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Ready for another Dreamy Dwelling Home Tour!?!   Jill from Sew a Fine Seam has a Beautiful Dreamy Dwelling Home Tour to share with us!   Her home has a farmhouse style, but is in the middle of a small Midwest town.  They have lived here for a little over 15 years and have slowly been remodeling and updating almost everything.  Jill decorates with what she loves, and really doesn’t have a description for it.  If you have a category you think fits please share!  Check out Jill’s Dreamy Dwelling Home Tour Farmhouse Style!

dining room 3

Our front door opens into our dining room, which is prime real estate for all of us! The table gets used for just about everything from crafting, to drawing, to designing my patterns, to sewing, to playing games, working on school work with the girls, working on laptops, and it even sees the occasional meal.
The ‘nook’, as we call it, has 4 tall windows that let in a wonderful amount of light and this room is where I try to do most of my photography for my blog and etsy shop. It’s also wonderful in the spring when I can open all those windows and let the fresh air clear all the winter dreariness away! This room was the first room we remodeled. We gutted the ceiling completely – meaning we took the floor from the room above out too. The joists were not strong enough, so my husband put big, new ceiling joists in and a whole new floor for the upper level and ceiling for this room. The walls were covered with 1/4 inch drywall and the stripes you see were created with paint – the first time I painted the room I used flat paint and glossy paint in the same color. The second time I painted I used satin paint and went over the shiny stripes with a glaze. Next time the room gets painted I think I will forgo the stripes.

dining room 5

This is the other side of the dining room, and shows the lower part of the stairway and my china hutch. I would dearly love to paint the hutch white. My hubby says ‘NO’ – but I’m still talking. Beside the hutch to the right is the door to my laundry and downstairs bathroom. They are both still in the ‘work in progress’ stage and not very photo worthy!

I love changing out my decor in my nook seasonally. I brought some cotton home with me from Kansas after Christmas and had fun using it in my decor. You can see more photos of how I used it here.

dining room 6

From the dining room a large doorway opens into our living room. The living room and the bathroom and bedroom above it were all completely gutted, down to the studs 5 1/2 years ago. Old lath and plaster is a mess – take my word for it. We put in insulation and drywall and laid the hardwood floor ourselves. My husband has since laid hardwood in two more rooms in our home and also for my sister and her husband and for my parents. He can lay hardwood flooring now like a pro!living room 1

The walls in this room are painted the same color as the dining room but without the stripes. The windows just got the trim put around them before Christmas 2012. We still need to install the baseboard, and I have old shutters to use as window treatments. The chair in front of the window I found at a thrift store last fall and I would love to find another one the same style. I would then like to strip them down, paint them and either re-upholster them myself of take them somewhere and have it done. I’m picturing a nice creamy white linen… If I can just find another chair. The couch is an inexpensive Craigslist purchase that I slipcovered. It works for now, but we have plans to replace it with something a little more suited to the space room 5

When we remodeled the room I told my husband I wanted a shelf that spanned the 12+ feet of the main wall. It took some talking but he complied. He doesn’t like me putting new holes in the wall every time I want to change things up so this way I can rearrange all I want and not need new nail holes. I do have a complete remake of this wall in mind – but it will be down the road a couple of years at least. The stove is a corn burner – we put it in 8 years ago and used it till this fall when we finally had a furnace installed. I am hopeful that in the spring a storage spot will be found for it and I can reclaim that antique piano. You can read the story of how we acquired it here.

living room 3

My industrial cart and deer head make me smile every time I look at them. You can read about them and how I got them here and here. I’ve had a lot of fun with the deer – you can see how he got decked out for Christmas here.

collage of living room

kitchen 2My kitchen is – small. And not really laid out very well. I say often that it’s not really very user-friendly! I have learned to work in it but we are really feeling the smallness as our girls grow into adult sized people! Most of what I have done in here is cosmetic. We did put this set of lower cabinets in to replace the laminate covered set that was here when we bought the house. As you can see it still lacks a real countertop but this piece of plywood has worked. I am contemplating covering this with zinc – if I can find a good tutorial and the time.

kitchen 4

The walls in my kitchen are painted with about 6 different colors of grey paint. I used old socks, basically threw all six colors on the wall and then sponged them all together till I liked the look, and then moved to the next section.

The open shelves have helped a lot with my lack of storage. This shelf started it’s life as a bookshelf. A year or so ago I pulled the back off since it was coming off anyway, and turned it into open shelving. It started out in my dining room, then I moved it to the kitchen several months ago. It does sit sort of in the doorway but I’ve found with this old house I just have to live with some things sitting partway in the walk 8

Cart is an old projector cart from a school auction. I just recently moved our coffee maker here to clear the space on my tiny slice of counter over my dishwasher. I’m really liking having a ‘coffee station’!
kitchen 7

kitchen 6Old houses demand you get creative with storage. This cabinet is the one with the mixer on it. Since it didn’t come clear to the wall my husband made me a little wooden cubby to tuck my vintage metal trays in.

kitchen 11All this black is slated for some white paint – except the refrigerator. The black paint they recommended I use for my lower cabinets did not wear well at all. I will most likely paint all the red cupboards white too, and maybe the woodwork. The walls will stay grey. The large black cupboard to the right my husband made for me several years ago. I used flat black paint on it and it is in dire need of a new paint job. I plan to use Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in ‘Ironstone’ on this one. The refrigerator we bought new soon after we moved in 15+ years ago. The stove came with the house. The dishwasher we added several years ago. The black, grey and red was a last effort to appease my friends and family who thought I was getting too much white in my house. I have since decided it is my house and I want it all white!

kitchen 12

bathroom 1

This is our upstairs bathroom that we completely remodeled at the same time we did our living room. Plumbing was rearranged while the room below was opened up and there was easy access to it. Heat ducts were also run to the upstairs as much as could be. I wish I had before pics of this bathroom but I hadn’t been blogging for very long at all when we started this project and I just didn’t think about taking any. There was a tub that started at the window and a sink right inside the door facing towards the left.

bathroom 4

Behind the vintage tablecloth curtain is the shower. You can see straight into the shower as you head up the stairway and I didn’t want to see that every time I climbed the steps. So my creative concealment was to hang this tablecloth as a curtain. The red cupboard I found years ago at The Country Living Fair. I painted it red and distressed it. The floor is marble tiles and I would recommend marble – I love it!

bathroom 5

The only attention our bedroom really got, besides a new solid floor, was some texture added to the walls, paint and a wallpaper border. That was 15+ years ago. I have since removed the wallpaper border and have plans I’d love to see come to fruition at some point in the future. For now the room doubles as a store-room a lot of the time, as we have been working on other rooms that have to be emptied to be worked on. I am hoping by the end of this summer/fall I can reclaim our bedroom for just a bedroom!bedroom 4

bedroom 1

Lamp base was a thrift find – you can see more from the same thrift trip here. Lamp shade was a garage sale find.bedroom 5

This vintage wall lamp was a garage sale find too. My hubby rewired it for me and it looks very cute on our bedroom wall.

Here is a peek at where I sew, and no, it isn’t always this cleaned up. It is typically piled with fabric and ribbon and patterns etc.homekeeping7

Crafting and Fabric storage. I never have enough storage space. Houses built in the 1800’s were not designed with closets, so we make do and get creative. The floor in this room is reclaimed oak from an old school and it is my very favorite floor. There is just nothing like old and reclaimed!  Thanks so much for coming along on my home tour, I’d love to have you stop by my blog and say Hi!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Beautiful home I love rustic style love it!

  2. Elaine says:

    Such a pretty home and I am happy to know someone else walks from the front door into the dining room. That is the way mine is!

  3. What a pretty home! Jill is so talented and her home reflects it. Love that nook with the windows that has a small desk in it! So charming.

  4. Ruth says:

    I love her home. It is gorgeous. She has done some amazing projects and makes the space work really well for her.

  5. Jamie says:

    What an adorable house!! Thanks for sharing. I’m a follower to Sew a Fine Seam too. Have a great weekend!
    Jamie ~ Better With Age

  6. Tania says:

    Wow, her home is just beautiful, I love it! Thanks for the tour!


  7. deborah says:

    Fun to read this post about my sister’s home! She is great at adding the right touch to whatever she does. And my brother-in-law is awesome at hardwood flooring. He helped put flooring in our kitchen almost a year ago.

  8. What an incredibly charming home. So many interesting decorating details. I’d love to walk around and soak it all in, in person.

  9. Janet says:

    I l.o.v.e. your home. Gotta side with hubs on the china cabinet. Nice contrast, imho. We differ here, but I feel there is such a thing as too much white, feels antiseptic to me, maybe because I spent a lot of time in ERs when all hospital walls were white, lol. Want to trade houses? My 1960s ranch has tons of potential, just not tons of $$ to have it done.

  10. Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy says:

    How beautiful! I adore Jill and her blog, it is SO wonderful to see her here Aimee! Her home and her style are just wonderful! Thank you so much for the great feature today! Happy almost weekend friend!

  11. Becky says:

    Just love Jill and her home is so warm, welcoming, and love all of her fun details. The curtain with the big number on the bottom is great!! Thanks for sharing her home!

  12. Such a beautiful home! So cozy! Thanks for sharing! Life to the full, Melissa

  13. What a treat to see Jill’s farmhouse ~ it’s beautiful and looks exactly like her! I was surprised to see the red accents from my neutral loving friend! 🙂

  14. this looks so good! i love all the fun little details in your home. so cozy and stylish. love that long shelf in your living room! nice job, jill!

  15. Jill’s house is just darling. I adore her and she has sure done a lot to her home over the years. The only surprise I had was the red kitchen as I never think of her as a “red” person…and then I read that she painted it to suit family/friends. A very fun tour! xo Diana

  16. Jill Flory says:

    Thank you Amy! It was fun to come over and see my home here!

  17. LOVE that sewing room and I don’t even sew!

  18. Kris says:

    OMG!!!! So beautiful. Loved every room.