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Don’t you just LOVE Dreamy Dwelling Home Tours?! Thank you so much Jessica from Stay at Home-ista for having us over for a visit…you definitely have a flare for design!

It’s hard to imagine someone and their home without seeing them, so here I am.

Dreamy Dwelling Home Tour ItsOverflowing

What? You don’t wear your wedding dress everyday? I don’t either, but last December I did throw a wedding dress anniversary party and managed to squeeze back into it, pretty awesome after having 3 kids.

Here we are at our baby’s rainbow themed birthday party.

Here’s my quick story. I’m a Harvard-trained architect, now staying home with 3 small children (all under the age of 5 (I also have a love of parenthesis!)). I was lucky enough to be able to buy an empty plot of land, only 2 miles from where I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I designed and built our dream home. Throughout the process I acted as the Project Architect while my husband acted as the general contractor, so I probably know more about every nook and corner of our house than I would ever need to know! Now I’m in the decorating stage, spending my days mommy-ing, blogging, baking and occasionally craft-making. I’m putting my passion for design, food and family to work. I built the dream, but I still live in reality.

The Living Room often has forts and Legos and piles of books on the massive coffee table, but I did clean up enough to snap a few photos for you.

Around the holidays I had fun wrapping presents and putting them up on the mantle.
And the view the other way…
Out those big doors is our deck.
We actually eat breakfast and dinner in our Dining Room everyday, so it’s well used and usually has a high chair pulled up to it! It’s very June Cleaver of me, but I love the family meals and when you see my kitchen you’ll understand why I’m happy to cook everyday!
The dining room used to look like this…
Until I realized that I needed more color and fun in our lives, so now the dining room has an awesome new rainbow rug from Flor, and fun DIY Paper and Linen Art on the walls.
                       stayathomeista dining room
linen and paper art
Now for my absolute favorite. The Kitchen. I even have an organized spice drawer, kitchen clock, hidden trash, and a pantry. Then for my mommy-ing side we incorporated a morning launching pad, and redid ourfamily command center to help me keep track of all the goings on.
This is “my” Library. I’m still working on the styling of the shelves, most of the time I start, then just throw everything up there, toss the toys on the bottom two shelves and promise to try again another day.
I’ve been working on our gallery wall that goes up the stairs to the bedroom level. Our entry also houses my mom’s piano, that I grew up with. Too bad none of us play (yet).
The loft has an awesome 8′ high deer decal (I have a *small* love affair with decals). And I know it also appears that I have a love affair with deer as well, if they giant, glossy deer head over the living room mantle means anything. I’ll either have to work it out in therapy or get my big brother to take me hunting…

My Master Bedroom is a serious work in progress. So far I’ve spruced up the bedding (although I’ve already made changes since I last took a photo!) and added art above the bed. In case you can’t tell they are a series of photographs of Paris, all using the color yellow, I’m kind of in love with them.

The Master Bath is pretty much an all-marble room. Which is awesome until I’m trying to wrangle three wet kids out of *my* tub, then it gets slippery. And I did have dreams of relaxing in a bubble bath here with candles, music a good book, a glass of something… Guess how many times I’ve been in my own tub? Just once, and it was with the baby. Not exactly what I had been dreaming about.
Then we have some kid bedrooms, our Little Girl’s Butterfly Bedroom, although now we’ve done a Nightstand Switcheroo, so she has more space for all her hoarding collecting.
Our Little Boy’s Room has been through quite a few changes in the last few months, we took out the crib, gave him a big-boy bed with construction machine bedding, and we’re still working. Here it is still “in progress” and “in use”! Our son LOVES construction, so for his last birthday we threw him a construction truck birthday party.
The Pink and Teal Nursery. What can I say? The baby is only 15 months old so she can’t ask for any changes yet:)

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  1. Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista says:

    Aimee- thanks so much for this! I love seeing my house on someone else’s site, it makes it seems so much prettier, especially since it’s all dolled-up for photos, not littered in kid-stuff like it is right now:)


  2. Oh so many awesome rooms and I am so bloody jealous I have a boring home……..lol

  3. sarah k says:

    beautiful home! Thx for the home tour.

    • You are so welcome! I’ve been friends with Jessica for awhile now and totally love her home and blog! XO, Aimee

  4. Amazing home tour! I’m in love with so many rooms in that house! I laughed when I read abt her daughter hoarding things in her nightstand….I thought that was just a boy thing that my son does buit I guess not……

    • Dawn, you crack me up! I think it’s a saver trait. My little girl is an amazing collector (hoarder). So funny.

      XO, Aimee

  5. Your house is perfect! Seriously, I love every room… I pinned a few photos for ideas. Thanks SO much.

  6. Debsy says:

    Beautiful! Those kitchen windows, views, I had to pick my jaw up off the table!

  7. laura@Top This Top That says:

    Jessica’s home is breathtaking and I always enjoy visiting and admiring her sense of style. Too bad about the bathtub though! 🙂