Editing Photos for the Blog

I’ve been asked to share my process – how I resize, upload, and save my photographs for my blog.  And the other big question, do I pay for my storage!?!  Below you’ll find my “system.”  It works for me, but as with most things in life, there are lots of ways to go about getting the same results!  Here’s my process of, Editing Photos for the Blog.

1. Download all photos into iPhoto and then crop out any “yuck” parts of the photos I want to post.  I don’t “edit” it in iPhoto. Why!?!?  I’ll tell you in a minute, but first, see below how I export my blog photos to my computer desktop with a ‘Medium’ size and ‘Maximum’ quality!

Editing Photos for the Blog


2. Okay, now for the reason I don’t edit in iPhoto…because I totally love picMonkey!  I’ve shared with you how I watermark and title my photos.  When I’ve complete that, I save my photographs right back to my desktop, replacing the previous photograph.  And for SEO reasons, I save my photograph with an “official” photo name that relates to my blog post title, so it will pull up in image searches!

3. Seems like a hassle, but I do this all in bulk for all the post photographs and it goes real quickly.  The next step is open Picasa Web Albums.  I organize my pictures by monthly Albums. Yep, in the picture below I’m saving this picture from my Pudding Plants post in June 2012…I know I’m killing you with my creativity.

Editing Photos for the Blog

4.  Next, I create a post.  See my picture below…if you ever want to see the “size” of your picture you can click on the HTML link on your post…

5.  When you click on the HTML coding, you’ll see the following coding. See the highlighted portion?!  That’s my picture information!  This particular photo has a height= 424 and width= 640.  I can use a calculator and adjust the height and width as long as I don’t change the proportion.  To do this, multiply the  current height by your desired width, then divide that number by the current width…the answer is your desired height.

6. Enough math!?!  There’s an easier way to change your photo size! Click on your picture and you’ll see some options…choose extra large if your blog format will allow for that size of a photo.  If not, choose the large possible size of photo that your format will allow.

7. DIY, Craft, Recipe and Decor blogs…One of the photos are important to readers!  Large, beautiful pictures make readers feel like they’re browsing a magazine…what’s your “system”…any tips to share?!  Oh, and do I pay for extra storage?!?! I don’t… ever since I signed up for Google+ my account has registered that I have unlimited space! {see the details below…works for me}


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  1. ARod says:

    this might be a dum question but how do you do it in bulk??”I do this all in bulk for all the post
    photographs and it goes real quickly”

  2. Kim @ Savvy Southern Style says:

    Wow,when you use picmonkey yours says Russel. I was wondering whose would say that. I am only the middle one.

    • Aimee - ItsOverflowing.com says:

      Interesting! So what size of file is your final upload!?!? Your pics always look exceptional! I’m so curious how everyone else does it!!! :), Aimee

  3. Tricia says:

    This is great, Aimee! Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!!!

  4. Back for Seconds says:

    I haven’t been good at commenting lately, but I have been reading! I truly enjoy reading your blog. You always give such useful tips, creative ideas, and helpful info. Thank you, Aimee!

  5. Lindsay says:

    This is awesome information! Thank you so much for breaking it down for the rest of us! I actually really needed this!