Snowflake Ornament Tutorial

I love this time of year…not just because it’s pretty and festive…there are so many memories to be made!  One of my favorite days each Christmas is our family ‘Ornament Making Party!’  We turn on a Christmas movie, sip on eggnog or hot chocolate (we are a house divided), I throw a bunch of random craft items on the floor in the living room and we all pitch in to add a few original touches to our tree (Stud included)!  Here’s one of the ornaments we came up with this year…a Snowflake Ornament Tutorial.

I had a bunch of branches in my craft closet, leftover from one of my ever evolving vignettes or tablescapes.  (It would be great to gather branches from your backyard if you live in a wooded area).

I didn’t dare ruin my scissors so I raided my hubby’s toolbox for a thick pair of wire cutters.  They worked perfectly for this project.

I sorted through the branches to find the straightest pieces and cut three 4″ pieces per ornament.

 Next, I used my hot glue gun and placed a little glue in the center of one stick and lay the second stick on top, making an X.  I held it in place for twenty seconds allowing it to dry.

When the X was dry, I used my hot glue gun to add the third stick, making a snowflake shape, then I supported the ornament until the glue dried.

 Easy, right…now it’s time to embellish!

In order to hang my ornament from the tree, I made a loop out of jute string and used my hot glue gun to apply it to the backside of the snowflake.

Since we’re decorating our Christmas Tree with a Winter White theme, I chose to wrap my snowflake with fuzzy, white wool yarn!  I love how the wool looks like it has just been hand spun on a spindle in a little village.  When wrapping the yarn, I first weaved in and out around the center to strengthen the sticks.  Then I wrapped the yarn, tightly up and back down each of the sticks.  When the snowflake was completely covered I placed a dot of hot glue on the end point and trimmed any excess yarn.

I made quite a few snowflake ornaments with my fuzzy white yarn.

The process was so fast and I absolute love the contrast between the bright white of the snowflake and dark green on my tree branches!

Is your Christmas Tree full of ornaments from the past!?!  Does it change from year to year!?  Are you using bright colored ornaments?  Metallics!?!  Nature-themed!?!  Different colors of twine, paint or glitter would definitely allow you to personalize these ornaments for your tree…have fun embellishing!   I’m off to work on a few more touches on our Winter White Christmas Tree…

Originally shared at A Bowl Full of Lemons.
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  1. I love these. I’ve been inspired to do a winter theme also this year, using what I already have. These snowflakes are perfect! Thanks for sharing, Rox

  2. so adorable! I think my children would love making these!! I am going silver and gold, and sparkly and white lights 🙂 but next year it might be a totally different story…

  3. So pretty! I love this idea!

  4. Very cute…I love the soft yarn you used! Y’all are so creative

  5. So simple and pretty! I’m fighting the battle against my 18 mo son ripping ornaments off the tree, at least he couldn’t break these 🙂

  6. So pretty Aimee! I love homemade ornaments on trees…they look so lovely! Have an amazing week! Angie xo

  7. These are absolutely beautiful. Great DIY tutorial, I need to make these beauties : )

  8. SO pretty! I’d love to try this! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Our tree is just a little bit of everything this year. I have to tell you though, I was looking for a fun craft to do with Kennedy tonight after school and this is perfect! Thanks for checking something off of my list for me!

  10. Your snowflakes look so pretty Aimee, just beautiful!

  11. What a beautiful ornament, Aimee! I love your tradition also, what a great way to spend some family time and really celebrate the season. It’s lovely.

  12. Love these! What a wonderful tradition. I’m adding these to my ornament repertoire!! Have a wonderful day!!

  13. Seriously gorgeous! I love love love these! I need to make some. Maybe I will enlist my elves to make some for me!!

  14. Another BEAUTIFUL idea from you! I love it! Off to share on facebook. 🙂

  15. Love it Aimee! My favorite is the last picture of the little naked one!

  16. I love these, Aimee! So sweet and also easy…we may make a whole bunch of these!

  17. So darling Aimee!! What a great way to add texture to a tree and of course perfect for that wintery look!

  18. I LOVE the bokeh in the background of your shots!! And the natural element to your snowflake ornament is beautiful.

  19. This looks lovely and such a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  20. What a beautiful star ornament, Aimee–I love that fuzzy white yarn–so pretty!

  21. Hi Aimee. it so so simple but so beautiful and lovely. I love the style, but your hands are always doing magic 🙂 have a great weeekend

  22. What cute ideas! Digging the gold snowflake! I would love for you to come link this up to my party going on! http://alivedinhome.blogspot.com/2012/12/get-social-sunday_9.html

  23. loving the fuzzy white yarn. i made a couple little wreaths with wool roving for a similar effect. nothing like handmade!


  24. So cute….love these! Thanks for sharing, visiting from Between Naps on the Porch.

  25. Beautiful, Aimee! I’d love to make some of these! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  26. These are so pretty. I think I’m going to make some to dress up my gift wrapping.

  27. So simple and yet adorable. Beautiful photos too.

  28. Lovely stars! So much inspirations! Cristina

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