DIY Wooden Christmas Trees…Pretty Please

I’ve been dreaming about wooden Christmas trees since last Christmas…and then last week I found this reclaimed wood that was too cute to leave on the side of the road so I bundled it up and threw it into my car.  And now it’s December!  Really!?!  How are the days passing so fast…it’s out of control!  Anyways so here’s my dilemma!?!  Go for it or just put it off until next year?  Is it too late!?!  Think I can do it myself because Stud is totally overworked and underpaid with the laundry room/pantry remodel I decided had to be done in December.  I’ll give you some pictures to help me decide…some even have tutorials!  Surely making wooden Christmas Trees doesn’t take too long, right!?!

West Elm




Wood and Wool Stool

Filigrantae, which is Danish for Filigree Tree

LaLole Blog

My Friend Grace’s Mantel…

 Sense and Sensibility

And my friend, Christine’s advent tree…

D.I.Y. Dreamer

I’m pretty sure I can’t wait for Stud to make wooden Christmas trees…at least one!  I better go make some cookies and say pretty please….or just throw on my work gloves (I hate splinters) and start cutting.

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  1. Love all these ideas! Who knew you could make such a cute tree from just wood?

  2. Great collection!

  3. Love these trees… although I have to stay away from power tools (I have a bad reputation for being a bit of a klutz… well deserved, I might add).

    antonella 🙂

  4. Alana says:

    Love all the wooden Christmas trees!

  5. hellolovelyinc says:

    ahhhhh, and i spied a wee little white dala horse!

    hope you’ll find a moment to stop by (if you haven’t already!) and enter a giveaway i am hosting: http://www.hellolovelyinc.blogspot.com/2012/12/personalized-lovely-giveaway.html

    smiles and happy weekend to you.


  6. Rebecca says:

    We plan on making the stick tree with “found” wood from our park, it’s in the advent calendar so the kids don’t know it yet. Thanks for sharing! I love the other ideas as well.

  7. You need to come and check out my wooden driftwood Christmas tree made with stickyback velcro and invisible thread – and it’s still together! Here’s the link: http://gracie-senseandsimplicity.blogspot.ca/2012/12/christmas-mantel.html

  8. Thanks soooo much for featuring my advent calendar!!!! I swear it’s sooooooo easy to make!! You can make it yourself no problems at all!!

  9. Jenna says:

    love the one from creart!

  10. Moni ~ Zu Haus at Home says:

    My fav is the Christmas tree from “Wood and Wool Stool”….can’t wait to see your tree!

  11. That Lowes one? I really like it. Should be super easy to replicate – unless there’s already directions on their site, even better… Grab one of those threaded “poles” from the hardware aisle, a big stack of slightly larger nuts to slide on instead of twist, and drill holes in the center of your multiple length wood pieces. The nuts are the spacers, and the pole could be screwed into a drilled out base. That makes me want to do it! I won’t because I can’t take on another project, but it should take too long for you!
    Nice idea collection.