Fast Adorable Dessert {Mint Pudding Plants}

Martha Stewart’s Pudding Plants are very CUTE!
Here’s my way of simplifying a great recipe….
Simple and Tasty Mint Pudding Plants for Kids!
 For years, I’ve made these cute gummy worm dirt pots
for my sweeties and they LOVE them!  It’s fun to have a different variation!
 Parent Society
To make my Simple and Tasty Mint Pudding Plants I use: Oreo
Cookie Crumbs {remove filling and crush into fine pieces}, Chocolate
Pudding {prepared with 3 Drops of Peppermint Extract}, and a Mint Sprig.
Place an Oreo on the bottom of a washed, mini-clay pot.
Fill the pot with mint-flavored chocolate pudding then sprinkle the top with
Oreo cookie crumbs and insert a rinsed mint sprig!  Simple & Tasty!
Simple and Tasty Mint Pudding Plants are our FAVE!

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  1. oh so cute, I actually saw silicone cupcake liners in the shape of flower pots, I so want to get them to make these.

  2. Dawn @ DJ's Sugar Shack says:

    seriously theese are some of the cutest things! ANd I love chocolate and mint!! I’d love for you to share over at Whatcha’ Whipped Up Hope to see you there!

  3. Maria says:

    Super cute!!! I love this idea!

  4. Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust says:

    How adorable & what a fun idea! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Warmly, Michelle