DIY Labels for Garden Plants

Positively perfect ways to create DIY labels for your garden.  I’m about to put my Sweet B’s to work creating adorable Plant Labels!  Here are the label ideas I’m going to let them choose between…Use Waterproof Paints & Stamps, Permanent Markers or Coat with Clear Spray Sealer to Make Garden Markers.

Lu Bird Baby

Potterybarn Knockoff: Coat Regular Garden Stakes with Chalkboard Paint.

Restored Style

Use a Metal Stamp to Make Garden Markers from Vintage Spoons.



Write the Plants Name on a Wine Cork.

Shine Your Light


Use Popsicle Sticks Or Here is Another Cute Idea for Rock Plant Labels

Trimming Cedar Shingles and Labeling with Paint is SUPER CUTE, too!


Imagine Childhood – Whimsy Girl – Lobster Monkey 

Sometimes Simple is Best!

Siren Lauvdal

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  1. All wonderful ideas! FYI, that cork herb marker is actually mine, I don’t think Recyclart has a link back to my blog 🙂

    • RE: Ugh! I’m so sorry…I really try to make things go direct, but I missed this one sadly. I love your project and have given you total credit now! Thanks for letting me know Lisa! XO, Aimee