How to Declutter a House

Ready for more, Get It Organized solutions!?!  I’d love it if my small rancher home whom I share with my husband and three kids stays organized and clutter-free, but the task of How to Declutter a House is an ongoing process for me, too.  Trying to stay decluttered can be an overwhelming task, but I refuse to let stuff take over my home.   I’ve found setting aside time each week to sort through a different area allows me to eventually make my way through the entire space.  And just as I finish the entire house, it’s time to start again!
How to Declutter Your House @ItsOverflowing
It’s way too easy to fall victim of House Messy!  Here are the four steps I use to take on the task of clearing out the clutter!   Feel free to print the words in the link at the end of this post and use them to label your sorting boxes.

Toss ItsOverflowing

Step One

Toss.  Items that are broken, stained, ripped, outdated, or have missing parts – if it’s trash, toss it where it belongs.  No matter how many times I clear through a drawer or closet, I’m always amazed at the trash that has accumulated.  Getting rid of junk is a huge motivator in moving to the next step in clearing out the clutter.

  1. Expired food – including spices and canned goods.
  2. Restaurant receipts that aren’t tax deductible.
  3. Envelopes without important addresses.
  4. Electronics, appliances, and games that no longer work.
  5. Old perfumes, broken costume jewelry, and old makeup.
  6. Happy meal toys, games that are missing pieces.
  7. Paint and markers that have dried out, pens out of ink, pencils out of lead.
  8. Worn clothing, stained and torn towels, kid’s ripped dress up clothes, and socks without matches.

Getting Rid of Clutter in My House ItsOverflowing

Give ItsOverflowing

Step Two

Give.  If an item is in good condition, but no longer useful in your home – pass it on!  Sometimes it’s a given, but at times we become emotionally invested in our possessions!  If it’s difficult to let go of a sentimental piece, try snapping a couple creative pics and see if that helps to free up your attachment.  Living in the land of plenty, it’s easy to buy into the lie that more is more!  The truth is less is more. Options are great, but too much of a good thing gets in the way.  Not only does sharing help me create valuable space in my home, others benefit from my generosity.

  1. Clothing, jackets, and shoes.
  2. Kitchen utensils, mugs, goblets, Tupperware, tablecloths.
  3. Bedding, pillows, curtains.
  4. Toys children have outgrown.
  5. Appliances and electronics that aren’t being used.
  6. Books that are no longer applicable.

Organizing Books ItsOverflowing


Do ItsOverflowing

Step Three

Do.  Often clutter requires a call to action – make a phone call, send an email, run an errand, turn in donation items, have a yard sale, or put it away.  If the goal is to get a grasp on clutter, tossing things aside is not an option.  Clutter doesn’t go away on it’s own, if it’s mine to keep, I have to find a home for it.  If I can’t come up with a storage solution for clutter, it has to be reassigned to 1 or 2 above.

  1. Enter numbers and addresses from business cards or scrap paper into a contact list and toss the hard copy.
  2. File bills and important paperwork.
  3. Take a trip to the post office and send that package.
  4. Stitch up or patch ripped clothing.
  5. Stay current with store returns.
  6. Purchase and build containers, bookcases, and furniture to create new storage solutions.
  7. Put things where they belong: hair accessories, craft items, magazines, and tools.

Organizing Clutter ItsOverflowing

Repeat ItsOverflowing

Step Four

Repeat.  Clutter is daily so my attack against it has to be, too.  The amount of randomness entering my home on a daily basis is unreal.  I have to keep up on the chaos of clutter so it doesn’t become a distraction in my home sweet home.  In the picture below, my sweet little B and I removed two trash bags of garbage and two trash bags of donations.  When layers of junk start becoming noticeable, there are usually even more layers of junk that aren’t visible.  Let this be a motivation for you to start seeking out order and freeing up your living space, it’s so rewarding!

Bedroom Organization

Doesn’t cuteness motivate!?!

Print off your letter-sized ‘Clear Out Clutter’ labels!

  Do >> Give >>  Toss >> Repeat

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  1. emily says: says:

    I am redoing, my apartment some of the stuff I don’t want I donate them to the salvation army
    this way I declutter, everything I really don’t need. When you live alone like I do I feel that you should not buy to many of the same stuff. My sister had 20 towels and she also lives alone so she washed all 20 towels and gave to the salvation army 16 of them the same should be done if you have to many blankets or linen. Just keep what you are going to use get rid of the rest. If you have a big family well… that’s up to you to decide. I had my apartment so cluttered that I was going crazy! Thank you for your tip it also, helps

  2. Christine says:

    I am recently married and all this is awesome information for me. I am looking on doing my own blog (but I would like to do it in Spanish). I have a lot of new projects in mind. Thanks again for this amazing post!

  3. Mona Brumbelow says:

    Love the 4 step process!

  4. Renee says:

    My husnand’s job is relocating our family to the Fort Worth area from Philadelphia. The stress of a big move away from home is bad enough, but the clutter of 4 kids while trying to get the house on the market is enough to make me crazy. Thanks for the post reminding me everyone has clutter! I think I needed permission to throw things away. Not everything needs to be turned into a treasure!

    • Aimee says:

      Another Texas friend!! Yay! Moving is the second biggest life stress so give yourself lots of grace!!! We all need permission from time to time – so well put, Renee! The less treasures you have, the more you value the treasures you have! I’m going to say a prayer for peace and joy for you throughout the process – the work you have ahead of you and the transition for you and your sweeties! XO, Aimee

  5. Rachel says:

    Great guide!

  6. LOVE this. Another tip I have is to watch an episode of Hoarders before you start decluttering! It always helps your motivation!!

  7. DJ says:

    Great tips! Now that I’m no longer pregnant, I’m faced work the task of decluttering my home. I like to Jane a plan. This was very helpful.

  8. Shelia says:

    Oh, this is good. I so need to do these things. I go on spurts. I do well for a while and then I fall off the wagon!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  9. I need to read and read this post over and over! I decluttered this summer because our house was for sale. Funny how the minute we got an offer…the piles started to return….

  10. Lisa says:

    Thanks gor a great reminder. I hate clutter, but could always do better. I also figure that if I haven’t used it in a year, I probably don’t need it anymore. 🙂

  11. karen says:

    I am all over this process, but how do I get my husband and daughter on board…. that is my issue. Husband says we paid good money for these things, but he hasn’t worn, used or looked at these items in at least a year…

  12. Kim {plumberry pie} says:

    Thanks, Aimee! I’m in a constant battle against the clutter monster and it seems I never win. Thanks for keeping me motivated to slay the clutter monster! It’s kind of like the movie groundhog day. You tackle and turn around and it’s there again. ugh.;)

  13. Arisai says:

    This is just what I need to show my sister! I can’t wait to help her do this in her home, since she is a busy mom/nurse I will be more than happy to help her accomplish this huge task! Thank you for this awesome advice and cute tags too 🙂

    • Aimee says:

      You are such a SWEET sister Ari!!! Have fun creating a clean open space for her to enjoy!!! XO, Aimee

  14. Your home is beautiful! Thanks for the great tips!


  15. Elena says:

    The best part is the wonderful feeling you get after decluttering a space. Thanks for the tips!

    • Aimee says:

      You are SO RIGHT Elena!!! XO, Aimee

  16. Jenna says:

    so true! great advice, the repeat part is the one we often forget! Thanks for the plan!

  17. Love your steps, especially “Do”. Often something is just sitting around as a reminder that it needs to be done! Thanks for sharing how you cut the clutter.

    Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life

  18. Andrea L. says:

    My mother and I have had this conversation several times recently about cleaning and purging. My husband and I, having lived in one house so long, clutter has taken over. It seems when we move often, there’s more frequent need to clear out clutter.

    My procrastination to clean and purge has not been lack of motivation, nor not having the energy to do, I’ve got that. My problem is all the decision making. To me, throwing out toys suitable for a 5 y.o. who is now 8, is easy. It’s our books, craft supplies that I no longer use or are out of date, dishes in my kitchen that have only been used once in 18 years, “but my grandmother gave them to me.” I fear regretting giving them up later.

    Eek! I don’t want to be consumed and in bondage with “stuff.” I suppose I should pray my way through it, honestly. 🙂


  19. Oh I so need to just give a ton of things away, I seem to collect way too much. Thanks for the ideas. Hugs, Marty

  20. Diana says:

    Easier to do…..have Aimee come over and encourage people who are in awe of her skills!

    • Aimee says:

      Blushing!!! You are so sweet Diana! XO, Aimee