Boy Bedroom No-Sew Pendant Flag Banner

When I purchased new boy’s bedding (for an awesome deal) recently, I was stoked that all the sheets, bedding, and shams came wrapped inside matching fabric!  Of course I had to think of a way to put it to good use!  Flipping through my old Pottery barn magazines I came up with just the thing: a Boy Bedroom No-Sew Pendant Flag Banner

What’s better than being able to make a boy bedroom no-sew pendant flag banner for free!?!?  How?!?  Recycle Fabric Packaging: Duvet Cover sacks, Sheet Set sacks, and Sham sacks!!!

I grabbed a pair of scissors and started chopping away at the packaging and came up with as many triangles as I could manage.

Fabric triangles, fabric glue, and 3 feet of bias tape made this a super simple home decor project.

I stretched my project out on my large dining room table, turned craft table, spacing the triangles out along the bias tape and attaching both sides of the flags to the bias tape with fabric glue.  After the banner dried, I used a little spray starch and an iron.  Then I traced around each flag with fabric glue so the fabric scraps wouldn’t unravel further.

A couple command strip grippers and the boys were loving their bold orange and navy wall art!

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