Ballard Design Rope Copycat

Every month I get so excited when my Ballard Design catalog arrives!  I love how the design of each page is so eclectic and would fit so many different styles!  One of the items I love most is their hand woven rope {over cast iron} doorstop…also can be used as a bookend!  I keep thinking that  this would be a great birthday gift for yours truly, but when my birthday rolls around, my list is always long and well…the doorstop has been passed over too many times!  I’ve thought that I should attempt to make it…but between All Stars games, Soccer Camps, sleep overs, swim lessons and the list goes on, you get it…you’re right there with me…stopping to think for long enough to actual make this just isn’t happening!  You’ll never believe it…
 I was roaming Hobby Lobby the other day and I saw this rope looking thing in the fishing/hunting decor.  I’ve put my mileage in at Hobby Lobby, but this is one department I must overlook every time…are you seeing the price?!?!  Can you imagine that price combined with a 40% off coupon…Seriously!?!?!  I walked out of the door with it for $8.43, I kid you not!  A little less than the $45.00 price tag on the item above!  Want to see where it’s chillaxin’?!!

Outside our Master Bedroom!  Looks perfect there if I must say so myself!
Instead of getting this for my birthday next year, I may be
gifting this as birthday gifts!  I’m scouting out more fabulous
knockoff finds this week…what designer copycats have you found?

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  1. Julia G says:

    I found mine at Hobby Lobby last year. Use it as a doorstop in my lake house. Looks fantastic!

  2. These are fantastic!! I’ve actually made them myself, and they are a lot of fun. I’m hoping to write a post about the process soon; they’re just too cute to not have everyone making them!! Thanks for sharing, gotta LOVE Hobby Lobby!!

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