Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance {Photography}

Every year, Little B and Daddy attend the Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance at a nearby country club, sponsored by our church.
The boys and I usually enjoy a simple night of pizza and movies, while Little B and Daddy have their annual tradition of dinner and dancing with each other and friends!
While my pastor at church spoke on Sunday, I was pulled by a mix of emotions.  Few in our culture have a Daddy that adores them from his inner core.  Family is the basic unit of life, if it doesn’t succeed, society doesn’t succeed!  Family has been around since the beginning of time and will be around until the end of time.  The hope of our future is dependent on our precious youth!
God intended the role of fathers to extend into adulthood, it’s not a temporary relationship!  Did you know that 40% of children in our country do not have a father in their home!?!?
I’m thankful for men that influence beyond their family in the community through coaching, teaching, and inviting neighborhood children to feel a touch of that love that we all crave.
God bless fathers who are sensitive to the needs of their children, delighting in them with genuine excitement for their future…and continue that passion with their grandchildren.
If you grew up just shy of your fairy tale childhood dream or far from it….or if you want to step it up in your parenting…The Blessing, by Gary Smalley and John Trent and The Key to Your Child’s Heart, by Gary Smalley are two books that will help you find personal inner peace and understand why we as people crave love and acceptance from our parents so deeply.  These books are great steps towards setting a legacy for your family…offering hope to fill that core need within yourself and your children!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very fun! Just fyi the blessings is not a parenting book it’s a self help book to help children who have had hard/awful/upsetting experiences with parents get passed it and forgive the parents.

    • Aimee - says:

      Thanks…you’re right, the target audience for The Blessing is definitely adults, but knowing what my children need to receive from me has offered my hubby and I great perspective in our parenting!!! 🙂

  2. Emily Morgenstern says:

    Beautiful post, Aim. And, beautiful family. What a blessing.

  3. Lauren @mercyINK says:

    BEAUTIFUL. It is so very hard to see so many children growing up without a daddy— I wrote a similar post on father’s day, and just pray that sons&daughters will continue to find hope in the Heavenly Father, even when they haven’t known the love of an earthly one.

    thanks so much for sharing at HEARTS&HOMES link up at mercyINK!



  4. Kristen says:

    How very true, precious words.

  5. Jamie Vigil says:

    Awwww! Just to precious for words! I love this post:)Jamie

  6. Long Term Food Storage says:

    Li’l B is soooooooooooooooooooo Cute! Just like my daughter.

  7. Jenny@daysofchalkandchocolate says:

    A beautiful post! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Bliss says:

    In addition to everything else daddy does, he also sets an example of what a husband should be like so she can choose wisely when the time comes. He probably sets the bar high, so even if she finds someone half as good she’ll be doing fine.


  9. Bonnie @ Uncommon says:

    Oh…I am a little teary eyed!! Super sweet! Beautiful Aimee!

  10. Crafty Mischief says:

    That is the cutest thing ever! You can tell Little B is just over the moon in those pics!

  11. Maury Kilgo says:

    So sweet! What wonderful memories for them both.