Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

What are your plans for Cinco de Mayo!?  Almost seven years ago to the day, I was holding my first baby boy {Big B} in my arms for the first time!  Every year since, I’ve been busy planning a special birthday party for him….until this year…Big B chose to take the guys in our family to the TCU baseball game this year in lieu of a party! With all this free time on my hands, I’m thinking I’m going to make some of our very favorite Fiesta dishes this Cinco de Mayo!!!  I can taste it now…especially those desserts…I love this Tres Leches Cake, Fabulous Mexican Churros and I’m pretty sure my kids will LOVE those darling Sombrero Cookies!!!  Yummy!!!
      1. Sunflower Center Pieces – Better Homes and Garden
      2. Lime Monogrammed Drink Tags – Better Homes and Garden
      3. Cactus Party Favors with ‘Beso’ {Kiss} Tag – Better Homes and Garden
      4. Delicious 7 Layer Bean Dip – It’s Overflowing
      5. Chipotle Shrimp Taco with Avocado Salsa Verde – Food Network
      6. Darling Sombrero Cookies – Random Thoughts of a Supermom
      7. Perfect Tres Leches Cake – Food Network
      8. Fabulous Mexican Churros – Food Network
      9. Click here to learn about the history of Cinco De Mayo!

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  1. Princess Kate says:

    I am always celebrating my first child’s birthday too around this time. Have fun with all your free time.