Welcome Spring Printables

Spring has officially arrived and one of my favorite ways to celebrate it’s arrival is adding fun printables to my home decor.  IO contributor Sarah from Alderberry Hill is here to share a couple of great ‘You Are My Sunshine’ spring printables – 5 amazing designs – all totally free!  One of the printables has a cute and popular chalkboard background and the other has a super fun and creative wood grain background!  I love the simplicity of each and the variety of colors will fit every home!

Spring Printables - Free

Placing a free printable in a stylish frame is a quick and easy way to spruce up your space for any season. My kitchen was in need of some spring accents so I created these cute 8 x 10 word art printables in Photoshop.  Doesn’t it look great?  These would also work all year long in a nursery.  ‘You Are My Sunshine’ is one of my favorite songs to sing to my kids.

Not only did I create a couple with a chalkboard background.

You are my sunshine 1

You are my sunshine  Alderberry Hill 2

 I also experimented with a wood grain background as well.

Welcome Spring Free Printable

 Download Here/Download Here/Download Here

Chalkboard You are My Sunshine

Download Here/Download Here

Visit me at Alderberry Hill, I’d love to have you come by!

Learn more about Sarah by checking out

IO Creative Team Page.

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  1. These printables are so cute Sarah! Thanks for sharing. I love them!

  2. Love these printables, Sarah!! Pinning!!
    Sarah and Aimee blogging together?? Nothing better!!

  3. Julie says:

    You guys make a great team! Good for you Sarah!

  4. These are so stinkin cute!!! I sing that song to my son and these are perfect! Pinning !!

  5. SARAH! I love the ones with the wood background,when I owned my first business and would get discouraged a friend of mine would call me on the phone and sing that song to make me laugh.

  6. I’m so happy to be here Aimee…thanks so much!

    • I’m thrilled to have you Sarah (and I know my blog readers are, too). XO, Aimee

  7. Michelle says:

    This is a family classic (for generations) in our home – I am definitely printing this out and hanging it where my daughter can see it each day! Thank you for this!

  8. Looove me a free printable…thanks!!

  9. Free printables are always awesome. Thanks so much for sharing with us Aimee and Sarah!