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After two football games (which were a total blast because my little guys are so stinkin’ cute), Little B and I were ready for girl time at one of our favorite stores…Target!  I picked up a few groceries for the weekend, a few items that Little B talked me into, and a couple of my favorite fashion magazines for a much needed chill time!  

The Christmas pillows were on sale for only $11.99…I couldn’t say no to Little B…I have my own pillow fetish!  I’ll try to get my annual Christmas House Tour posted soon…I know Little B will be excited to show off her bed all decked out for Christmas.

Coolest thing ever…Target has a promotion and if you buy both Instyle and People Style Watch, the register automatically tells the cashier to give you a $5 gift card.  I didn’t see any signs at my store, but I gave it a try and it worked like a charm!  Awesome!

My sweeties fell asleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows and I lost no time…I threw a little polish on my toes, brewed some hot mint tea, and curled up in bed for some ‘education’ hours…fashion was an official degree at my University…wish I’d gone that route…LOVE it!

 I didn’t get through everything (I kid you not, 760+ pages of inspiration in these  two magazines combined).  Here are a couple of the fun things that I’m totally holding onto.  You know I love photography and have offered lots of tutorials….Lauren Conrad shared some really original idea and tricks for finding a Perfect Pose!

I can hardly believe the bargains to be found throughout, like these two New Year’s Eve Fashion Ideas.

I loved these beauty product suggestions.  Totally great stocking stuffer ideas!  ‘Nothing Over $10 works for me!’

And after reading these 5 Trick for Day-to-Night Makeup…guess who has plans to go back to Target to spend her Gift Card!?!  I’m excited to have some great leads on new makeup products and techniques!

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  1. Hollie @ I'm Busy Procrastinating says:

    I’m usually the one behind the camera, so it was a little nerve-wracking when we got our family portraits taken recently. I had read a tip before about having one leg out in front of the other making you look slimmer. But our photographer used the same tip that LC did about popping one knee out and putting your weight on the other leg. It did feel more natural, less stiff.

    Glad you had a fun girls day! I’m looking forward to your holiday home tour. We dragged the artificial tree up from the basement today, but I DREAD putting it up. I absolutely abhor moving all the branches and needles into their proper positions, and then having to put lights on. And the garland. The ornaments are fun, though. If I click my heels together, can the hard parts just be done?

  2. What is there not to LOVE about Target!! Your pillow is adorable and what a great price. I am sure B will get lots of snuggle time with it 🙂