Vintage Pieces Make the Best Souvenirs!

Our next stretch of road led us to Ashville, North Carolina — home of the Biltmore Estate.  We rolled into town at 4pm…turned right onto the road that would lead us to the estate…pulled in and jumped out of the car to purchase our tickets.  Total bummer to hear that you can’t purchase tickets after 3:30pm.  I was totally disappointed until I looked over and saw my boys on the floor tackling each other – laughing hysterically.  Second thought, this would be much more fun if I were to leave my sweeties with their grandparents and leisurely explored America’s palace on a long weekend overnight, just me and my hubby!


As we all stepped away to take a restroom break, my hubby, seeing my disappointment inquired at the ticket desk for an antique store that would lift my spirits.  I had NO idea…and when we rolled up to the Antique Tobacco Barn with a large door open for me to sneak a peek…I could hardly contain myself I was so excited and totally surprised.  I’m still having dreams about this place…it was more than I could have ever imagined!

This had been an old Tobacco Barn and the facility stretched for 77,000 square feet and has over 75 dealers.  The mall is a haven for those who love searching and hunting through an eclectic mass of furniture, architectural salvage, collectibles, and accessories!  This girl LOVED every second of the hunt!

See my little shopping bestie in the mirror!!?  She LOVES all things vintage!

I’ve been contemplating what I should do with my original garden planter…I’m thinking a little paint and then a bit of distressing needs to be added to my “to do” list!


About this point I was trying to decide which would have a higher value, taking one of these home or having the third row empty so my kids could get a little “personal” space when they needed!?!?  My kids of course totally won out…I was tempted though.



These knobs are just beautiful…they shined from afar and caught my eye.


This beautiful restored twin bed was under $90 and just gorgeous!
Old wooden thread spools…$6 for all of this!

A tea cup to add to Little B’s collection…she’s funny…she likes English tea cups.  She tips the cup over and double checks as she’s making her decision.

Some mason jars.  Here’s where they ended up…. Here and Here.

Little B also, fell in love with this sweet apron.  She asked every night in the hotel if I’d pretty please hand wash it in the sink…I held off until we got home because we never had time to leave it up for the day to dry.  No worries…it’s clean now and she has used it every day since.

An old candelabra, also found here.  A super old green tin toolbox for Big B to hold his knife collection someday.  He’s a cub scout and counting down until he can take the test and get his first knife.  This box totally made his day!

And a beautiful conditioned quilt with super fun colors for $20.  I’m thinking I may have to go this route for Little B’s room!?!?!  Afterall, the girl won’t let me paint her desk or her hope chest!  She likes the both in their original state.

And since Baby B couldn’t find anything, the store clerk stuck a quarter into the horse machine and let him ride for 5 minutes!  The clerk mentioned that the owner of the horse adjusted the time on the horse to what he would have wanted as a child…He loved every moment of it!  I’m telling you, this antique mall is unreal.
Now to find a new home for all my treasures!  It’s like Christmas in April.  After a fabulous time in North Carolina and then driving through the gorgeous countryside, I had a weak moment and thought maybe I should stay put and make North Carolina my home.  So what about you!?!?  Do you have a thrift store/antique store that compares!?  I may or may not want to know about it…Okay…I do…because we have become a family that LOVES road trips and I never ever thought that would happen!  I just might need to know about your thrift store so I can visit when I am in town!  I think taking home vintage pieces is the best souvenir EVER!
Here’s a link to more of my favorite thrifty finds!

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  1. Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) says:

    Great place!Fantastic post!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  2. Great finds and good decision not to tackle Biltmore with young kids. I love the aqua mason jars you found and the sweet little apron.

  3. That must have been so much fun! I wouldn’t have known which way to turn first.
    I bought a blue Mason jar last year in Ohio and found out it was made around 1896. It holds knitting needles in my crafts room. I also made something cute with some vintage spools I bought. You might like the idea. You get one of those wooden plaques from the crafts store and paint it in whatever colors you like. Put some picture hanging hardware on the back. Then glue three spools evenly across the front. Voila, you have a cute place to hang things!

  4. I have a cub scout, too, and I’ve never heard of a test for a pocket knife! I would love to know more about that, because my son wants one, and I don’t think he’s ready.

  5. katy says:

    Wow, that sounds like my kinda place, what fun!
    I live in Wilmington, NC!

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