Thrifty Find Negotiations

A few of you may have figured out via Instagram,  Twitter  or Facebook that my three sweet B’s are with Gigi and Pa this week and my schedule is looking completely different!!!

I really would have LOVED to stock up on craft and decor at Hobby Lobby today, but we all know that’s the impossible on Sundays!  No worries…there’s always plenty of antique and thrift shopping to be done!  At my first stop I found this secretary desk.

It was firm at $40.  I tried doing a little negotiating, but the lady wasn’t having it.  I did the unthinkable and walked away.  That’s so hard for me!  About an hour later, I couldn’t stand it any further…this would be the perfect desk solution for my boys in their bedroom and even though I was hoping for less…$40 became more and more reasonable as each minute passed!
Thankfully, it was still there waiting for me!  Phew!  Thrifting is such an emotional roller coaster…you never know the true lowest price, walking away is extremely risky, but has to be done at times, and once it’s purchased, it’s a done deal!

I’m glad to have already ridden the highs and lows of this secretary desk purchase because now I’m staring at it with no regrets!  Hmm, now to decide…stain or paint…and if I choose paint…which color?!?!  Fun stuff!!!

As I begin to update the boys’ room, I’ll definitely be sharing with you!
I’m seeing the potential!  What about you!?!?  Have you made any antique/thrift purchases lately!?!  Any luck negotiating!?!?  I hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend and are excited about your week ahead!  I’m going to be missing all my hugs and kisses from my Sweet B’s….but they look forward to Gigi & Pa Camp all year long…I know their love tanks are overflowing and that makes my heart smile!
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  1. Lauren says:

    Oh my gosh — this is SO totally worth $40!! I’d definitely paint it — can’t wait to see what you decide.

  2. That sure is a pretty antique piece that you picked up!

  3. CAS says:

    I think $40 was a real steal on a piece with such great, classic style!

  4. Bliss says:

    I see potential, and $40 seems reasonable. I am terrible at haggling but I try. My most recent project is in the driveway drying but I didn’t have to bargain – it was marked free!


  5. Anonymous says:

    That desk AND the beds and shelves would look incredible in matte black (take off the pulls and leave as is/don’t paint!), with lime greens and creamy colour bedding, few hints of orange accents – – – w/ shaggy economical carpet from IKEA or HomeSense, or! better yet, get your sons to help make their own rag rugs from black, greys, and all tones of greens, tan corduroy strips from old pants from thrift store ….to coordinate. You can make a bigger version of this one, and cut strips a little longer than this rec’d so it’s fuller and easier to tie off, since the bulk of corduroy makes the knot bigger and trail ends shorter – make it any size/shape:, also this site from great Mother Earth Mag has specifics for cord and denim: any of this info will be a great kickoff to design your own, can even use the kids old t-shirts for memory type area rug(s)or bath mats! Envy those super plaster walls – or is that painted over wallpaper?
    Have fun with your redeca-do!

    • Anonymous says:

      .. ..of course put the drawer pulls back on when you’ve painted – they’re half the appeal of this piece!

  6. Anonymous says:

    My gosh! i can’t believe you got that desk for $40. What a steal! It looks like solid wood. All it needs is a little TLC!

  7. Shiloh says:

    It’s beautiful! Walking away from something you really want is SOO hard.:)

  8. Barbara says:

    Oh my Aimee…love that secretary!! You got such a great deal! Can’t wait to see what you do with it…I am sure it will be totally Fabu!!!

  9. Miss Charming says:

    $40 was a great price! I’m sure you’ll make it look awesome.

  10. ARod says:

    great find cant wait to see how it turns out

  11. Our Pinteresting Family says:

    Fantastic find!! Megan