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We’re working on putting Everything In Its Place!  It’s easy to find little toys, socks, crayons as you walk through the house and get frustrated that our little sweeties aren’t helping our cause, but if we take a good look around a lot of the clutter is ours!  So let’s start personal and then broaden our scope in the days to come.  Let’s work today on ‘Get it Organized – Wallets.’

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During busy seasons of life, Birthday Party Planning, Christmas Season, and Moving Houses, it feels impossible to maintain an organized wallet!  Recently I discovered my biggest problem was my wallet didn’t work for me.  After a lot of research, I found the Best Organized Wallet on the market. You will love this tip if…

1.  Your wallet overflows into your handbag.

2. Your keys and receipts always require a hunt.

3. You’re on the lookout for an awesome Christmas gift.


Organizing Wallet @ItsOverflowing

I hung onto this wallet for way too long.  It was nice because it was thin, but the usability was totally lacking.  There was room for some folded cash, my license, debit card, and credit card, but that was about it.  Sometimes I’d try to cram in my checkbook, but it usually wouldn’t shut!

Organizing Wallet @ItsOverflowing 2

There was absolutely no room for receipts.  They would get shoved into different pockets in my handbag and then disappear — until the expiration date had come and gone — ANNOYING!

Ready for Something that Works?!?


Organizing Wallet @ItsOverflowing 3

My sweet sister in Dallas had the best recommendation!  Hobo bags makes a wallet called, Lauren and it is rocking my world!  It’s the perfect combination of functional and fashionable!  This is the best lifestyle wallet I’ve seen!

Organizing Wallet @ItsOverflowing 5

There is a large pocket along the entire circumference that zips to store receipts – scroll up two pics to see the size of the pocket!

Organizing Wallet @ItsOverflowing 4

There’s a side with slots for all my cards and a perfect space for my dollar bills (although I rarely have much of the green stuff).

Organizing Wallet @ItsOverflowing 6

On the other side is a pocket large enough for my checkbook and iphone.  All that function AND a super cute liner!

Organizing Wallet @ItsOverflowing 7

I use that little zipper to store a few business cards.

I had these printed for my Good Housekeeping Business Trip and barely used them!

Want one?!


Blog Business Card @ItsOverflowing

And for those days that I’m running a quick errand — I use my pretty Hobo as a clutch and leave my baggage at home!

Organizing Wallet @ItsOverflowing 8

Everything In Its Place needs to start with me getting my everyday in order — what’s more daily than a wallet!?!  An organized wallet is a huge relief!  If you shop like me, it doesn’t matter how large the receipt pocket is…it’ll be out of control in a day or two (even when I’m extra careful about my spending).  I’m going to let you in on my new little receipt organization obsession tomorrow!

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  1. Shirly says:

    How can I order? Or what do u call that kind of wallet? Been looking for that I bought mine from Claire’s. Thanks need to get a new one thank

  2. Betty819 says:

    What a neat wallet but out of my budget. My daughter gave me a beautiful Gloria Vanderbuilt brand wallet a few years ago, and I took everything out of my old wallet that I’d bought from a yard sale, put everything in the new walllet and into my purse. In a few days, I changed everything back into the old wallet. The beautiful GV wallet was so heavy..but I still kept it “just in case” Maybe I can find a sale of them sometime and will treat myself. Rarely go to Marshall’s but I’ll try there sometime when I don’t have my shadow along.

  3. I love my Hobo wallet. Have had it for years. It’s a great blue color, light pale sky blue. Perfect as a clutch.

  4. Jane says:

    I have this in red. I chose this color so I can find it quickly without digging around in the dark interior of my purse. I love the fact that I can just grab my wallet and carry it by itself for a quick trip in a store – it holds everything I need.

    • Great tip on the red!!! I’m so happy we’ve found a wallet that really works!!! XO, Aimee

  5. Jen says:

    Thank you for this post — this is my first time on your site, and I’m about to purchase the Hobo wallet in yellow. Just what I needed!

  6. Love Hobo wallets. I got my first one about 4 years ago on clearance at Marshalls (yes, they have them sometimes!). Then last year, I needed a new one and Amazon had them at 65% off retail. Look around and you can definitely find good deals on them. My favorite wallet of all time.

  7. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hobo wallet! I think it’s the best wallet invention ever!

    Enjoy yours!

  8. Amy says:

    I actually showed my wallet to a friend yesterday, who promptly told me I needed a new one. So your post was quite timely! I googled this wallet and found several that are new-with-tags on ebay. I purchased a teal one and am eagerly awaiting its arrival!

  9. Nice wallet – I just googled Hobo and found it! Looks good in yellow too!

  10. Jaime says:

    Hobo international wallets are the best! A bit pricey but worth every penny! It will last for years to come! Love the fun print inside:)

  11. I like this wallet but I do have a bag and wallet thing and I can tell you I would love this one it really looks great

  12. Judy says:

    My niece talked me into buying this same wallet and I absolutely love it!

  13. Whoa… that is awesome! I need one in my life!

  14. Runt says:

    I have a wallet just like this and it really is fabulous!!! The one I have comes with a small strap removable strap too! I took it off and can’t find it anymore, but I like it better without the strap anyway. The little zipper pocket you are using to store your business cards is a nice little slot of loose change too. I totally agree with you about this wallet!

  15. Oh I am in need of a new wallet! How many card slots does it have though? I have so many different VIP and club cards, that I need a lot of slots of cards.

  16. Who knew I could ask so much of a wallet!? Love this. Mine always has receipts overflowing!

    • It’s amazing Laurel!!! And brace yourself for the ‘Receipt Tip’ tomorrow — LOVE! XO, Aimee

  17. Moni ~ Zu Haus at Home says:

    Love the wallet! Stylish and functional…great purchase, Aimee!

  18. Its not so much my wallet that gets overfilled, its my entire purse. Its ends up getting so heavy from all the recipes I keep or uneaten snacks that I continue to add to it. I go through my purse and clean it out about once a month and file away my recipes. I find this really helps me to stay organized. Its definitely something you have to stay on top of.

    • Yum! I know who’s kitchen I want to eat at tomorrow night!!! Love that you’re a recipe collector!!! You are so right Tenns, its definitely something we have to keep on top of! XO, Aimee