Virtual Window Shopping at IKEA

Everyone’s healthy and I’m all caught up on laundry (#mommy brag moment…you know what the tummy flu does to the laundry room).  We’re partying like it’s a holiday or something!  We took a drive to IKEA today and I thought it’d be fun to have you join me in a little Virtual Window Shopping at IKEA!!  Total toss up on who LOVES snooping through decorated rooms more, me or my sweeties!

Haha…who keeps spray paint in their kid’s room?  IKEA

“Look at this…oh that’s so cute…that’s funny…get down from the top bunk…that’s why they didn’t include the stairs in the set up…will you spin me in this chair…I’m into red now…no teal…no blue…!”  My love tank is totally filled…just from the time spent together.  The cherry on top, I left with a cart full of goodies!

Living Room

As soon as I walked in the building I saw this Ikea Lantern (Indoor – Outdoor) on a table display and knew it was mine (if it was in stock…I run into that issue often).  Awesome plan going in November.  Everything I wanted was totally available for purchase!  Score!

IKEA 18″ – 14.99, 11″ – 7.99

We’ve made shelves like these many times, but I’ve rearranged things a bit and needed another.  Build or Ready-Made!?!  We threw this picture ledge in the cart and didn’t give it another thought.  Too busy over the next few weeks…we both want to spend lots time chilling with our sweeties!  January we’ll hit our ‘to do’ list – full speed!

IKEA   45″ $14.99

Then we came to the textiles!  There were so many fabrics I LOVED!  And Pillows!  And Throws!  I picked up two throws, because…  ‘Baby it’s cold outside…’  (I shared on FB that the sickie and I watched too much Elf last week…is there such a thing as too much Elf?)  I am totally LOVING my new Beige and Brown Throw…

IKEA  19.99

…and my new Gray and Black throw, too!

IKEA   12.99

I’ve been eying these Handmade Water Hyacinth Round Place Mats for awhile now!  The price at IKEA was unreal…I can’t wait to share my next tablescape with you!


IKEA  3.99

I did some damage had some fun in the Christmas area, too.  Handmade Straw Ornaments…

IKEA 5.99

Mouth Blown Ornaments

IKEA   set of 2, $ 5.99

I finally treated myself to this Room with Sockerart Vase…I’ve been wanting it for so long!  Took it home and put it on my mantel.  No regrets!  One regret, why didn’t I buy two!?


Here it is again.  I bought the mid-sized white pitcher.  It looks vintage and is Safe with Food.


Everyone who walked by touched this tree and then told whomever they were with that it looks so real!  AWESOME!  Another shoulda…woulda…coulda have bought TWO!  It is SUPER cute in my vintage galvanized metal pail!

IKEA     14.99, 22 inches

Isn’t my new IKEA Christmas tree so yummy!

A Beach Cottage

And last, but not least!  I found a feather duster for Little B.  She’s dusted every nick and cranny and can’t wait for morning so she can “go over some more areas!”  I hope this lasts awhile!

Totally fun!  Thanks for joining me in another virtual window shop!  Here are a few other virtual window shopping posts…I always enjoy them!  What are some of your favorite stores to shop!?  Any amazing finds!?

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  1. I’ve never been to IKEA, but I’m sure I’d break the bank and need a trailer to haul it all home. love the little trees!!

  2. Mary says:

    I need two of those trees! And a throw… Time to plan a trip to Ikea. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love shopping at Ikea! Looks like you found some cute stuff!

  4. oh – I just might have to go and snatch up a couple of those trees! they are fantastic! oxox, tracie

  5. Your little doll could have so much fun with that feather duster at my house! Seriously, I am in need of an IKEA fix, and I think I will look for one of these.

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