Open Terrarium – No Fuss Garden

A terrarium is a partial to fully closed
container where living plants are kept and observed.
I like to call an open terrarium – a no fuss garden!
There are tons of options when creating terrariums.  You can use:
  1. Cloches – best used with plants that tolerate high levels of humidity, from my experience, these will need to be raised occasionally to allow the plants a breath of fresh air.
  2. Apothecary Jars – also best used with plants that tolerate high levels of humidity, but you can opt to leave the lid off to create an open terrarium as I’ve done with one of my plants.
  3. Aquariums or Goldfish Bowls- left open or fitted with glass on top.
  4. Vases or Tureens – these works as open top terrariums and will need to be watered.
I’ve had closed terrariums in the past and haven’t had all that much success.  I decided to try out an open terrarium this Spring.  Open terrariums are not sealed, but offer the same looking glass feature as closed terrariums.  They are well suited for succulents, which can’t tolerate the humidity of a closed terrarium.  Almost two months later…I’m totally sold!
This was my inspiration…
I chose simple to grow succulents for beginners: Aloe Vera, Echirvias and a Fern.

 I wrapped my Aloe Vera plant with twine to add some extra texture to my arrangement.
I placed my twine wrapped aloe inside a hurricane and made it extra pretty by adding pebbles and moss.  The pebbles are also great to assist with drainage since this variety of succulents doesn’t like too much humidity.
I placed a liner under my fern’s pot and then wrapped the liner and pot with newspaper.  Then I tied a piece of twine for a bit more texture.  I always water this plant by the sink and leave it to dry before putting it back with the other plants because I want to avoid the newspaper from transferring to the paint on my yellow curbside trash to kitchen cart.

I removed the lid from a mason jar and then placed my extra jute twine inside and it looks real cute mixed in with my terrarium display.

I have my terrariums right by my large kitchen window that allows my succulents to receive great indirect sun.  Texas tends to be very humid.  I only water a very small amount every other week.  When we were out of town recently for almost two weeks, I didn’t water at all and everything was very healthy when we returned home.  I’m very impressed by the hardiness of open terrariums.

And they look great, too!  I love having a touch of Spring in my kitchen.  And all the texture of the leaves, jute twine, pebbles and newspaper are total eye candy!

I found this picture below at the goodwill for just a few dollars and it compliments the coloring in my terrariums real well.  I love bringing the outdoors inside.  Above I placed a canvas inside a white frame and glued one branch off of my fern plant onto the canvas.  I’ve only had to replace the fern on the frame once.  I love inexpensive art and it’s perfect for Spring.

And here it is all together!
I’m loving it on my yellow curbside trash turns kitchen cart!
Here are a few other DARLING Terrariums…which succulents have you had success with when creating a terrarium!?!  African Violets, Aloe Vera, Begonias, Cactus, Chamaedora, Echirvias, Ferns, Herbs, Moss, Pilea?!

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  1. MACKENZIE says:

    I have been doing tons of research about making a terrarium and so far this has been the most helpful article. However, i LOVE the look of jade, hen and chicks and aloe… my concern is that i have seen these plants get enormous! my mother-in-law has an aloe plant that has to be over a foot and a half tall and my mother had a very large jade plant when i was little. I love how cute the terrariums look when these plants are small… but are the plants going to start spilling over the top as they get larger?
    If so, I would love to know of some plants that will stay small.

    • They will get larger, but it will definitely take time for them to get there!!! XO, Aimee

  2. Wow. I love this idea. Im such a plant killer this might actually work for me. Would love it if you would stop by and share this at my linky party going on right now http://everything-underthemoon.blogspot.com/2012/06/bedazzle-me-monday-33.html

    Have a great week!!!

  3. Super fun!!! The yellow cart is the best 🙂

    lauren@ http://www.SummitStreetJoy.com

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