My New Welcome Sign

I have always taken pride in my ability to create simple crafts…the world of possibilities just got HUGE!  I had been told that the Silhouette CAMEO was amazing, but I had no idea the extent of its abilities and the ease of operating it!  Oh my goodness, it’s the best!  Sweet bloggy friends, I have made three amazing things in literally an hour and the entire machine is brand new to me!  I’ll show you what I’ve created in just a bit, but first, let me show you the features that make this thing totally rock!  How to use a Silhouette CAMEO…

There are tons of great tutorials on the Silhouette CAMEO, but really it’s very self explanatory! The first project I decided to create was a welcome sign.  Every single font on your computer is free gain for your Silhouette and if you want even more options, there are tons of downloadable fonts on the web, I’ll share a few of my favorites with you very soon…for this vinyl sign, I chose to use Hanford Script and it was perfect!

Under the page options (the red box in the picture below)….

  1. I chose to use a letter sized 8.5″x11″ size grid.
  2. I selected the landscape option, since the sign would need more width then height.
  3. And so I could have a clear idea on how much vinyl I would need and to verify that I was within the range of the cutter, before cutting, I changed the reveal cutting mat feature to 100%.

The design was sent to my Silhouette CAMEO.  Every line was cut to perfection.  I peeled the vinyl from the mat and covered with the nonstick paper.  Then I ran to my door, peeled off the letters and pressed them on our ‘used to be hideous, but not anymore’ back door.  I’m so anxious to pull into the garage this afternoon and have my kids see their new ‘Welcome’ sign!  Makes me smile!  I’ve never done a simple craft this fast, and this wasn’t even a simple craft, it’s a totally impressive craft!  Christmas presents are abounding here at my house…check back soon to see what I am working on!  During ‘It’s Overflowing Birthday Week’ I will have many more fun tutorials for you…and don’t forget to…

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  1. I found your post on Pinterest. Love your Welcome sign! I just got my Silouette Cameo yesterday, and am cruising Pinterest to see what it can do. SO EXCITED!!! Especially since it appears to be so easy to use.

    Desiree 🙂

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