Vintage Chic Christmas Tree & Pillows

Do you know where this Vintage Chic Christmas Tree can be found!?!  I showed it on my recent G+ Hangout (which by the way is a lot more awkward when you’re doing it on your own).  LOL.  I’m much better at conversation then rambling to myself.  So let’s talk together (yes…I always picture you being right here with me when I share with you little tidbits of life).

Girls Bedroom Christmas ItsOverflowing 10

This is Little B’s room.  And she actually has two sweet Christmas trees.  Here’s how that came about.  Two years ago, I bought her a white tree.  She decorated it with snowflakes and it was darling.  I put it in the attic, brought it down the next Christmas and it was yellow.  A disgusting color of yellow.  I went out and bought her a second white tree, this time a little bigger.  Decorated it real cute with miniature dolls that I found at the same resale store that I mentioned above in the boy’s Christmas tree post.  Little B even grabbed a pink tulle skirt and used it as a tree skirt.  I loved that tree….

Girls Bedroom Christmas ItsOverflowing

We put it into the attic and I bet you know where this is going.  Yep, yellow!  As much as I’m obsessed with them, I’ve decided I’m done going that route…go figure, right!  So the trees I brought home from my IKEA blast ended up finding a perfect home in Little B’s room.  And since she is quite the ballerina, I love that she has more floor space for stretching and twirling!

Girls Bedroom Christmas ItsOverflowing 4

We’ve updated Little B’s room quite a lot since I showed you last.  In 2013 (so soon), I’ll give you a full tour and by then the final details will be complete!  I love the black and white theme that several of you suggested!  It’s so versatile…especially at Christmastime!

Girls Bedroom Christmas ItsOverflowing 2

Did you see the little Growing Puppy under Little B’s bed!?!  We’ve parted with lots of her ‘baby toys’ not Ginger though.  Her and her little cousins have a blast taking care of Ginger together.

Girls Bedroom Christmas ItsOverflowing 6

This sweet little dresser was gifted to Stud and I when we first got married.  We had a 675 square foot apartment and lots of friends donated decor and furniture.  When my friend dropped this dresser off I offered her a tour.  Her response…I’ll help myself to a tour.  She stood on the ball of her feet and did a 360 degree twirl…’There…I do believe I’ve seen it!’  There’s nothing like your first home!  When I see this dresser it always makes me smile…it’s been updated a few times since, but it carries that same charm.

Girls Bedroom Christmas ItsOverflowing 7

Little B loves chilling on her bed with Bridget and a good book!

Girls Bedroom Christmas ItsOverflowing 8

And back to the trees, they’re from IKEA and were definitely a steal.  Little B and I added a few bells, mini ornaments, and a red and white stripe heart ornament to each.

Girls Bedroom Christmas ItsOverflowing 9

I love these sweet trees in my galvanized buckets…my total score from my antique shopping trip in Granbury, TX.

Small Christmas Tree in Galvanize Pail ItsOverflowing11

Sweet Little Vintage Chic Christmas Tree

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