Hairstyles for Long Hair

I was thinking about chopping my hair off because it’s getting so long…but I asked on my FB page and Rasha who blogs at My Champagne Taste insists that long hair is totally cool!  So…I’ve started looking for ways to style my long hair this summer!  Here are a couple of my favorite hairstyles for long hair that I’ve found….

1. Flirty Fishtail Braid

Separate hair into two strands.  Take a thin piece from the outside of the right strand and join it with the left strand.  With your left hand take a thin piece from the outside of the left strand and join it with the right strand.  Repeat until the braid is as long as you desire, then finish with an elastic.  I love this style.  With this look, definitely the messy look…a little bohemian makes it work.  I’ve added texture spray to my “want” list!


2.  Figure-Eight Bun
Pull your hair back into a low side ponytail, leaving a few pieces loose around your face. Twist your ponytail and then wrap it in a figure-eight shape.  Use bobby pins to secure the messy bun to your scalp. Finish the wrap by tucking the ends into the loop.  Finish with a bit of lightweight hair spray.


I have the Fishtail Braid figured out…now I need to work a little on the Figure-Eight Bun!!!

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