DIY Simple Bulletin Board Ideas (Rubberbands)

Last weekend I came up with a simple bulletin board ideas for my boys’ room.  In effort of embracing their love for baseball, I decided to make a board totally dedicated to baseball cards.  To be completely honest, I had a personal agenda in the mix, I am excited to have a spot to stash the baseball cards I randomly find spread throughout the house, without having to actually insert them into the binder protector sleeve.
As I was wandering through an office store looking at school supplies, I spotted these enormous colorful rubber bands, called file bands.  I was so mesmerized by them, I had to pick them up, still not sure of where I would use them.   Within 2.2 seconds of being home I picked up four baseball cards from random places and my idea was instantaneous!  These babies need a home…and quick!

My sweet hubby cut a board for me 36″ x 15″ out of scrap wood in the garage and then I used Minwax Gel Stain in Hickory color.  I’ve heard mixed reviews on the gel stains.  Want my opinion!?!  They’re great!  Literally I poured a cup or so onto the wood, then used my sponge brush to move the stain evenly on the board.  A little more pouring, a little more spreading/coating…TaDah!

An hour later and just one coat…my One Step Staining was complete.  I love quick and simple projects…have I said that before!?!

I stretched the orange file bandz both horizontally and vertically over the board, crossing them over each other to create interest and a secure spot to stash the cards I collect through the house…and not only that…

 It’s super fun decor and my boys totally think it ROCKS!

As I’ve been working on my boys’ bedroom, my goal has been to implement ideas that reflect them and not myself.  This is definitely a challenge because I really don’t know how to think “boy.”  Growing up, I was one of four girls…no boys.  Legos, cars, weapons, and baseball cards were completely foreign to me until 2005!  Being a boy mom is so much fun and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  I’m pretty sure my simple bulletin board ideas will evolve over time.  Right now they’re all about baseball so the cards are totally relevant, but eventually I can imagine there will be concert tickets and important notes!  A picture of each with their girlfriend Mommy?!!

Looking around online after completing my board I felt brilliant…gotta love it when you’re struck with a moment of genius comparitive to Martha Stewart!  I just might have to make a similar, more girlie message board with rubber bands for Little B’s room, too.

Martha Stewart

You may have seen my Ballard Design Memo Board for Less?!  It’s been real useful for me…tutorial.

It’s Overflowing

Anthony, Martha Stewart Home Living editor, framed a piece of fiberboard covered with fabric to create a gorgeous bulletin board in his office.

Martha Stewart

Here’s the scoop on my boys bedroom so far.   I hope to share the final reveal very soon.  I’m waiting on a curtain order…I needed just one panel, but the wrong one was ordered…when that was realized, the one I needed went out of stock…the story goes on, but long story short I’m hoping for this week!

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  1. I love that idea! I think it would work great for my boys ninjago cards. And you are right Aimee…being a boy Mom rocks!

  2. I might try this for my daughter’s hair accessories!

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