Trick or Treat Bags for Halloween, Kid’s Craft

I appreciate a craft that serves a purpose!  This weekend, our family had fun painting trick or treat bags together.   We’ve recycled our plastic pumpkin ‘trick or treat bags’ for so many years that last year, two of the handles were broken off.  The other day, I saw Halloween bags at a local craft store for 99cents, I threw them in the cart and picked up a couple bottles of fabric craft paint for a kid’s craft I knew my family would enjoy this Halloween.  When I pulled out the paint, there were squeals of excitement.  Are your kids that way!?!  In this house painting is the craft that ranks the highest!  Each of my sweeties chose what they wanted to create and couldn’t wait to start moving the paint around on their canvases!

 Daddy drew the boys designs on paper and then transferred it with chalk to each of their bags.  Big B wanted a skull and Little B chose a  big bat.

Little B had her own image in mind and quickly got to work doodling it onto paper. Daddy helped her transfer her idea onto her bag.

Little B and I had fun painting her girlie ghost!

 As they painted, there was lots of chatter about filling their trick or treat bags with lots of candy!

Big B and Little B both chose to use the neon green fabric paint!

 Little B Painted her entire bag and then once dry, covered it with a natural colored glow in the dark fabric paint.

Tah dah!

Trick or Treat Bags:  Little B’s Girlie Ghost, Little B’s Big Bat, and Big B’s Scary Skull

Now if I could just convince my little trick or treaters that it was time to decide on their costumes.  This is the first year that we aren’t going with a family theme.  They are having a blast with the endless possibilities!!!

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  1. Looks like fun was had by all! Great job!

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