Designer Bedding, Knockoff Price

I’m finishing up decorating my boy’s bedroom and one of my favorite parts is the designer bedding, knockoff price.  You may remember the picture below from my brainstorm post of Neutral Boy’s Rooms I love.  From the moment I first laid eyes on this room I’ve been obsessed!  I love the assortment of monograms and random artwork on the walls.  I love the pops of orange along with other bold colors.  I love that it is full of random pieces that come together to totally work.  I love the colorful pouffes on the floor and of course the reclaimed pallet headboard is the perfect pick for this rustic bedroom.

Serena & Lily Twin Size Blue and White Striped Duvet – $150.00

With all these layers of design in one room, it’s hard to pick a favorite element, but I think what stands out to me is the bold striped blue and white duvet stands out above it all.  I have admired this bedding from Serena & Lily for quite a while.  The reason I love it so much, it’s neutral.  Yes, it’s blue and bold, but in a boy’s room it would compliment just about any style of decor.  Beachy, Rugby, Baseball, Football…you get it all the sport themes!  And blue works with just about any pop of color as this room demonstrates so well.  Green, Orange, Red, Shades of Blue, Yellow…neutral, right!  This particular set is a 300 thread count and I’m sure totally luxurious…pretty similar to the bedding below from West Elm, right!

West Elm Twin Size Blue and White Striped Duvet – $59.00

The West Elm bedding set has a 200 thread count and I saw it in the store (although they do not stock the twin size in store) and it was gorgeous in style and touch.  I love how they accented with aqua in this picture, yet another color that coordinates perfectly with navy.  I was almost sold when I saw this in the store, but when I got online to order, I stumbled on this set from Target, same style as what Anna picked on her mood board.  I took a little trip up to Target to check it out and it was every bit as soft and the stripes in this bedding were so similar to the designer bedding sets above it was almost unreal.  This set is 100% polyester, which doesn’t necessarily make it high stylin’ in the textile department, but when it comes time to washing, I don’t have to worry about fading and shrinking which is definitely a perk when buying bedding for 5 and 7 year old boys!   And the price is so affordable, if my boys my style changes after awhile, I won’t have an ounce of guilt (remind me of that when that time comes).

Target Twin Size Blue and White Striped Duvet – $19.99

Yep, this is now on the twin beds in my boys room and I’m going to review it for you tomorrow…including tell you about the features that totally make it rock beyond belief!  I’m usually a quilt girl, but I think this duvet has changed me forever!  What about you!?!  Quilt or Duvet!?!?

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  1. Ashley says:

    Do you know what the green paint color is? I love this whole look, but am terrible at picking paint colors 🙂

  2. Melissa Otto says:

    I want to order the Target bedding as well, but I’m worried about the reviews. I was wondering if you had a problem with the navy running after washing? The West Elm price is worth it to me if after one wash it will be ruined. Thanks in advance!

    • Melissa, I haven’t had any running issues from washing it. The good thing about Target is they are great about standing behind what they sell…just hold onto the receipt if you have a bit of concern! XO, Aimee

    • Violet says:

      Melissa – I just bought the Target bedding this week and the navy ran. It ruined the comforter and the shams as they were all washed together, in cold water. They were a birthday gift, and I’m scrambling to find a replacement. Thank goodness for the West Elm option, even though they are out of standard shams.

  3. rosa says:

    Do you what the color on the wall is called? I love this combo, just ordered the Target one and its sale:)Great find!!

  4. Emma says:

    HI!! I was searching westelm and SO SO SO happy I found this!! I just ordered the same bedding for my boys twin beds and thankful you posted this!! now if they ruin it I won’t be as upset since it’s so much cheaper!!!! Thank you!!!!!


  5. Great job finding the same look at Target at such a bargain price! I loooove a bargain. The duvet takes it for me – it just looks so cozy and makes me want to go crawl under it {when it’s not 100 degrees outside :)}. Fabulous Find!

  6. While quilts are lovely, there is just something so sumptuous about snuggling under a duvet (or as we call them here – doona). I have to say I’m a big fan of cotton though – I find polyester makes me feel kind of gluggy when I’ve slept under it in Summer.

  7. I love that bedding! I just used the gray version in my master bedroom reveal.


  8. What a steal of a deal. Well done!

  9. Amy says:

    im doing this same color scheme in my sons room, with the same comforter. can you tell me what the color on the wall is called??

  10. This is awesome b/c I’ve had my eye on the same type bedding for my son’s room! The one I saw was either Nautica or Ralph Lauren, so I know Target will have them beat! Good to know, thanks for the post!

  11. I adore navy & white stripes, the nautical look and feel / preppy touch is simply ideal for both boys and girls. I love how your room turned out, and well done on getting it done for less!

  12. At $19.99 for such a fabulous look, what’s not to love. The fact that the much more expensive looks are copies of Target’s original budget-minded entry in the race, well, that’s just cream at the top for the sipping 🙂

  13. Gayla says:

    I really like this. Thank you for sharing. We are in the middle of a remodel project for our kids’ rooms. The boys’ room will be for all three boys. I’ve been looking for affordable bedding. I really like the inspirational picture with the rustic headboard. I like rooms that grow with the kids. We’ve always had a more rustic feel in my sons room. Do you think this blue/white stripe duvet from Target would go with rustic headboard, metal art, hunting type decor, deer antlers,etc???? Thanks for your help.

    • Gayla, I am a huge fan of the rustic feel, too. My sister has her three boys in the same room and it works great! I definitely think that this duvet would go great with your decor! I’d love to see pics of your room when you finish it up!!! Sounds like you have a great plan! XO, Aimee

      • Gayla says:

        Thank you for your reply. It is still in process. Hopefully I will be able to share pics soon…my hubby says it will be done!!!! Baby boy #3 arrives in November so I want it complete before he gets here so it will be ready for the older two boys. The baby will not be in the room for a while, but we are planning the room to accommodate the three of them. Thanks again for your time.

  14. Ashley @ Simply Designing says:

    Oh wow! What an amazing boy’s bedroom!!

    I hope it is ok that I pin it! It is so beautiful!


  15. Cindy Miller says:

    This is adorable, my daughter is going to do this for my grandson’s room, love it!

  16. Love that blue and white! It’s so crisp and clean.

  17. It looks very similar to the high-end one. My only issue with polyester-anything is that it gets those little “pill-things” pretty quickly (well, it depends on how often you might need to wash it). Since it’s a duvet, that might not be an issue. The bold navy stripes are crazy-cute for little boys’ rooms.

  18. That’s a fabulous find! I love your design inspiration and look forward to seeing pics of the finished space!

  19. The Hill Hangout says:

    I love a good bargain, and this one is perfect! That inspiration picture is fabulous!! Anything even close to that would make a great kid’s room. Love it!

  20. That bedding is so fun! I love the comparable set from Target. Great find! Megan

  21. Lindsay says:

    I LOVE that bedding! It comes in gray as well, which I really love!

  22. Lesley says:

    I’m a duvet girl, but I also love a good quilt at the end of the bed. I actually have the Serena and Lily duvet for in my son’s room and we love it. Now this of course was before Target and West Elm came out with theirs. We do love it so much it is so soft. I am glad to know that Target carries one and should probably get it for a back up just in case.

  23. Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista says:

    I’m totally a duvet person! I love that lofty-airy feel on me. And all my kids’ bedding is from Target, love that place.


  24. I’m a duvet person. Love your inspiration photo! Makes me wish I had a little boy to decorate for! Can’t wait to see it finished 🙂 XO

  25. My oldest daughter has the gray and white one from Target (in a Queen), she loves it. They have two dogs, so it gets washed often!!

  26. We just moved and I am doing my boys’ room in a similiar theme (neutral with alphabet/number decor). Right now my son has a quilt we bought from Target, but I am loving that striped duvet!! I have had so much trouble trying to find something that matches since one of my boys is still in a toddler bed 🙂