Hottest Month of the Year

I have shared lots of home tours as we’ve scouted every city between Dallas and Fort Worth in search of what we hope will be our forever home!  After losing out on three homes because of the contingency factor, we listed our house.  Within a short period of time, our house had a contract pending!  We had an overwhelming peace that the right house would be available for us when our house sold!  I can’t say it’s been a completely stress–free experience, but we’re beyond amazed — here we are living in a sweet little bedroom community, chilling out on a riding lawn mower!


This is our first weekend at the new place and the John Deere was willingly put to work by my big guy and little guys!  After mowing, we went to our favorite hardware store to buy some garage shelving units.  Before bracing ourselves for organizing the garage in 103 degree Texas heat, we stopped off for lunch.  I keep Wyler’s Light in my purse and pull it out whenever needed — baseball practice, laying by the pool, organizing the garage during the hottest month of the year, etc.  Stud and Little B’s favorite is Iced Tea with Peach.  Big B, Baby B, and I LOVE Cherry Berry flavor!  Just add water and you’re good to go!

Wylers Light 1 @ItsOverflowing

Now it’s time for a little garage organizing and a whole lot of swimming!!!

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  1. Julia @cuckoo4design says:

    Love the family photos and the drink sounds yummy. Hot here too in Germany!