Tour Williamsburg, VA – Tips and Pics

Next stop on our journey was Williamsburg and although we know a million people that have visited here, we truly didn’t know what to expect.  We were told to park at the visitors center.  At the visitors center, which was a huge building, we bummed the sales lady by only staying for one day.  She told us we’d never see it all.  She was definitely right.  Different portions of this ‘step back to colonial days: living museum’ are only open on certain days so to truly enjoy it to the fullest, you’d want to be around for more than just a day.  With that said, my hubby and I both agreed that we’d still only purchase the one day ticket were we to stay longer because, there are free entrances that as we journeyed around the museum, we discovered.

On the opposite side of the visitors center, natives to the area and well-seasoned tourists can enter the streets of colony days without purchasing a pass.  The pass did allow us to see a few tradesman, which were extremely interesting.  However street acts and many of the buildings are open to anyone who stops in for a visit. Enough logistics though, the experience was awesome.  All of the ‘characters’ were so believable in their storyline, accents and verbiage.  Loved that!

At the local Cooper Shop, these gorgeous barrels were in process right before our eyes.  It was interesting to see the different types of wood that they used back in colonial days and the precision of their product, so that even water could be carried long distances without it seeping through each of the slats of wood on the barrels.
My sweet B’s loved being able to pick up the barrels and compare weight.  Once water was added to the oak barrel, the weight was unreal.  We all agreed that my sweet B’s would be begging to go fetch water with the cedar barrel!
Little B was chosen to be the volunteer assistant in binding books.  She did a great job stitching up the binding for a store clerk to keep his records on.  She worked hard for almost twenty minutes on the stitching and the expert was so kind and encouraging.
He then showed us how to use flour paste and beetles to make a red dyed glue substance and decorate paper using a comb.  My sweet B’s were all giggles when they held those beetles in their hands and learned that the same dye is used in making m&m’s and lipsticks!
The streets were beautiful!
I enjoying perusing through the store and seeing the authentic colonial merchandise.  The hand dyed wool was $35.

During a street show we met this guy who was one of the only wounded during the Battle of Trenton.  He had tried to petition numerous times to receive his pension but was just a number in the system and hadn’t been approved.  He was poor and frustrated.

Coincidentally, Martha Washington stopped by and delivered a speech and while there overheard his story and called him forward.  She felt so badly that she called him forward and handed him money and told him she would personally make sure that he began receiving his pension.  He felt badly for making a scene, but she graciously acknowledged his service.
the Five of Us

Although we would have loved to have more time in Williamsburg and visiting Jamestown would have been a dream, we left that for our next visit and drove towards the Jamestown Ferry, a free service for all road travelers.  On our way, we passed James River, known by the Indians as Powhatan River.

After a brief exploration and skip down the bay, we loaded the Jamestown Ferry where we were amused by tons of sea gulls and a lovely breeze.

Back on the road…we drove through some of the most gorgeous countryside towards our next stop, where I’m pretty sure I left my heart!  I nearly told the fam to head south without me, it was just that amazing!   I’ll tell you about that adventure REAL SOON!


Do you have any other Williamsburg tips!?  Favorite events to catch while at Williamsburg!?!  Did we totally mess up by not going to Jamestown!?!?  How many days do you spend when you visit!!?   So curious!

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  1. redfly says:

    We went there a couple of years ago, while hubby had meetings in a nearby city. The kids and I loved it. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Aimee - says:

    That totally drives me nuts, too! XO!

  3. Aimee - says:

    I think this would have been a fabulous place to honeymoon, I’m right there with you loving history! I’m so glad that we made the right choice for this visit in going to Williamsburg, although I have to catch the rest at some point. How awesome it would be to live around the corner Bonnie – lucky brother’s family!!! Awesome to have family to visit there!!! Thanks for all the sweet notes! XO, Aimee

  4. Aimee - says:

    Yorktown Carol…just so you have a great night sleep! LOL.

  5. Bonnie @ Uncommon says:

    We did the DC and Williamsburg trip 2 summers ago! Loved it all! We did LOVE Jamestown, but Williamsburg was great too! I agree with the above comment on the homeschool brother’s family has taken advantage of that many times!! ps…Busch Gardens is fabulous too {we love amusement parks!!}

  6. Shabby chic Sandy says:

    Looks like fun family times!

  7. mj314 says:

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