West Elm Knockoff, Felt Mistletoe

Okay this must be knockoff week or something!?  I really do like shopping and buying things at fun stores, but sometimes it’s fun to take on the challenge of copying from the best!  This time it was out of necessity, West Elm’s felt Mistletoe sold out SUPER FAST!  Here’s my copycat version…

Pretty similar, don’t you think!?!  Although my bow is a bit too big.

West Elm

I shared this last week on Jen’s blog.  Making a little felt Mistletoe, similar to the West Elm version was a lot of fun and turned out real cute!


It’s amazing how much life a piece of wire can give to yarn!

I wound the yarn around the floral wire to give the yarn some support.  Once the floral wire was completely covered, I tied it into a bow, leaving length to attach leaves and berries.  Then, I began cutting out leaves (pictured below).  These are about 4 inches in length and 1/2 inch in width.  Once the leaves were all cut, I used my hot glue gun to sandwich  floral wire between two pieces of felt.

With the leaves doubled, I was able to twist them around the mistletoe stems (yarn wrapped in floral wire).  I wrapped them in such a way that each 4 inch long piece of felt became two separate leaves, then I used my hot glue gun to attach white pompoms to the mistletoe…making the mistletoe extra cute!

I used jute twine to hang my mistletoe from this awesome branch.  I found the branch as I was walking running to school to pick up my sweeties – it’s amazing how fast time flies 2:50 comes fast!

My felt mistletoe is definitely Stud’s favorite Christmas decoration!

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  1. Haha. So cute!!!

  2. Very cute! (both)

  3. ha! that is so cute 🙂 the hubs bet love it!


  4. Thanks!!! And yes he does love it!!! 🙂 XO, Aimee

  5. Hi Aimee, The mistletoe turned out wonderful. Soooo cute!

  6. Very cute! I will have to try putting wire in yarn!

  7. Sooooo cute. I think I need that color of felt.

  8. So cute! I was eyeing the West Elm mistletoe and wondering how to replicate it. Pinning! Thanks for sharing;)

  9. Very creative! I KNOW it would be my hubbys favorite as well! 🙂

  10. so sweet…:)gotta make me some of those…xo

  11. What a fab idea – ESP for places where it’s difficult to get real mistletoe ( like Ireland!) Thank you for sharing ! Can’t wait to try this ! X

  12. This is beautiful, Aimee–I like how the felt leaves of the mistletoe turned out, and very clever to make the berries out of pompoms.

  13. Very, very cute and a great KO!

  14. I love how easy you make this look! Such a great idea and I am going to make that and hang it right where Hubby has to kiss me all the Time = ) I would love to have you come over and link up at my new Linky Party, “Show Me Your Plaid Monday’s”

  15. Thank you so much for linking up at my linky party! I am pinning every post to my Show Me Your Plaid Monday’s Board for all to see! I hope you come back each week!

  16. Love it. boy scout used to sell it…but apparently it is an “awful plant” so say the environmentalist here…but this is perfect!

  17. Great job! Definitely pinning!

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