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Here’s when I first introduced you to my Miele on instagram.  This is the Miele S8990 UniQ Canister Vacuum Cleaner — and it really is my magic!

Miele Vacuum #PureAirBlog

My mom called two days ago. ‘I haven’t seen updates on that vacuum yet.’ Do you want to know my excuse? It’s too good to share in just pictures, I want to show a video, but I can’t until I get my roots touched up. Yes, vanity steals the show! In Stud’s words, ‘such a girl!’  My answer, ‘Totally!’  But the show has to go on, so I shot a video sans the hair this time and next month, you can see me all prettied up with my natural (wink) hair color.  So without further delay, let me introduce you to my Miele!  The top ten reasons I am happy to be a #PureAirBlog and why I absolutely LOVE this vacuum — and yes, there’s a little video below!

1.  Miele vacuums not only catch the dirt, dust, allergens, and pet dander.  The bags actually retain it.  The seen and unseen dirt is locked in with a rubber seal to prevent leakage and a spring loaded collar.

2.  Extremely Quiet. I can use it late at night and not wake up my children.  Which works for us because we are all about late night projects and most of the time they’re messy!  AND I can talk on the phone while vacuuming (I have three sisters — that’s a huge time management perk).

DIY Votive Holder @ItsOverflowing

3.  Strong suction to fight against the dirt and traffic of my two barefoot, outdoorsy boys, a  glitter-loving, crafty little girl, and a professional paper shredding yorkie!


4.  The suction can be adjusted (on the wand) to match the needs of what I am cleaning — hardwoods, tile, area rugs, carpeting, baseboards, curtains, lamps, furniture, mattresses, stairs, etc. — my Miele works fabulously on all of them! 


5.  The stainless steel wand is telescopic for easy height adjustments so everyone in the family can vacuum.

6.  A perfectly enclosed holder for all of my vacuum tools – dusting brush, upholstery tool, crevice nozzle.  You know I’m impressed by an organized system.


7.  An impressive 33-foot operating radius so I don’t have to change outlets often. 

8. Durable and Long-Lasting.  My mother-in-law is from Germany and her family had a Miele growing up, “They’re the best!”  No other vacuum offers the warranty that Miele has on all of their vacuums and there’s a reason for that.

9.  It’s easy and fun!  It even has LED underbody lights and a velvet bumper strip.  All five of us have a new love for vacuuming — we all appreciate a fine piece of machinery!


10.  Putting it away is easy.  Retractable cord with ONE toe touch of a button.  LOVE.

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I’ll show you more soon!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Dave says:

    Great, quick video… I’m impressed the quality and functionality built into the Miele! Just one question, can it do dishes?

  2. Paula says:

    I have owned a Miele vacuum cleaner for the last six years, and I highly recommend it. I am very happy with this in every way except the price:) I have only had to replace one thing on mine, and that was the retractable cord which was pricey. I hope they have improved the design on that since I bought mine. It has been well worth the money.

  3. Erin says:

    I have never owned a a vac like this. Do you use bags inside of it? Our big thing is dog hair. we have two, a golden ret & lab, and wow, the hair.

  4. Moni ~ Zu Haus at Home says:

    The vacuum is a jewel! Loved seeing Berkeley in the video…such a cutie!

  5. Diana says:

    Sounds wonderful because from October to June I find glitter. It’s like magic, it just appears!