How to Make Fabric Ornaments

Fabric Christmas Ornaments are quite possibly the easiest, cutest DIY Ornaments EVER!  And it’s fun to personalize them a bit!  How?!  …with a button!  I’ll show you how to make it with a little step by step tutorial.  I love a Christmas Tree with a mix of glass blown ornaments and burlap crafty ornaments…the blend is perfect!  Buttons is this weeks ‘One Item’ to incorporate into my craft…such a fun way to embellish almost any craft…here’s what I did (other button crafts in the links below…and a GIVEAWAY, too).

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  1. 3″ styrofoam ball
  2. Fabric scraps – I used leftover drop cloth
  3. Tacky Glue – love it
  4. Scissors
  5. U Pin – floral department or Cable Staple – hardware store
  6. Jute String
  7. Cute Button

Going with the grain, cut 8 – 1″ x 11″ strips of fabric.  Apply Tacky Glue to one strip at a time and roll the styrofoam ball over the fabric until wound around the ball.  Repeat with each strip until the ball is covered.  (Have your strips all start at the same point).

Add a little glue where necessary until the fabric is flesh against the styrofoam ball.

Add a Staple or Pin to the top of the ball (where the fabric pieces begin and end).  Slip folded piece of jute into the Staple then press the Staple tight.

 Keeping the jute string out of the way, apply Tacky Glue to one more strip of fabric and cover the pin.

Allow to dry (or if you’re impatient, tie a knot with the two ends being careful to not lift the last fabric strip).

 Trim the ends of the jute string and cover the ends with your favorite button!

Let the Christmas decorating begin…Easy Right!  That’s How to Make Fabric Christmas Ornaments, this is a craft that my Sweet B’s will love!  I have lots of other burlap home decor and craft projects to check out…

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  1. MaMa Libby says:

    The Tutorial needs a bit of editing —– “Add a little glue where necessary until the fabric is flush against the styrofoam ball.”

    That is FLUSH, not FLESH.

  2. What a beautiful idea for ornaments. 🙂 Megan

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