Do I Sound Texan!?

Shortly after making my Knockoff Anthropologie Tufted Wreath video, Stud watched and said I sounded extra Texan.  Really!?!  Want to laugh…here’s his impression!  I especially love that with watching only once, he totally mastered my super crazy silly facial expressions!  When I’m too serious…this is the guy that makes me laugh until I cry!

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  1. That was really funny. Love the face he made when “chopping” through the loops of the puff ball. Gotta love hubbies!

  2. LOL! Crack me up! Your hubby is hilarious!

  3. Okay, that’s just hilarious! Thanks for starting my morning off with a chuckle. Oh, and yeah, you do sort of sound like that, but in an adorable way. 🙂

  4. Kristina Frisk says:

    Too funny! That made me laugh!

  5. Too funny!! Great morning video to see, started my day off with a laugh! Love your wreath btw. :0)

  6. Ha ha, he is hilarious! You guys must have so much fun!

  7. LOL. This kills me! 😀 These men of ours need to all get together and have a craft party on a deserted island somewhere. 🙂 And yet, isn’t it fun to have a husband who makes you laugh. Mine makes me laugh – and probably way too much. 😀

  8. Diana says:

    I needed that……………..still laughing.thank you!!!!!

  9. I’m dying.. that was hilarious.

  10. Oh my gosh I’m crying I’m laughing so hard in my cube at work. So funny! Cutest accent ever though 🙂

  11. Lydia Wagner says:

    He forgot the best part, “Oh my gosh! I just loooooooove it!” 🙂

    P.S. He sounds like a combo of you & Turtle Man Ernie Brown!

  12. Yes, sweet Aimee, you do sound Texan, but living up here in Michigan… I love it! Sounds like home to me. -Amanda

  13. He is too funny!!! Still laughing!!

  14. This made me laugh so much! My husband makes fun of me all the time with my crafts and it just seemed like something he would do if I were to make a video! I happen to watch this one before I watched your tutorial so when I did I “LOLed” when the little balls fell on your legs! So funny!

  15. Rolling- around on the ground pissing myself – Australian for that was hilarious. You guys just taught me how to use my camera with your photo tutorials. If you’d done it in a video like that – well, funny is all I can say….
    Cheers from DownUnder

  16. beverly e says:

    Sooo cute! maybe you should encourage him to do a real tutorial next time… I’m sure it would be hilarious!

  17. I will definitely tell him you gave him props! Thanks for your sweet note Domonique! XO, Aimee

  18. Wow…love the wreath….not so much the hubby version..Dianntha

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