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I totally love organization! The biggest mystery for my boys is trying to understand why mommy likes a clean house! I often remind myself that one day I’ll miss the dirty socks and wet towels scattered throughout the house. I wish I could say the extent of mess around here is always my sweeties…this desk of mine can clutter fast!

I anxiously awaited for a box to arrive on my front door after accepting an offer to review some products from Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ sold exclusively at Staples. Just prior to receiving the offer, one of my sisters and I had a great conversation about the age-old question, ‘When is the best time to get organized!?!’ My thought was January…her suggestion was now…with anticipated family and friends visiting over the holidays! My sister’s response was right on! Why wait!? The Stack+Fit™ modular system from Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery makes it easy to create a custom organization system in exactly the size and configuration you need.

Often I think that organizing a specific area of my house is going to take too long, but I’m always amazed that with the right system, it doesn’t have to be time consuming or hard! In my office, I have drawers that the whole family uses. Being able to place these Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Chalkboard Labels that you can write on, erase, and write on again, I have been amazed that items really can be returned where they belong! I will definitely be picking up another pack for my boys’ closet bins…and their dresser drawers, too!

I totally love my new Shagreen Pocket which includes matching pushpins to hang pockets on walls or corkboards. I placed these expandable pockets in my laundry room which is the most neglected room in the house…it screams to be brought into this century…and I have to say this cheerful pocket definitely made a huge improvement! Love it!

I have lots of random papers in the file drawer of my desk. Sadly, the file drawer doesn’t have any files, just loose paper! I’m so excited about my new Shagreen accordion files. It stands freely for easy sorting and filing. The beautiful colors coordinate with binders and file folder labels from Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery.

The holidays really are the perfect excuse to get organized!! I’m so excited about Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery’s new shipping products, too! They are durable enough to mail and pretty enough to go right under the tree. They offer beautiful shipping paper, tape, padded envelopes, and printable mailing labels, these items are sold only in-store at Staples.

I’m going to get these packages in the mail before long….I love how festive they are! I asked if anyone had started getting ready for Christmas and was shocked that so many of you have already completed your shopping! That’s awesome!!! Speaking of GIFTS…how about a giveaway!?!

So here’s my question for you: What is your biggest clutter issue!?! Answer in the comments below as your first entry for a chance to win an AWESOME $100 Staples Gift Card! See the details below.

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Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery on Avery Website

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  1. Rebecca Graham says:
  2. Rebecca Graham says:

    My biggest clutter issue is a messy desk.

  3. Angela Cash says:
  4. Angela Cash says:

    My biggest clutter issue is art supplies (oh, and dog toys!)

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