Simple DIY: Creating a Window-Pane Mirror

Remember these Mirrors?!?!
I used them for my Halloween and Thanksgiving Mantels.
I’ve actually had them for about five years!
Originally they were a medium Oak color from Target,
but within a week they turned….
I decided they’ve been a basic taupe color long enough.
I used notebook paper…it was most convenient and blue tape.
Then I rolled white kitchen cabinet paint
to cover both of the mirror frames!
With the mirror painted white, I used a washable
marker and drew a rough draft of my newest trim idea.
 Stud cut some trim pieces
and then I attached them with liquid nail.
I love the window pane look of these mirrors!
And how did we hang them!?!?!?
Check Out the Next Picture…
All credit goes to my sweet mom-in-law,
my blog consultant, one of my best friends, an amazing decorator!
Turn your picture or mirror frame to the back side….
Use a piece of blue painter’s tape to mark the length
between both holes.  Grab the piece of blue painter’s tape…
And using a level, place the tape evenly on the wall where you want your
art work, or mirror hung.  Hammer a nail into the top of both edges of the tape.
 If you’re hanging more than one art work, or mirror, repeat!
 Can you guess what’s going below this mirror!?!?

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  1. Hanging mirrors and artwork is one of my biggest phobias and I am going to give this a try. Thank you!

    • You’ll love it Sandra!! Glad you stopped by for a visit — I hope you have a GREAT week! XO, Aimee

  2. Great idea! Anything to make hanging easier is good in my book. Thank you.

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