Organize It: Underbed Storage Solution

IO contributor Samantha from Simply Organized is here to help us Organize It!  I’m thrilled she has joined my contributor team!  —  I’m Samantha and am equally excited to share easy, fun, inexpensive and (most importantly) USEFUL organization projects with you each month…just as I do week in and week out over on my own little blog.  As soon as Aimee gave me the first blog post deadline, I knew exactly what project to tackle – my secret magazine hoarding issue.  Yes, it’s overflowing. Pun intended.

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

Magazines are a (mostly) free and easy means to gain inspiration. Whether it’s related to food, home decor or clothing, I love to thumb through magazines. They serve as inspiration to me in real life at home, which means the inspiration often carries over into my blog. So, while they stack up quickly, I like to keep them around. But I’m also a busy mommy to 3 small children, which means you typically won’t find me lounging around reading a magazine. My stack of un-read magazines was beginning to take over my bedside table…time to Organize It!

and a small corner of our master bedroom…

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

 A few months ago, I went on a rare child-free trip and brought along a few magazines for fun reading. I happened upon this gorgeous underbed storage basket from Pottery Barn (of course!) and desperately wanted it. Badly. Like many of you I’m sure, I love the Pottery Barn look…but the price can be hard to swallow. I knew this basket would be the perfect answer to my magazine storage issue, but could I DIY one for myself?…

PB’s version is $69, plus tax and shipping (online only product). Turns out I was able to create not only one but TWO underbed rolling storage baskets for about $22 each!…

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

Much less than the PB version yet I still love the result. Here’s how I made them!

Supplies needed for each basket:

• A basket of your liking (found mine at Michael’s on sale 40% off) = $8.99 each

• 4 – 1 1/4″ caster’s (Home Depot) = $2.39 each

• 2 – 1/4 x 2″ x 2’s (Home Depot and cut down to size) = $.89 each

• Spray paint = $3.50

• Small screws (had on hand but these are only a few dollars)

• Drill

• Screwdriver

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

First thing is to be sure you measure your underbed clearance before shopping for the baskets. I measured our bed to floor clearance and it’s 11″…

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

The baskets I found at Michael’s are 5″ high, so they work perfectly and allow room for the casters to be attached. I chose 2 baskets in a dark walnut color…

DIY Underbed Storage Solution


I love the basket texture outside and inside…

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

And it was helpful having these additional structural wood pieces on the basket bottom. These allowed me to add the extra pieces of wood for a sturdier base for screwing in the caster wheels….

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

Before moving into the project, I also made sure the magazines would be a good fit. They are!…

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

Now that I know the baskets are a go and I had all of my supplies, I got to work. First up was a quick spray paint of the 1/4 x 2 x 2’s. I chose a dark walnut paint that matched the baskets perfectly. Since the wood was a much different color than the basket, I wanted to paint them. This helped everything blend in should I decide to later move the baskets to another spot in the house…

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

The finished painting project…

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

I also spritzed over the casters so they blended better. The silver stood out quite a bit before spraying…

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

 Assembly couldn’t have been easier. I placed the 1/4 x 2 x 2’s along the length of the basket…

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

 Then I set one caster on a corner and pre-drilled a small hole into 3 of the 4 caster holes. Pre-drilling a small hole should keep your wood from splitting…

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

Once the holes are drilled, you’ll screw in the small nails using a standard screwdriver…

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

That’s it! First basket done-zo…

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

Each basket took about 10 minutes to assemble and we are now ready to load em up with magazines!

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

And roll them away under the bed…

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

My side of the bed looks pretty happy and organized now…

DIY Underbed Storage Solution

Organize it: DIY Underbed Storage Solution

And for a lot less money than I would have spent at Pottery Barn for 2 Underbed Storage Solution Baskets.  In case you are wondering about the dimensions of my basket version: 18.5″ wide x 13″ deep x 7″ high (with wood and casters attached).  I hope this little organization project inspires you to create your own storage and save a little money. Thank you again to Aimee for hosting me today and I look forward to seeing you guys next month for a new organization project!  A big hello and virtual (hug) to Aimee’s reader.  xo, Samantha

You can see more of my organization ideas at Simply Organized.

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  1. Denise says:

    I love this idea. I have been searching for a solution for my underbed storage and came up with a few ideas to do a much more elaborate build, but this is perfect!!!
    I only have 7 inches of clearance, so I’ve been struggling

  2. What a fantastic idea! I will most certainly be doing this for my sons room when he is a bit older. Thank you so much for sharing!

    I found you through The Shabby Creek Cottage’s, Transformation Thursday Link Party. Id love you to stop by and see what I have been up to as well. http://slippersbyday.blogspot.ca/2013/05/mirror-mirror.html

    Cheers! Allison

  3. These are wonderful! I have the same corner in my master bedroom and I am so going to steal this great idea! Thanks for sharing the inspiration. Visiting from BNOP.

  4. What a fantastic idea! Extra storage and looking pretty.

  5. Tonya @ Love of Family & Home says:

    These turned out SO GREAT!! I love the idea of adding the wheels to the bottom of the basket!! So cute!

  6. Jamie says:

    Love this! An alternative to baskets would be to use old drawers. I found a few drawers in my neighbor’s trash pile that I thought would be great for adding casters to and putting under my son’s bed for extra storage. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  7. SO smart – loe this idea! Would be great for plant baskets too!

  8. Dawna says:

    Baskets are a great solution and ones with wheels even better!! Great idea 🙂

  9. What a great idea I know I store a lot of things under my bed………….

  10. Blinds.com says:

    This would be perfect for someone with a nightstand that doesn’t have enough storage. Plus it looks beautiful under the bed. Nice job!

  11. This is awesome Aimee. I could use under bed storage. It’s a dumping ground right now. Mostly for my cats to hide 😉

  12. i love this…i was about to go looking for under bed storage but I think i will use what i have an add rollers!!! thank you!

  13. This is a great idea Aimee, we all have tons of magazines, books, and stuff that can be stowed away. I love that you added casters to the baskets, Pinning!!

    xo, Tanya

  14. ValleyGirl says:

    Did you attach the wood to the baskets or do the baskets just rest on the wood?

  15. Sarah says:

    Glad to know I am not the only one who holds onto magazines! I page through them all.the.time! Great storage idea 🙂

  16. Bliss says:

    Timely post, I have been telling myself I need to organize under my bed. Purge is more like it, but there may be treasures I can’t part with. I never thought of making my own rolling ones, excellent idea.

  17. This is a really awesome project! I may have to do this for under my couch. my slipcover hides what is under there – most of the time anyway! But this would be such a cool solution for all the magazines I cannot part with!

  18. Love to see DIY “knock-offs”. Nicely done!!!

  19. p.s. — oh, duh, I just scrolled back up and noticed that you have the same kind of beds as us and you don’t have a dust skirt either. So that’s probably why you were motivated to make your underbed storage more decorative. I am going to copy this idea for sure. Thanks!

  20. Beyond brilliant!!! We don’t use dust ruffles on some of our beds because they have the wide & pretty wood trim around the box spring, and I am thinking that this looks so nice that we could even use them under those beds. My daughter’s bed is white and my son’s bed is black—we could paint the baskets to match the paint on the beds, and it would look decorative yet still give some underbed storage. You are amazing! Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. Diana says:

    What a great idea!