Cozy Rancher House Tour

Ready for another Dreamy Dwelling Home Tour!?!  I think you’ll love love this cozy rancher!  When we placed our house on the market, for sale by owner, I was put on an email list of homes selling in my area. I’m still on that mailing list and when this house showed up I knew I had to show you!  After spending several years loving on my own rancher, I am always impressed by a nicely updated rancher!  Check it out…


This home sits on a half acre lot with luscious landscaping.


I love this large front porch with room for a little bistro set.


Okay ready the awesome kitchen?  If I ever own a rancher again, this is totally my dream floorplan.  I love a gourmet kitchen with an open concept floorplan!


I love that this large island adds a pop of color, but in a muted shade.  And the floors are totally fun.  I looked at a house in my own house hunt with brick flooring, but the tone was very intense.  This seems neutral enough to really work!


The island adds extra seating, too.  I think it’s so much better to wipe down a counter right into the sink after breakfast and lunch then wiping down a table.  Do you like the sink being in the island or would that not work for you?  Did you see the picture below?  There’s also a sink by the stove top for filling pots — pretty cool!  I love the distressed shelf above the stove top.  That totally works for me!


Okay, look in the picture below, do you see what I see on the left?  Next to the fridge is a Miele Coffee System!  Remember how I spent a few days in New Jersey recently learning about Miele?!?  They have an awesome vacuum that I’ll tell you more about this week, but they also have the most amazing appliances ever!  I’m trying to convince Stud that I need all Miele appliances in my kitchen remodel — they really are the best!  I especially want a Miele Steam Oven!


For those of you living in a rancher or who have before, I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking — those windows!  I’m also loving that built in below.  My family room desperately needs a TV cabinet, but I have trouble embracing the console look.  It works in the boys room upstairs, but in my family room a big black box (yes they’re skinny, but they’re still big) just bugs me.  I wonder if Stud could build something similar to this one?


You know I have a thing for white couches!


I know so many people love a highly decorated home, but I’m bent towards feeling claustrophobic so it just doesn’t work for me.  This is totally my speed.  Interesting without being cluttered.  Although visiting a real decorated home totally energizes me, I can’t ever get enough eye candy at friends houses.


I love these windows!  Would you add a window treatment?!?  I’m on the fence here.  The room just seems a little sparse.


Beautiful hardwood floors and updated can lights, but I think a chandelier is needed here.  Don’t you think?!!


Another great find for the HDTV.  Anyone know where this piece of furniture is from!?!  I think the console look works better for me when the TV is hanging and the cords are out of the way.


With the TV hanging there’s room for more decor, too.


Another pretty room.  I love the rug in here.  And the way the curtains are hung from the trim.  And the desk.  And the shelves to the left.  All of it!  Although I’d have to get a real pretty chair to add a little unexpected to the room.


The master suite is gorgeous!  I love love love the walls and a fireplace in the master — yes please!


Don’t you think the fireplace would look even better with a mantel?!  Minor improvement!   I totally love these bed linens!!!


The Master Bath has a huge amount of storage!


I love this hall bath, too.  The large Travertine tile consistent through the bathrooms is pleasing to my soul.  I always am surprised by how many different floorings an owner can put into their home.  I hope to remedy that in my new Traditional Home someday!


Sweet little girl room.  I love the storage in this room, too.


All the rooms in this house are very generous.  Although I’d change the window treatments in this room, I think the wall color is perfect.  I can see Stud giving a high five to the owners right now!  He always appreciates a home with neutral tones – less work for him!


Dreamy backyard, right!  Plenty of trees for the intense Texas Summers and trails for the kids to ride their bikes on mini-adventures.  Behind a tree I see a basketball goal, a must have with two little boys!


If I wasn’t completely obsessed with my new house, neighbors, school, church (this was the last puzzle piece we were waiting on — God is always faithful), town…you get the idea, I would totally be interested in this Cozy Rancher!  It totally works for me!


Awesome renovations owners — I am totally impressed!


Amazing, don’t you think!  Which room is your favorite!?!?  Do you have a thing for rancher houses?!  What about this one!?!  This house was shown by Kerensa Naghshbandi and I think it’s just about perfect!

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  1. Ecfinn says:

    The décor does not go with the era that the house was built…very silly, overly-ornate details in a mid-century ranch (not “rancher”, that’s the person that lives on the ranch)? This was remodeled with excess and extravagance in mind…not tasteful at all.

  2. Luga Groff says:

    I love this rancher, but it seems like there’s a lot of wasted space. I don’t think a bedroom should be bigger than your kitchen or dining room. You just sleep there, right? My husband & I are looking for a rancher – we live in a 2 story Dutch Colonial (over 100 yrs. old) which we love, but w/health issues & getting older, I just can’t keep up w/the inside. So we decided to live in a rancher for our “retirement” years. I would love something like this one, but it is on the larger side. I definitely want a basement. In the retirement communities in our area, the homes are too small & they are “cookie cutter” homes – which we don’t like. So the search goes on….

  3. I’m not a fan of ranch style homes and probably will never live in one (I hope), but I do LOVE the interior of this home. It’s so light and bright and so well done.

  4. I love ranch style houses too. That’s the style we have. I think window treatments and a chandelier are definitely needed in the dining room.


  6. patti says:

    What a beautiful home – thanks for the tour!

  7. Love this rancher….I have a small one myself and even tho it was dated and had never (ever) been updated…I fell in love with the layout, the closets and storage space everywhere.

    This one, would make me move in a heartbeat!

  8. Heidi says:

    I loved this house! It looks like they put the office in the real dining room, so that is probably why there is no chandelier above the dining table. Even though it is decorated sparsely I think it just needs rugs in some of the rooms and window treatments. Makes me want to move to Texas! 🙂

  9. Julia @cuckoo4design says:

    Love it!

  10. Petra says:

    Nice rancher home. I would place the dining suite more central to the fireplace tho’. I love the brick floors and they are a nice muted tone by the look of the photos 🙂 I too like t.v.’s to not stand out – saw a blog with a beautiful white timber frame hung around one (wall-hung t.v.) and it made it look a bit more like a picture. I have my t.v. lower on a long, low buffet – better on the eyes and neck 😀

  11. Teri says:

    I am house-hunting currently, and I am actually avoiding houses that have the main sink in the kitchen island. I don’t want dirty dishes and my drainer in such a prominent place.

    • Aimee says:

      That’s a good point Teri! XO, Aimee

  12. Michelle @ Life on the Horizon says:

    I love this house!

  13. Cindy says:

    The exterior of the house seems really inviting and cozy. But once inside, I don’t really get the “coziness” of it all. If anything, I got the impression that it is “cold”. There are no carpets/rugs on the floor. Who wants to walk the house in the early morning hours when it’s already chilly and walk across a cold hard floor? Not me. I would also like to see some more personal effects…wall decorations, family pictures, etc. It just didn’t really do it for me.

    • Aimee says:

      I better start adding decorations and family pictures before you come for a visit Cindy. 😉 You’re so right – those details are missing. I’m focused on a kitchen remodel and looking for particular furniture pieces so this house totally did it for me. I’ll try to share a more layered home next week! 🙂

  14. Dawna says:

    Love this house tour! I have a pot filler above my stove and love it! The kitchen and open floor plan of this house is great!

  15. Diana says:

    This house is beautiful and well decorated. The dining area is a little sparce and needs a larger table, but other than that lovely. Some of the furniture pieces are massive did you notice that? Love….

    • Aimee says:

      Yes, the dining room definitely needs … more! The couch seems real large, what else!? I wonder if it’s the camera angle? I hate it when someone shoots me straight on. 😉

      • Cindy says:

        It definitely is. I see this a lot when realtors take pictures of homes for sale. They like to give the home a large appearance. I find it unappealing honestly.