Photography Course: White Balance

Phew!  I mean seriously…say it with me!  Phew!  Those metering classes were definitely more technical than I prefer, but I totally think that you, my loves are truly getting it and that makes me so SUPER HAPPY!  Who said, it takes knowing the ins and outs of a camera to become a photographer!?!?  Can someone say WRONG!!?  Around here, we’re just talking pretty pictures!!!

Photography Course: White Balance

Photography Course: White Balance

So now that we’ve gotten the crazy technical parts squared away {or in the process of being squared away…remember: practice, practice, practice}.  Let’s move to some more basics that will definitely improve your pics!  Today’s lesson: White Balance!  Many of you have written to me asking how to adjust your camera so that you won’t have to do so much editing…well, here you go!!!

Our eyes naturally adjust to our surroundings and we don’t have to reprogram our minds each time we enter a new setting so that the lighting looks accurate, that’s just a special gift from our Maker!  If you take some time to think about how we live in a totally colorful world and yet we’re able to correctly perceive our surroundings from the coolness of the blue sky to the super warm light of a candle without having to switch gears, I think you’ll be pretty amazed!

Not a huge surprise, but cameras have a mode that helps balance the coolness or warmness of light, too.  This is the auto setting for white balance.  And it does alright at perceiving the temperature of it’s environment, especially when there’s a good contrast of dark and light.  But if there isn’t a good contrast, it has a real tough time!  Because your camera isn’t always able to decipher the truest white, which also affects all the other colors in your photograph, too…it’s important to learn how to choose the white balance yourself so that your pictures will have accurate colors, every time!

So, without further adieu…let’s chit chat about the different options for white balance on your camera…shall we!!?  And then as always, I’d love for you to try it out yourself!!!

This is what you’ll want to select when you’re indoors with regular light
bulbs.  Light bulbs have a yellow cast to them so in this mode, your camera
will offset the warm tone by substituting with a bit of cyan/blue.
If you notice the above lights where you’re photographing or the
strip fluorescent lights you’ll want to switch to this mode on your
camera.  In this mode, your camera will know that you’d like
it to compensate for the cool tones by adding some warmth.
The direct sunlight mode photographs pretty
similar to the automatic mode on your camera.
Flash lighting is a bit similar to fluorescent lighting…it has
a blue cast.  This mode adds some warmth to your pictures.
Cloudy days have a mode, too!  The lighting on
cloudy days needs the addition of a little red and yellow
warmth so your photographs aren’t grayish.
Shady areas tend to have a bluish cast and need
a little warmth…the shade mode helps to compensate.
Since our goal is to keep things simple around here, we’re not going to mess with setting our own white balance in the Pre and K settings, with the settings here I think we’ll be pretty well set for real good photography…for the truest of colors and setting your white balance totally manual…you can check out the expodisc on YouTube and Amazon for your particular camera!

Now for a little playing around…set your camera to manual or auto, depending on your comfort zone at this point.  Select menu…White Balance…go through each of the modes and take a SUPER CUTE picture of something you love {the same object each time}!  I love looking at the examples from this exercise…it’s so crazy to think how different lighting is in different settings and yet for the most part we’re not all that aware…until we become photographers!  As photographers, lighting can make or break our pictures BIG TIME!  With that said…be sure to test this out in bright light…indoor light…wherever you capture pictures, be aware of which setting is going to offer you the best results!!!  I’m totally excited to see what you link up at Photography Friday’s Party here!

Here are the pictures I took while playing around a bit…Enjoy…and as always, I’ll see you next Friday {if not before}!

Photography Course: White Balance

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    I’ve got a few Friday’s to catch up on… went to vegas and had a fab time!!!!!!!! back soon for a good read! Hope everyone is doing well with the learning..

    (Sunday Linkies)

  3. cathy@my1929charmer says:

    Wow, thanks so much, I am learning alot from your series. I really feel like doofuss when it comes to this. I liked learning about the white balance and will be playing with it. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best.

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    Hello! I’m a new Linky Follower and look forward to learning how to improve my own photography. If you get a chance, come visit me at feelLOVDeveryday! I’m starting over with Linky Followers since the GFC fiasco and would love to have you on board! LOVD tidings, Lilly

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  8. Manaal says:

    Can i use a white piece of paper to use as a customise white balance instead of the grey card?

    • Rolaa says:


      Yes, I’ve just started to experiment with that and using a white object (piece of paper, plate, lid of a white tub etc.) all work wonders when the camera struggles with the auto or pre-sets for white balance.

      Cheers, Rolaa

  9. Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch says:

    Great photo tips! I would love for you to share your post at cowgirl up, one party, four blogs at cedarhillranch.blogspot.com I do love the white balance adjustment on my camera, but I don’t use it. When I do, I forget to move it when I change lighting sources. Oh well! But my new camera does an amazing job in auto, and I am pretty surprised at how well tungsten light looks with no adjustment. And photoshop has that awesome adustment from as shot to auto for raw images that seems to make just the right adjustment if my camera is off. This is great advice though, since it does really help to have your camera set properly. Thanks for the tips. I’m going to look at some of your other photo tips.

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    Of all the photos, which did you think was the truest color?

    • Aimee - ItsOverflowing.com says:

      In this setting…on my porch outside on a sunny day…I definitely think the SHADE setting was the truest to my actual dish! Great question Cheryl! XO, Aimee

  14. Deanne says:

    I think I need to get off the computer, go and find my camera and find the white balance and have a play!

  15. Just Jaime says:

    Thanks for this information! Very informative. I really liked the contrasting pictures at the end. I just started shooting in manual last month so this is really helpful.

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