What to Do With Your Clutter

Cover your ears if you feel life is flying by and you can’t catch up!  It’s starting to get cold and we all know what that means…Christmas is on its way!  It’s always fun to invite family and friends into our homes this time of year.   The less “stuff” we have, the easier it is to tidy up for entertaining and the more room there will be for new toys for the kids (and us).  And, the more we let go of the more we have to bless others!  This is the perfect time to thumb through drawers and closets in search of things to purge.

What to Do With Your Clutter @ItsOverflowing

If you need to know how to organize your home, I shared my favorite declutter tips and a couple free printables.   Here are some suggestions on what to do with the “stuff” you’ve decided to clear away and friends and family don’t want either!

What to Do With Your Clutter…

Clothing.  Sell clothing in good condition either online, at a consignment store or in a garage sale.  If it doesn’t sell or the weather won’t cooperate, donate your gently used clothing to a shelter or charity as a tax write off.

Hangers.  Dry cleaners and charity stores gladly accept like new hangers.

Linens. Towels and Blankets.  Items in good condition would be loved at shelters for homeless people or a home for battered women.  Overly used items can be dropped off at a humane society.

Magazines.  You know I love making room for magazines around the house, but if you no longer need it, pass it on to a friend.  Hospitals, Doctors’ Offices, and Nursing Homes would also be happy recipients.

Books.  I’ve shown you how to store books, but sometimes it’s time to part ways with a few.  Make a few bucks by selling them to a resale store or on an online store.  Those that aren’t bought back can be donated to charities, schools, and shelters.

Computers and Printers.  If your computer or printer are not very old, try selling on Craigslist of listing in a local newspaper.  There’s a site called GreenShareTechnology that accepts donations of workable computers and puts them to good use.   Some local churches or shelters could also find a good use for these.  If it’s not working, you will need to call your county waste disposal department for requirements.  There may be a small fee.

How to remove a computer hard drive

When getting rid of my old computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse, I prefer holding onto the hard drive rather than using software that clears the drive.  In the picture above, you can see the inside of a PC hard drive.  This was exposed by removing a couple screws on the exterior frame.  Inside there is a breathable box with cords plugged (arrow is pointing).  Remove the plugs and unscrew the two screws on either side of the arrow.  The hard drive should be loose and not too large to store in the attic or in a box in the office.

Televisions, Phones, Camcorders, etc.  If it still works, try to sell it.  If it doesn’t sell, place a ‘Free’ sign on the items and leave it at my curb.  Devices that don’t disappear can be donated to programs such as DonateAPhone – a coalition against domestic violence.  Same as above, if it’s not working, you will need to call your county waste disposal department for disposal requirements.  There may be a small fee.

Music Players, Music, and Games.  Try selling at a used book store, garage sale, or online.  Donate the items that don’t sell to a local school or charity store.

Musical Instruments.  Sell instruments online, at a garage sale, or to a local resell store or donate to a school’s music program.

Sports Equipment.  Sell equipment in perfect condition online or at a consignment store like Play It Again Sports.  Or donate to youth sport programs or schools.

Appliances.  If it’s still working, try selling at a garage sale or online at Craigslist.  If it doesn’t sell, call your county waste disposal department for disposal requirements.  There may be a small fee.

How to Declutter Your House @ItsOverflowing

Where do you donate your charitable goods!?!

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  1. We are in “purge” mode at our house! The entire upstairs just got the popcorn removed from the ceilings and new carpet went in. So, we are only putting back the things that are used and loved. It feels SO GOOD to have less! Love all of your suggestions of where to donate your thing! Life to the full! Melissa

    • That is SO EXCITING!!! Was it a crazy pain or just a pain to have the ceilings updated? My sister is house hunting and so many have popcorn ceilings! XO, Aimee

  2. Very good recommendations in your post. I stopped donating to Goodwill when I realized they park a semi-truck by their store and ship all the good furniture and stuff out of town. Now I donate to a local charity store that puts the items right in their store for local people to buy. The money all stays in the community.

  3. A friend of mine just turned me onto freecycle.org. It’s a website where people in your community post items they just want to get rid of — for free! I just picked up a used wireless mouse that someone was done with this morning. Anything from empty boxes to treadmills (absolutely anything) can be posted, as long as it’s free…and not human. 😉 I’ll be using it to de-clutter my house in the future for sure, and to reuse some already loved items.

  4. Cathy says:

    I donate to Berry Good Buys, a local organization that supports a woman’s shelter. One thing to consider is does the organization receive a 100% benefit of your donation or is just a middle man and they only receive a small part of the value of your donation. I know to some of my friends it doesn’t matter they’re just glad to get rid of the stuff.

    • Cathy, Such a good point — knowing the portion that is actually assisting the cause you’re giving to is so important! I love Berry Good Buys…used to go there often! (Need to make my way over again). XO, Aimee

  5. Diana says:

    Good info Aimee we need to always think of others who don’t have but need. Smile…..