Photography Course: Look Cute and Skinny

I’m one of four girls!  Growing up, my sisters and I learned every trick in the book to photograph each other looking our very best: Cute and Skinny!  We are all married now and combined have eleven babies!  We put our younger year “How to Look Photogenic” research to good practice these days!  I’m excited to share our camera tricks with you!  Photography Course: Look Cute and Skinny.

Photography Course: Look Cute and Skinny
  1. Relax and know you are beautiful all the way from the inside-out!  Focus on the people around you and don’t worry too much about the camera.
  2. Straighten Up.  Picture yourself a tall and lanky model with great posture!  Stand up real tall and suck in your gut.  THEN take a deep breath so you aren’t stiff.
  3. Turn a Bit.  Be a ballerina, placing your feet in third position- one foot in front of the other then turn your body 45 degrees away from the camera, leaving your head and shoulders facing the camera!   Sounds complicated, but it’s really not…stand up right now and give it a try!
  4. Weight on Back Foot.  Modeling 101.  Put your weight on your back foot and bend the knee of your front foot slightly.  This will make your legs appear long and your hips slim!  This is a great posture for everyday life!
  5. Angle Your Face.  Leaning slightly towards the camera will give you the appearance of a long neck and tilting your chin down just a bit will help you avoid too much chin in the picture!
  6. Hand on Hip.  Take your hand and place it right above the pelvic bone or right about there.  Keep your fingers natural and pointed slightly upward….bring your elbow forward and call yourself a model!  This pose helps underarms less prominent, broadens your shoulders and narrows your waist!!!
  7. Below the Camera.  Speaking of chins, get the camera above you!  Find someone taller or have someone stand on a chair!  The best way to hide double chins is to have someone shoot your face from a few inches above your head.  You will be looking up just slightly which will improve your neck line and make your eyes more open.  This is my favorite tip!
  8. If it MUST Be Done.  If you’re taking pictures with your family or of an awesome landmark and the camera has to be shot from a low angle, use your legs!  Point one leg into the center of the frame and get the photographer to shoot looking up your body…this works sitting down or standing up.  Trust me, it really is flattering!
  9. Smile FOR REAL!  Fake smiles stink!  Don’t paint on a forever frozen smile!  Instead, when the camera is pointing your way, give a little giggle and then freeze it for a brief moment…another giggle…freeze!  It’s so much more natural that way…and it always makes me laugh FOR REAL hearing myself giggle at absolutely nothing!
  10. Beware of Shadows!  And if you’re behind the camera, be sure to avoid shadows on the faces of those you’re photographing.  Shoot in great lighting and when needed use a Reflector Pro or a large white poster board to bounce the light!
Did you try the position yet!??!  Here’s how your feet should be positioned!!!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Awesome tips – thanks!

  2. I have 20 pounds to lose, then I will use these tips ( giggle) xo

  3. Great tips! Thanks! I need all the help I can get! 🙂

  4. The Vintage Chateau says:

    Thank you, thank you! Great tips!

  5. Jenny@NorthwestLovelies says:

    These are such great tips! I had to get up to practice! We’re having family pictures taken soon, so I’m glad you shared these! 🙂

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