Rustic Red Christmas Tree

Quick question: Is three posts in 24 hours too many!?!  Last year I spray painted some nutcrackers white and the boys had a blast decorating their Christmas Tree.  This year, we went with a Rustic Red Christmas Tree…fitting because they often beg us to move out to the country where they can have acres of land to roam and explore.  For now, this little bird and the complimenting red accents on their country Christmas Tree will have to do!

Boys Bedroom Christmas ItsOverflowing 6

This sweet little bird totally won me over and the stars with polka dots…too cute!  Thanks, IKEA!

Boys Bedroom Christmas ItsOverflowing 4

Every year around this time we meet some of our dearest friends at a theater to catch a fun Christmas Movie!  The first year we went, I spotted a resale store across the street.  When the show was over, I forced convinced my family to stop in for a peek.  I walked in, went down two rows, turned around, went back to the door, grabbed a cart and continued my hunt!  I’m telling you wall to wall awesome decor…more Christmas decorations then I had ever seen at a thrift store.  I should have bought so much more because the years following haven’t ever compared.  My boys still have their nutcracker from there and play with that little bottom lip all the time!  I can hardly believe it’s still totally intact!

Boys Bedroom Christmas ItsOverflowing 10

Okay, now look at the picture below…cute right, the boys did a really good job decorating.  I love that they totally get into Christmas!  There other passion in life…

Boys Bedroom Christmas ItsOverflowing 9

…teasing their mommy!  They thoroughly enjoy scattering pieces from our Russian Nesting Doll Set throughout the house!  Can you spot one of the pieces below!?!?  Crazy little guys!  Did you see on instagram what they did as an “experiment?”  Like I said, crazy little guys!

Boys Bedroom Christmas ItsOverflowing 7

I recently decorated the boys’ bedroom and shared all the scoop – where I stashed their dresser for more floor space, the DIY bookshelves, the baseball card bulletin board, and even how I scored designer bedding for way less.  The only additions to this room are the cute little IKEA pillow, their tree and nutcracker.  Oh, and the wreath on the outside of the windows…Big B and I put them on the outside of our windows around the house last weekend and we’re totally patting ourselves on the back!  It’s amazing how much wreaths dress up a house (props for Stud, too for lining the entire room with white lights…the C9 lights because those are my favorite).

Boys Bedroom Christmas ItsOverflowing 5

And on Baby B’s bed is a stack of elf hats awaiting his party this weekend!  And the star of the party….

Boys Bedroom Christmas ItsOverflowing2

 Santa Baby himself!  If you’re curious about the party I shared some of the decor and a free printable that I made to use as our invitation – it’d be fitting for any Christmas Party!

Boys Bedroom Christmas ItsOverflowing 3

Merry Christmas from Baby B and Big B.

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  1. I love these pictures! I need to start making some ornaments for next year… When I brought out the Nutcracker, the girls started trying to chomp each other. Aka, it’s high on a shelf now 😉

  2. Your tree is magical, Aimee! How wonderful to try out a new take on the traditional colors of Christmas (and the Nutcracker is my favorite winter story)

  3. Erin says:

    Also, it’s so funny that you say is three posts in 24 hours too many.. because I posted three times today to share all of my holiday decorations!

  4. Erin says:

    Your little tree is so cute but I’m loving that little birdie ornament the most!

  5. The tree is adorable…but I am really loving that pillow on the chair, so cute!!

  6. Nope – I love your posts! It all looks so festive and fun and beautiful!

  7. Moni ~ Zu Haus at Home says:

    I love the red and rustic tree… well, I’m swooning over the little bird!

  8. Kennesha says:

    To answer your question, “no”…three posts in 24 hours isn’t too much! And, I hope you are planning on coming over and sharing this tree on my blog tomorrow for the Home for the Holidays Party: Christmas Trees. I absolutely love it! You’re amazing! Hope to see you tomorrow! Thanks for being so awesome! 😉