Dear Santa Printable {Free}

Dear Santa Printables comes in handy!  Word on the street…I’m raising Santa’s replacement!  I think the amazement with Santa took full force last Christmas when we made the mistake of waiting until Christmas Eve to sit on Santa’s lap for Christmas pictures.  For all you novice moms out there…I’m warning you…HUGE mistake!

Free Santa Letter Printable ItsOverflowing

Baby B (then five) told Santa that he wanted a real karate outfit….to which Santa of course responded sure!  What?!!  Where did that come from!?!?  We drove from the mall to Gigi and Pa’s house, dropped off our sweeties, then called around to all the area Dojo’s…it obviously worked out…it opened his eyes to a career path!  We weren’t big fans of the panic on Christmas Eve!  This year we got smart!  I made a Dear Santa Printable with a spot for my sweeties to illustrate what they’d like for Christmas, sign their name, and draw a little self portrait!

Free Santa Letter Printable ItsOverflowing 3

Baby B, Little B, Big B and all their friends thoroughly enjoyed coloring their pictures…a couple colored extras…worth a try kid!

Dear Santa Letter - ItsOverflowing

Feel free to print your own Dear Santa printables on standard computer paper and share with family and friends!!!  It’s my gift to you…and my attempt to help you have a peaceful Christmas Eve!

Retro Santa Christmas Party Invitation {Free}

Dear Santa 2016 Printable {Free}

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  1. Jenny says:

    I love this letter, and it would be perfect for the Down Syndrome Christmas party I am putting on. Any chance you would be willing to update the date to say 2016?

  2. bj says:

    too too cute…it would be adorable framed….thank you!!

  3. Oh no! Panic on Christmas Eve is NOT good!!! LOL! I’m pinning this to try and help spare people. A few more days ~ crazy!

  4. Bliss says:

    Remember water babies? You probably had one right? Thankfully on Christmas Eve about 20 years ago there was one left (only because it was in the wrong spot). Santa saw the panic in our eyes after our daughter told him “no there is nothing else I want”.


    • Aimee says:

      Oh how well I can relate!!! There’s no reasoning with the heart of a baby!!! Thanks so much for sharing your story Bliss! And yes…I totally remember water babies! XO, Aimee

  5. Kris says:

    This is really cute!!!! Love it. Your kids are adorable.
    Merry Christmas

  6. Christina @ Floridays Mom says:

    Super Cute Idea! I think there should be a mention that Santa’s cut off is the 15th or something so the elves have time to make the gifts (might help with last minute mind changes) Your son in the Santa outfit is priceless!

    • Aimee says:

      Totally Christina…would have been better if we’d had a plan rather than looking like deers in headlights! Hahaha.

  7. This is a wonderful idea for kids born in December. Good job. Great creativity.

  8. Such a cute idea, my daughters list changes daily so it should be interesting opening presents this year 🙂