Organizing Magazine Recipes

How do you organize your magazine recipes?  I have lots that I want to give a try and love the magazine recipe organization system that IO contributor Samantha from Simply Organized is sharing with us today!  In a society where life is constantly on the go, I love great solutions for  Organizing.

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

I’m Samantha from Simply Organized and I love sharing easy, fun, inexpensive and (most importantly) USEFUL organization projects with you each month…just as I do week in and week out over on my own little blog.  Remember last month when we chatted about getting our magazine’s organized in a great little DIY underbed storage basket? This month I thought I would tackle another problem area in my home involving magazine’s. I’m sure I’m not alone in this struggle – I love to tear out yummy recipes I find in magazine’s and stow them away to later test out on my family. I’m good about actually trying new recipes, but when it came to digging through my collection it wasn’t easy to find that “delicious looking french toast recipe”.

Previously I had the tear-out’s filed away in 6 hanging file folders…

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

A pretty substantial amount of recipes to try, right? Please tell me I’m not alone in this!…

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

With school out and summer officially upon on us, I now have some free time to cook with the kids. Time to get this pile whipped into shape!  A few weeks ago I found these awesome magazine files in the Target $1 spot and loaded up on them before they disappeared…

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

I love how bright and colorful the files are. And I really love their low cost – just one little dollar!…

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

The files are simple to put together – a quick 1, 2, 3 and you’re in organization business…

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

For this project, I also used manilla folders, washi tape and my label maker with clear label tape…

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

I found the easiest way to sort through my large stack of magazine tear-out’s was to lay manilla folders down on my table top…

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

And I labeled each folder with a food category on a post-it note…

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

Then I spent about 15 minutes sorting through the recipes and tossing anything that was uninteresting or a duplicate. Done!…

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

Now that I had my categories and all of those yummy recipes sorted, I created pretty labels for each folder using washi tape and a clear label…

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

First folder done! Oh, there’s that perfect french toast recipe I had been searching for…

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

Now all of my breakfast “recipes to try” are easily within reach…

IMG_1688Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

I continued the process – adding washi tape and a label – to each folder until the job was done…

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

Little tip – I found that I only needed to use the left and middle tabbed folders. Since that right tab wouldn’t be seen in the magazine file, this seemed to work best for me.  I filled 2 magazine folders with recipes to try and I can’t, well….wait to try them!…

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

All I need to do is pull out my magazine file…

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

Lay it on it’s side…

Tips for Organizing Magazine Recipes

And quickly grab the category/folder I need. Finding any recipe is super easy now! Even if I feel like trying a new chicken dish and need some inspiration, all I have to do is grab the “chicken” folder and I can try something new!

Here is a complete list of my recipe categories, in case you’re interested…


If you have a collection of recipes to try and need to see them in order to actually “try” them, I hope this simple organization system works for you!  I’m definitely feeling more motivated now that I’ve seen each and every recipe again. So many delicious ideas to try!  You can see more of my handmade projects at Simply Organized.

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  1. Crystal says:

    I have pile looking at me right now, I pulled out to help with meal planning ideas through December. This is so smart and super cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Melody says:

    You can find most recipes that are in magazines on the magazine website. Why not just pin it and get rid of the paper?

  3. Diana says:

    You are not alone. I too had to tame the recipe jungle, though I have been using this system for years. It’s not as pretty as yours but I will be correcting this soon! While I was purging, I decided to make another file – “Favorites “. It contains all of the recipes I’ve used in the past to make it much simpler to find instead of going through a mound of unused recipes. This file is in the front for quick access. Nothing frustrates me more than flipping through a bunch of recipes for that wonderfully breakfast casserole! Problem solved!

  4. Julie H says:

    This is such a cute and creative way to store clipped recipes. Love it, thanks for sharing.

  5. Southern Gal says:

    Great idea! I have stacks of recipes I’ve printed from the internet and then I can’t find a thing. You can fold those right hand tabbed folder wrong side out and they will be left hand. You probably already knew that.

  6. Deana says:

    I came across your idea a few days ago when searching specifically for what to do with my stack of recipes! I was able to sort and label and get through them all in a morning. The reciepes are much more “approchable” now. Thank you so much!!

  7. Meli says:

    Wonderful idea! Sorting my recipes now. Trip to Staples manana! Thanks!

  8. Betty819 says:

    Ar your folders for your recipe box 3 or 5 cut type? Sorting through all my saved recipes is really going to be a big job I’m dreading but” somebody’s got to do it!” I’ve saved a lot of WW recipes, recipes 7 ingredients of less, and a lot of other types throughout my 50 years of marriage. Where do you keep the ones you’ve taken the time to write on recipe cards? Do you routinely go through your recipe file box and wonder why you saved that one or this one? Some I’ve never used, they are going to be discarded. If I haven’t used them over the 50 years or only a few times..goodbye recipes! After 50 years, I am tired of cooking!

    • I have a box with my old trusted recipes…too many memories to part with these!!! I do get rid of the recipes that not longer tempt me or I’ve tried and didn’t LOVE!!! XO, Aimee

  9. Betty819 says:

    I have several storage boxes full of recipes I’d like to try and know I’ll never get ’round to it, so I’m leaving that project till summer. I love your idea. Just wrote clear labels/black ink for my label maker on my list of things to buy at Staples. I have never used Washi tape..can it be easily removed/peeled off for replacement or will I have to paste over it with another piece? How is it applied? Does it have a sticky back or do you glue it on?

    • Yes! Washi tape is easy to remove when you’re ready for a change…a little like masking tape! I love it!!! XO, Aimee

  10. Linda Himmel says:

    Thank you! Finally a step by step, great way to organize my literally 100’s of clipped recipes. My husband is going to love that I will finally have them organized!

  11. Diane says:

    You have a great system!!!! I forgot to mention that I also love recipes and tear and print them out…I have a box full of gleaned recipes that I need to go through!!! Years ago I started to put them into designated binders and I’ve found that I use very few of so I’ve started to purge there.

    Using just the long side of a file folder makes a great divider in a binder. It needs a little sizing but is great to use.

  12. Diane says:

    You can use the right side tabbed folders by turning them inside out and they’ll be left-side tabbed folders. I do this all the time because I like my tabs to be on the left-side only.

  13. diki says:

    What an awesome, simple and inexpensive idea! You are great! I have been trying to organize my magazine recipes for years and have never found anything that worked well. This idea is definitely a keeper. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Have a great day!

  14. Wow, this is such an amazing and smart idea! I have tons of recipes in piles that I don’t know what to do with until I try them. Love this!
    Jamie @Better With Age

  15. Betty819 says:

    I’m not familiar with the tape that you are using on your manila folders. Is it self stick like painter’s tape? Are you using clear labels from your label maker on top of the washi tape for you categories? Can you purchase the Washi tape from a craft store like Michael’s, A.C. Moore or Joanne’s? What dept. would I find it located?

  16. I definitely have a ton of recipes to try and they are all bunched together. Need to put it on my list to do…get recipes organized. Might make it much easier to try and not feel overwhelmed.

  17. Love this idea – and so cute! It might actually motivate me to tear all those dog-eared pages out of my magazines! I am featuring this on my blog today 🙂

  18. Shari Kelley says:

    Love this idea!

  19. What an awesome idea! Would also work for corralling decorating/home improvement ideas, seasonal ideas and… really anything. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Alyssa says:

    OH and I’m pinning this for later!

  21. Alyssa says:

    Such a cute idea. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen the term wasabi tape on blogs. What is that and where do you get it? THanks!

  22. Darlene says:

    Tip for you: flip/fold the “right” tabbed folders inside out and, ta-dah! you have “left” tabbed folders. Nothing goes to waste. You won’t be stuck with a bunch of “right” tabbed folders. I need to stop at Target on the way home from work now. I have a file drawer full of magazine recipes, and this system looks so much cuter. Thanks for the idea.

  23. You are so organised I love this! I cut mine out and if I make them more than once Ill glue them into a book but if I dont make them again they go into the bin. I subscribe to 2 food magazines too so I have a big pile of magazines and I can never find a recipe I want when I need it. Wont you come and sort through mine for me? Joking! 🙂

  24. Yes yes yes what a bloody great idea

    • Diane balcer says:

      I agree. What a bloody good and easy idea!

  25. Very cute idea!

  26. Betty819 says:

    How did you know I’ve been trying to declutter and weed out two storage boxes of recipes this past week? These have been saved from magazines, printed off the internet websites, some passed on by friends and family. After 49 years of marriage, I look for the Under 6 ingredient recipes or go out to eat. I’m tired of cooking! I love recipes that are so very simple and easy and looks like you have slaved in your kitchen for hours and you get lots of compliments on. I hate recipes that have a zillion spices or herbs that you go out and buy and never use them but once if you used it at all after you purchased it. I like recipes that uses common ingredients that I already have in the house or if I have to go buy specific ingredients that I use all the time. I’ve been wondering what I was going to do with all the recipes I wanted to keep and your idea of folders and a magazine storage box is perfect. Thanks for the suggestions. Great idea! I am stating to go through my many cookbooks and donate them to a thrift store that I don’t use.

  27. This looks great! What a simple but smart idea!

  28. Linda says:

    What a great idea! I love the categories – they make perfect sense. This is so easy-peasy I think it’s a great project.

  29. Susan says:

    What a great idea! I can think of so many uses. Now I’ll have to be on the lookout for cute magazine holders.