back out on the offer!  It was night and day seeing the difference updating the garage doors made!  Gave me a glimmer of hope for all the ugliness throughout the rest of the house on closing day!

I’ll continue to update you on our progress!  We are definitely in our element when we are working on projects and we enjoy including our sweet B’s in the process too!  It’s so rewarding to look around and know that 98% of the progress came from the work of our own hands!  It’s awesome seeing our dreams become a reality!

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59 Responses to “My Ranch Home Tour {Progress}”
  1. Amy says:

    What paint did you use on your walls? I’m trying to find a nice shade of lime green but they all seem to run toward mint…


    • Aimee says:

      The walls are actually Eloquent Ivory — no green at all, but in the pics they may have picked up a bit of green! Good luck on your search for the perfect shade of green! XO, Aimee


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